The Dow Jones at 30,000

In this video, first taken a few weeks ago, I discuss:

  • The Dow Jones, one of the most important US stock indexes, has hit 30,000 for the first time on record recently. What does this show?
  • Why did it take the Dow Jones longer to hit record highs compared to the S&P500 and especially Nasdaq.
  • Why people shouldn’t read too much into this, or assume a big fall is automatically coming.
  • What has this year shown more than any other year?
  • What have people forgotten about the period we went through two years ago?
  • Why you should ignore talk of a “market rotation” and speculation about how markets will do in 2021.
  • Why many people don’t learn their investing lessons.
  • One of my favourite quotes that I like from the founder of Forbes magazine.

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