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Reading list: Best business books according to Forbes part 2 (March 2022)

Best business books according to Forbes part 2 – Part one is here.

Among the business books published in 2021 are stories of large companies and their founders, novelties from the authors of the legendary bestsellers of past years, and guides to combat burnout, noise, and climate disaster. Forbes continually posts reading lists including the most useful and interesting books that entrepreneurs should read. This is the 2nd Forbes edition reading list, let’s see what books are recommended by the world’s oldest business magazine.

Best business books according to Forbes
Reading list: Best business books according to Forbes part 2 (March 2022) 5

“No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram” by Sarah Frier. See it here on Amazon.

The book by Bloomberg journalist Sarah Fryer will be of interest to those who want to know how the Instagram business works from the inside, to those who are interested in what helps install bloggers become millionaires, and to those who need to understand how Instagram has changed the world around us.

Sarah Fryer, who told Forbes why Mark Zuckerberg refused to give her an interview for the book, tells a lot of insider stories on her pages. For example, about how Instagram founder Kevin Systrom threw away all the trash cans and personal items that were in the workplace of employees, because “Instagram is a craft, beauty, and simplicity, and the office should reflect their vision.” For the same reason, he abandoned the story format for a long time (“We will never have stories. We should not – we cannot, this does not correspond to what people think and what they post on Instagram”). However, commercial necessity, pressure from Zuckerberg, who bought Instagram, and competition from Snapchat eventually overcame Systrom’s aesthetic preferences.

Fortune, The Economist, Financial Times, and McKinsey named Sarah Fryer’s 2020 “Best Business Book of the Year”, No Filter was published in many countries, and if you haven’t read it in the original, read it now, because this is an interestingly written book about an important story.

“Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos” by Walter Isaacson. Find it here.

Walter Isaacson, author of biographies of titans like Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein, studied all the annual messages to shareholders of Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, written by him from 1997 to 2019, as well as his speeches and interviews, and released a book with the most useful and inspiring quotes from the billionaire. In fact, Isaacson’s book is a kind of replacement for the non-existent book of Bezos, who, obviously, still did not have time to collect his thoughts and ideas in one volume. It turns out that in letters and speeches, Bezos managed to cover a fairly wide range of topics – Invent and Wander has both the history of the creation of Amazon through his eyes and his opinion on why it is not necessary to colonize Mars, use PowerPoint presentations and hold important business meetings after 10 in the morning.

From Jeff Bezos’ own words, Isaacson builds a coherent story of the development of his companies and his personality and precedes it with a twenty-odd-page preface retelling the biography of the richest man on the planet. Perhaps this is a sketch for a future real biography of Bezos, but for now, you can read this one. In addition, Bezos’ letters to shareholders are interesting in their own right and often full of inspirational quotes – like his farewell letter this year, where he wrote: “The world wants you to be ordinary. Don’t let that happen.”

Best business books according to Forbes
Reading list: Best business books according to Forbes part 2 (March 2022) 6

“Effortless: Make It Easier to Do What Matters Most” by Greg McKeown. See it here.

New book by The New York Times bestselling author “Essentialism” Greg McKeon has written a new book, which also became a bestseller and entered the list of the best books on self-development from The Times. In the book “Without Effort. Let the main thing become easier ”McKeon argues that extra efforts often only harm the cause, burnout is the main enemy of modern man, but the path of least effort can most effectively lead to the desired result.

“For example, in two hours I will write two pages. But if I write for four hours in a row, I will write only three. The overall result does not increase, but decreases, he writes. “Then, at this point, the need for new efforts should be questioned. But achievers double them. The deterioration of the result makes them mistakenly believe that they need to work even harder to fix it. What does this approach lead to? After reaching a certain point, increasing effort does not contribute to a better result. Excessive effort only spoils everything.

McKeon insists that the usual axiom “everything trifling is easy, everything important and valuable is difficult” does not always correspond to reality, but it is firmly sewn into our minds and gives advice on how to get rid of these prejudices. Useful reading for people who want to reflash the brain so that they learn how to achieve their goals without working 20 hours a day and without burning out at work. At any rate, business coach and best-selling author Greg McKeon believes it’s possible.

“How to avoid a climate disaster” by Bill Gates. Buy it here.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is very active in the fight against global warming – he not only donates billions of dollars to projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but he himself wrote a book about what is happening with the climate, what these changes are fraught with for people and how to deal with it. fight. Since he is not only a philanthropist and activist, but also a businessman, he does not just talk about the horrors of global warming, but also offers very substantive calculations and proposals on what exactly governments and businesses in different countries need to do to minimize risks.

Most of all, it looks like an investment proposal, in which Gates lays out the benefits and benefits of investing in reforestation, social programs for poor countries, and geoengineering. The full title of the book is How can we avoid climate catastrophe. The solutions we have. The breakthroughs we need”, and it reflects its content as accurately as possible – it really sets out the solutions and describes the breakthroughs. Not all of his suggestions are easy to implement, but reading this book in itself is encouraging.

Best business books according to Forbes
Reading list: Best business books according to Forbes part 2 (March 2022) 7

“Think again: The power of knowing what you don’t know” by Adam Grant. Available here.

We have all heard the story of a frog that will quickly jump out of hot water if thrown into it, but will inevitably boil alive if the water is heated gradually. It is regularly used as a metaphor to describe how all living beings react to a gradually changing situation. The only problem with this story is that it’s not true. As Wharton School of Business psychologist Adam Grant writes in his book Think Again, unlike humans, frogs are quite capable of rethinking a changing reality and changing their behavior in a timely manner. People, once believing in something, change their views and beliefs with great difficulty.

And one of the threats of the modern constantly changing world, according to Grant, is that our opinions and attitudes become obsolete at a tremendous speed – what was considered a reliable fact yesterday is not today, but what was normal in the previous version of reality behavior in the new is considered toxic. So the most important human skill, he says, has become the ability to “think again,” to question one’s beliefs when changing conditions require it, and, in arguments with others, to at least occasionally assume that they might be right not you.

“Adam Grant believes that the ability to keep an open mind can be taught. And no one can teach this extremely valuable skill better than he does in his wonderful book. It is guaranteed to make you reconsider your opinions and your most significant decisions,” said Nobel Prize winner in economics Daniel Kahneman about this book.

“Noise: A flaw in human judgement” by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Siboney, Cass Sunstein. Find it here.

In 2021, a new book by Daniel Kahneman himself was released. His Think Slow, Decide Fast, written in 2011, has become a reference book for all sorts of people whose decisions are too expensive – from company founders to investors, but 20 years have passed since then, and many phenomena have appeared in the world about which the economic psychologist has something to say.

The book again deals with the errors inherent in the human mind, but this time – about their variety, which is associated with an excess of irrelevant information – noise. By noise, psychologists understand variability in cases where it should not be; suppose several doctors examined the symptoms of the same patient and came up with different conclusions. Kahneman and co-authors talk about how to make important decisions in such cases and how to separate noise from useful information.

The book deals with business, medical and legal cases where the noise problem occurs most often and can lead to the most fatal consequences. “Noise. The Imperfection of Human Judgment” should be read to people who have to weed out unnecessary information in order to maintain “hygiene decisions”. That is, everyone, but especially entrepreneurs and leaders.

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