Nasdaq Up For 2020

The video below discusses something which happened one or two weeks ago.

Namely the Nasdaq is positive for 2020.

More specifically:

  1. For all the fear during March 2020, one of the biggest indexes is up for the year. A buy and hold investor who bought on January 1, 2000, would now be up!
  2. The media always report on the negative financial news, but seldom when markets are higher
  3. We are going into a digital world. Whilst there doesn’t always need to be a grand reason for markets rising, Netflix, Zoom, Amazon and other digitally minded firms can scale more quickly. Or competitors come along and scale more quickly if these firms lose their way
  4. You shouldn’t be afraid of volatility. The Nasdaq has been more volatile than any other major US index, but has outperformed. That doesn’t mean you should hold 100% of your assets in the Nasdaq though! You do need a balanced portfolio.

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