Plans – 2020 and beyond

I have been collecting feedback from clients, readers and listeners in the last few months.

I want to update you all on some upcoming additions coming in the next few months and in 2020.

I will always retain the key two service areas (monthly and lump-sum investing options).

However, I have been asked by countless clients in the last few years, to add additional services.

I will be adding these service options in the coming months:

  1. Estate planning. For clients looking to deal with inheritance tax issues, I will have numerous solutions to help.
  2. Business solutions – some clients have asked me for business pensions, health, life and estate planning.
  3. Property – expat mortgages and buying property without being a landlord. As some of you know, I am more of a fan of REITS than direct property however direct property can be added to second residency applications.
  4. Investment apps and bots – I will be increasingly adding more and more technological solutions. I will always stick to the core “long-term and low-risk” formula but will add side options for clients that request it.

The following services are under consideration

  1. Second residencies- For clients looking for second residencies and even passports, I may be able to assist from 2020.
  2. Offshore banking – I already offer this as a complimentary add-on for existing clients, but I am considering extending this range.
  3. Company formations – possibly linked to second residencies.

I always appreciate further feedback from all my clients and partners and will try to add any value-added solution in the future.

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