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How to Retire in Argentina 2022

Argentina is a popular retirement destination. Find out here how to retire in Argentina in 2022.

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Argentina is without a doubt one of the friendliest retirement destinations in the world. It provides retirement-friendly visa choices. It is also one of the least restrictive nations for foreigners to own property, with spectacular natural scenery, a pleasantly European vibe, and a cost of living that may be up to 75% cheaper than in the United States.

Argentina, the world’s eighth-largest country, has something for everyone: vibrant cities alive with urban swagger, sun-drenched wine country,  green rainforests, snow-capped mountains, elegant beach resorts, and mouth-watering local cuisines. And, most of all, your money will go much farther here than it would in the United States. Plus you won’t have to sacrifice comfort, quality of living, or access to all the key elements you need to create a fantastic new life.

Why retire in Argentina?

Only in Argentina can you find a forested lake district reminiscent of Switzerland, one of the world’s most spectacular jungle waterfalls, endless stretches of Atlantic beach, fantastic fishing, kayaking, and hiking in beautiful Patagonia and housing rental prices up to three times less than you’re used to paying at home.

Under the shadow of carob trees, Argentina’s rugged gauchos—the Pampas cowboys—still break horses, put cows through their paces, and sip mate (a traditional herbal tea, pronounced ‘mottay’). Sunday asados (barbecues) and afternoon siestas (naps) are a big part of the laid-back culture here, and the tango is still as popular as it was in the 1880s, when it was born in the country’s north.

How to Retire in Argentina 2022 - Part 1
Pampas Cowboys

But, amid Argentina’s rich past and honored traditions, there is a clear vision for the future: Argentina has a robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a high-quality healthcare system. Argentina is also one of only three safest nations in South America, according to the Global Peace Index—a location of magnificent natural beauty where the friendly natives are eager to show off the warmth and attractions of their varied motherland.

For those concerned about culture shock when migrating to Latin America, retiring in Argentina is a less intimidating prospect—it has a European feel to it in many respects. Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, is known as ‘South America’s Paris,’ because of its charming sidewalk cafés, world-class fashion scene, outstanding architecture, distinct cultural character, and enormous green parks. Despite the fact that Spanish is Argentina’s official language, a sizable portion of the population, particularly the younger generation, speaks a little English and is eager to learn more. There are several inexpensive language schools around the country where you may brush up on your Spanish.

Affordable Cost of Living in Argentina

Argentina is not the cheapest country in South America, but it is still quite reasonable. Prices for regular costs might be pleasantly inexpensive depending on where you choose to reside.

It would cost you more than settling in a smaller provincial center if you choose to live in suburbs in Buenos Aires such as in Palermo, San Telmo, and Recoleta. However, there is a lifestyle, a budget, and an ideal location for all preferences here.

It’s important to understand that daily ATM withdrawal limitations in Argentina can be as cheap as $100 per transaction, with some machines having a three-transactions-per-day cap and a $10 per-transaction ATM charge. Expats usually get around it by bringing in a large amount of US dollars (cash) and exchanging it for pesos as needed. Use a money transfer provider (such as TransferWise or Xoom) to send money to an Argentina bank account for a minimal price. In most parts of the country, credit cards are also readily accepted.

Check out this article to learn about how to get money out of Argentina.

The average monthly spending in Argentina varies depending on your region and lifestyle, but a single individual may live comfortably on $1,200 to $1,500 per month, or a pair on $2,000 to $2,500 per month. This is comfortable living; many long-term expats probably have spent less. A couple living in a high-end neighborhood, on the other hand, might easily spend $4,000 a month.

Some retirees augment their pensions by teaching English or operating internet enterprises. As a retiree in Argentina, your financial well-being is primarily determined by whether you earn money in pesos or dollars, and if you embrace a ‘Argentinian lifestyle’ that stresses family, community, and social gatherings above the acquisition of ‘more possessions.’

Immigrating to Argentina

Overall, Argentinians are kind, enthusiastic people who like sharing their culture. Many expat accounts describe a kind welcome for visitors and a welcoming, caring local populace. You’ll be virtually family if you enjoy football and can communicate in Spanish.

Given Argentina’s serious troubles, you could expect a cold reception. However, the greeting seemed to have improved. It has made Argentinians pleased to encounter folks who are optimistic about the country’s future.

Local bureaucracy is entirely different; think carefully before taking it on by yourself! It is critical to have a competent immigration lawyer on your side to handle your papers. It will be significantly easier to obtain your first visa for Argentina.

How to Retire in Argentina 2022 - Part 1
Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Similarly, getting your utilities (water, electricity, internet, and so forth) set up might be difficult. With the help of a reliable partner to guide you through the complexity, these chores become far more manageable. With the correct counsel, many people may obtain Argentina citizenship and an Argentina passport.

Fortunately, we’ve teamed up with one of Argentina’s most reputable legal companies. They can assist you in deciding which visa is appropriate for you and your family. They can also help you design a strategy for moving to Argentina in the future. Here you may schedule a consultation with one of our Argentina immigration attorneys.

“Do I need a visa to visit Argentina?” many people wonder.

“Yes, in most cases.” Argentina’s choices reflect the country’s friendliness.

Benefits You Can Get If You Retire in Argentina

Argentina is a popular retirement destination for many individuals. There are several substantial benefits for retirees considering moving to Argentina.

Low-cost, high-quality healthcare is at the top of the list for retirees in Argentina. Knowing you’ll be able to afford great care allows you to savor your golden years even more.

The Pensionado Visa, which is only available to retirees, is an exceptional visa.

Retirees will like the lifestyle and low cost of living. Argentina is an ideal retirement destination because of its thriving expat community and wide selection of recreational and cultural activities. Golf, dining at elegant restaurants, and lengthy beach walks are all within easy reach.

When you retire in Argentina, getting aid, whether it’s domestic help, a driver, or a nurse when required, is also inexpensive. As a result, you have more time to accomplish the activities you like.

In addition, Argentina has direct flights to the United States as well as the rest of South America. New York, Washington, DC, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston are among the main US travel centers served by these routes. Many Central American, European, and Asian capitals can also be reached by direct flight.

Pensionado Visa for Retirees

Anyone with a regular income or pension can apply for this retirement visa if you truly intend to retire in Argentina. Expect to spend roughly USD500 every month. This is equivalent to a little more than the 30,000 Argentinian pesos (ARS) that was previously reported.

After just two years, you’ll be eligible for citizenship. As a result, you can apply for an Argentine passport using the retiree visa.

In Argentina, you will need to secure a police record to prove you’re a good citizen.

The application for a retirement visa might be difficult. You must be able to provide the immigration agency proof of your income. Using an immigration lawyer in Argentina will assist you in getting things right the first time.

The fees are divided into two categories. To begin, there is a $250 application fee that must be paid by everyone. Second, there is an immigration charge that varies by country of origin. You pay USD $300 if you are from a MERCOSUR nation, and USD $600 if you are from a non-MERCOSUR country.


You may be one of the many expats who are taking advantage of Argentina’s many attractions. What happens once you’ve determined that the low cost of living, world-class healthcare, and unending natural beauty are right for you?

Finding a retirement visa or work permit in Argentina that fits you and your family is a vital step to start your plan to retire in Argentina.

One of the major Expat communities in the country is made up of Americans. In fact, Argentina visas for US nationals are frequently approved quickly, making this an excellent option for Americans searching for a change of scenery.

Then decide where you want to reside and begin arranging your trips.

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