Is this company more diversified than we think?

In the latest edition of the Adam Fayed Podcast, I discuss TransferWise, which provides a far more diversified range of services than people assume.

I have previously written a review of TransferWise.

The video above looks at

  1. What are the pros and cons of the company?
  2. What are the other services that they do alongside currency transfers?
  3. Is TransferWise for business as good as the more famous services?
  4. I mainly have an excellent opinion of the company, but what are the negative aspects? For example, what restrictions exist for using it?

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Further Reading

In the article below I looked at:

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2. How has Covid affected the real estate market globally? Has it only affected some markets or everything? What trends could we see in the future?

3. Why do people retire too early or is “too early” the wrong way to look at it? Are the reasons for retiring early always the same, or can they vary dramatically between people?

4. Which investments will be riskiest during 2021? Has this really changed compared to previous years now interest and bond rates are lower?

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