Pay Now Buy Later Podcast

I was delighted to speak on the Pay Now Buy Later Podcast. The video of the podcast is available below:

Issues discussed included

  • How to diversify your portfolio to lower risk
  • The move towards towards online business which I saw during 2010-2020, even before coronavirus, and why lockdown has just ensured that the world has pressed the fast forward button.
  • Stocks going up vs the economy going down.
  • How I built up a large social media following with millions of views
  • Volatility and stability aren’t the same thing  – the Nasdaq has outperformed other indexes since the mid 1990s despite being hugely volatile.
  • The importance of controlling emotions. Studies show that people are more likely to buy Amazon stocks if they live near the warehouse. Investors are also more likely to buy the stock of the firm they work for, even though that rationally doubles up your risk.
  • How to control emotions. We all have emotions. Feeling fearful isn’t a bad thing. Acting on that fear is.
  • Why people are prone to be reassured by what is normal and familiar and how we can avoid this.
  • 80% of success in investing is just showing up. So people should just start investing now if they are young, rather than waiting for the perfect time.
  • Global GDP will probably always rise over time, but we are entering into an uncertain but exciting world.  Working at IBM, PWC or another big company until retirement isn’t as easy as before.  Traditional jobs aren’t always secure and people can feel that.
  • Tech and FAANG stocks and why the whole market is less risky compared to individual stocks.
  • Why the stimulus and 0% interest rates might push up asset price information
  • Which markets are the most undervalued in the world right now?
  • Why you shouldn’t fear stock markets going down or being stagnant over a 10-15 year period.
  • Are emerging markets destined to outperform finally?
  • Does a new investor need to rebalance?
  • Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio.
  • Why having 10% in real estate investment trusts (REITS) can increase your returns.
  • Success in business vs investing isn’t the same. In business you are always competing with others. In investing you don’t always need to compete./

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