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May Zoom Investment Webinars

After the success of our last webinars in March and April, we have decided to have 1-2 webinars every month, with special guest speakers. 

Every month we will have one focusing on a niche topic, and another one focusing on a broader range of issues.

On Friday 22 the topic will be ways to get money out of Mainland China in a productive and cost-efficient way.

This webinar will therefore appeal to China-based expats and locals, as well as some business owners.

On Wednesday 27, we will be having a broader conversation, where we will discuss:

  • The state of the stock markets in May – how have they performed from May 1-27, and are there any trends to look out for?
  • How will the easing of lockdown affect stock markets? 
  • Are different regions likely to outperform in the coming years?
  • Are bonds still a worthwhile investment?
  • Which currencies are especially high-risk now?
  • How can expats maximise their investments? And how about for locals, including those with specific needs such as returnees from overseas? Are there any steps that should be taken in the financial planning process?

To sign up for either event, please email me – advice@adamfayed.com

We do want the events to be interactive like the last ones, with only 10-15 minutes set for the presentations, and the remaining 30 minutes for Q&As.

Therefore, if you have any questions before the event, we will try to answer them during the Q&A.


Many places of worship are moving services online in the time of coronavirus, using apps like Zoom or Facebook to connect with congregants. (Dreamstime/TNS)

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