SMARTKAS green bond review

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SMARTKAS green bond review – that will be the topic of today’s mini review.

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Firstly, who are SMARTKAS?

SMARTKAS is focused on food technology and agriculture. They build smart farms by utilising AI and new technologies.

They are currently building the largest, fully automated, smart farm in the world, in the Netherlands.

The farm will be fully automated, with no personnel, apart from management.

The money collected from the bond will help towards the needed investments

What are the basic terms of the bond?

The bond pays 15% per year in USD terms, 12% in Euros and 10% in Pounds and lasts for three years.

There is an option to redeem the bond after a year.

The investors capital are secured against the companies assets such as the farms.

What are the positives associated with the investment

  • The investment pays 15% per year in USD terms, which is one of the highest in the industry
  • Smartkas are in a growing area, and utilising new technology.
  • It can be held as a small portion of a wider portfolio, thereby reducing your risk.
  • It is available on some expat-friendly platforms such as Moventum Luxembourg
  • For some investors, this investment will be Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) friendly.

The main negatives connected to this investment are

  • The risks are high, arguably even compared to some other private investments in this area. You could lose all your money in an extreme case.
  • You are dependent on your advisor. As this option gets sold a lot on investment platforms, you are reliant on your advisor explaining the risks to you, and coming up with a good strategy


This can be a decent investment for the right person, with a specific risk appetite.

It is best kept to a small portion of the entire portfolio.

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