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Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic

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Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a beach town in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic that provides a laid-back lifestyle and is home to very hospitable people. It is an ideal retirement destination that takes you away from the dizzying dog-eat-dog kind of living.

Europeans seeking a retreat in the Caribbean founded Las Terrenas back in the 1970s. Nowadays, individuals from all over the world live there, including those from France, Germany, Italy, the US, and Canada. In fact, the town is popular for housing the biggest retirement communities in the Dominican Republic.

Having such a diverse population has several benefits, including the availability of various products from Europe. Additionally, this area is home to a large number of international restaurants with well-known chefs. There are two major supermarkets and several smaller grocery stores in the town where you can buy fresh and reasonably priced locally grown produce. There is also an international school as well as a private Cuban hospital in the area.

The lack of significant all-inclusive hotels and resorts along the coastline of Las Terrenas is another factor contributing to the high number of people who choose to relocate and retire there. Buildings along the shore can only be three floors high due to height limits, giving the area a quiet, undeveloped beach vibe.

The expanding real estate market in Las Terrenas as well as its cozy residences are likewise well-known.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Las Galeras

Las Galeras, a calm beach hamlet on the Samana Peninsula’s east coast, is the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world. This tiny fishing town is also regarded as a hidden treasure of the Dominican Republic since it has undeveloped natural beaches.

Las Galeras’ gorgeous beaches with white sands are among the top attractions of this location. You can engage in horseback riding or aquatic sports such as diving and snorkeling if you move there or frequent a number of interesting bars and restaurants that blend European and Dominican flavors. There is only one major road in Las Galeras, yet there are French expat-run eateries serving amazing food at low costs. Infrastructure in this area is also sufficient to make you live comfortably.

There is a group of European expats who moved to the town in search of a quiet beach place away from those that are congested and tourist heavy.

best places to retire in dominican republic las galeras
Diving in Las Galeras

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata

On the Atlantic North coast of the Dominican Republic is Puerto Plata, one of the most popular tourist destinations where there are all-inclusive resorts, breathtaking beaches, and exhilarating adventures. This is a famous spot not just for tourists but also for many retirees craving sun. It is one of the most developed tourist areas that hosts a small international airport and has the only aerial tram service in the Caribbean.

The world’s clearest amber can be found in Puerto Plata, which also boasts good soil that supports cacao and coffee crops. A new cruise dock in Amber Cove, about 6 miles west of the town, attracts more than 250,000 visitors a year. Consequently, this opens up fantastic chances for business owners interested in startup ventures and holiday rentals.

Apart from the magnificent natural beauty that keeps visitors coming back year after year, Puerto Plata is a widely-liked place for tourists and retirees alike because there are many outdoor activities and water sports to enjoy, as well as lots of nearby restaurants and pubs in this destination.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Cabarete

The village of Cabarete on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic has gained international recognition as a premier kite- and windsurfing destination. In addition to being a paradise for water sports, this area is also known for its many resorts and attractions, which include a variety of restaurants serving delicious food plus a lot of beachside stores.

People are drawn to this thriving seaside town by the stunning surroundings, unique culture, and way of life, and many end up relocating there. Families on a vacation will also find Cabarete to be a great spot because there are so many outdoor activities for kids to enjoy.

All-inclusive resorts and vacationers are not overrun in Cabarete, though. Free spirits, travelers, pensioners, and others seeking a break from the harsh winters are drawn to this hamlet.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Luperon

Luperon is a town in the Puerto Plata province, north of the Dominican Republic. It has been claimed that Christopher Columbus came to this part of the country to seek refuge from a storm.

The town is mostly an agricultural hub and a fishing port with some tourism. The fact that many of its expats are current or former sailors sets Luperon distinct from the other communities mentioned. It is also regarded as the best hurricane hole in the Caribbean for boaters.

The Blanca Marina in Luperon, which is deemed as the Dominican Republic’s safest harbor, adds to the town’s fame. There is a growing neighborhood in the area where land is still very cheap.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Sousa

Located in the Dominican Republic’s northern coast is the small beach town of Sousa, popular for its stunning beaches, daring water sports, and nightlife. One of the best beaches in the nation, Sosua Beach boasts some of the most picturesque scenery.

Sosua is a great attraction for those who love to snorkel and dive because of all the amazing water sports available in the town. The beaches in Sosua provide a wide variety of beachside stores and eateries where you can get a taste of the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle without breaking your bank. A sizable expat population from Canada, the US, and Europe reside in Sosua.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Barahona

Barahona, also called Santa Cruz de Barahona, is located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, about three hours’ drive from Santo Domingo, the country’s capital. It is one of the country’s most significant cities, with sugar production, a bustling harbor, and a variety of ecotourism destinations.

Even though the town is not the liveliest, it still is remarkable because of the ecosystems that support both dry woods and tropical humid forests (which is why it is actually noted for its ecotourism).

For those looking for outdoor adventure, Barahona has a large variety of amazing nature parks and fantastic beaches for water sports like surfing. Many people adore the rather unspoiled beaches in this area.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Punta Cana

There is never a dull moment in this part of the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is a resort town situated at the country’s most eastern point. It is one of the most well-liked tourist sites and beach destinations in the Dominican Republic. You can indulge in a ton of activities as well as excursions on land and in the sea.

Punta Cana is also well recognized as a popular golf destination with 10 golf courses along the strip, opulent marinas, and great cuisine. It is a terrific spot to live in if you want coastal towns with a wide variety of alternatives and things to do. Punta Cana also features a growing number of new schools as well as a university that focuses on the travel and tourism industry.

There are several gated neighborhoods and contemporary shopping malls where you may get anything you need in Punta Cana due to its status as a resort town. You could find numerous amenities and services available in the area that you wouldn’t in other Caribbean cities because it has a thriving expat community. Recent infrastructure improvements have made it easier to travel by land and air and reduced the expenses of daily living in the town.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: La Romana

East of Santo Domingo is where you’ll discover La Romana, home to the opulent Casa del Campo neighborhood, where all the affluent expats and posh retirees dwell. This upscale complex, which was built back in 1975, has more than 1,600 private villas, numerous top-notch golf courses, cabanas, and exclusive beaches. Many people come here every year to enjoy its prestigious golf courses, private beaches, and natural beauty.

Pete Dye, a well-known golf course architect, designed one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean at Casa de Campo. His opulent yet complex golf courses draw visitors from all over the world. Another fantastic location is the Casa de Campo Marina, where visitors may spend their time browsing the stores and dining or just taking in the views of the ocean. Despite the high cost of living in this area, Casa de Campo is renowned for its luxury and superior amenities.

If you are someone who seeks a posh country club atmosphere in the Caribbean, Casa de Campo is the ideal choice for you.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic sto domingo
Santo Domingo

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a city situated on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. It serves as the country’s capital and is the oldest city in the Caribbean.

The oldest churches, fortresses, and structures are located in the Zona Colonial, which is located in the center of the city. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to another era with its lovely cobblestone streets. Its beauty is unfathomably all-consuming.

Urban is the best way to characterize the majority of Santo Domingo’s areas. The city offers a variety of facilities and services, including theaters, medical centers, schools, dining establishments, and retail centers. Santo Domingo is a great spot if you still wish to enjoy the metropolitan city vibe for your retirement because you can discover many items here that are unavailable in little seaside communities, such as the ones we mentioned above.

One of the urban areas that is always changing is Santo Domingo. Older parts of the city, like Gazcue, have become popular destinations for foreign buyers and investors while formerly residential neighborhoods have been transformed into commercial districts. Cuesta Hermosa, Cacicazgos, Gazcue, Paraiso, Castellana, El Millón, Los Pinos, La Julia, Naco, Piantini, Julieta, Bella Vista, Mirador del Sur, Anacaona, and Arroyo Hondo are a few of the city’s nicest communities.

The cost of living in Santo Domingo is also much more affordable versus other cities in the country. That’s a huge bonus for those thinking of retiring in the Dominican Republic. 

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Santiago de los Caballeros

Santiago de los Caballeros is located in the northern portion of the Dominican Republic. The city houses more than 600,000 residents and is home to many expats and retirees. Although Santiago mixes a Caribbean feel to a city life, it remains a highly busy and noisy area which could defeat one of the purposes of relocating for some – that is, straying from the city grind.

Compared to other areas on the island, the range of amenities is much better in Santiago. While there are no beaches in this area, a few are accessible in just one hour by automobile. The northeastern part of Santiago is where you’ll find most of the city’s best neighborhoods, as well as a lot of foreigners and well-off Dominicans.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Samana

Samana is a province in the Samana Peninsula with a view of the bay where thousands of humpback whales spend the winter.

The town had been able to avoid the radar of tourists until 2006 when cruise ships began to dock using a small harbor. As a result of the rapid development that followed, Samana turned into a sizable town populated by fishermen plus a few big resorts and their guests.

Amid the hustle and bustle, the province of Samana continues to be an escape in the Dominican Republic that has wild beaches, rainforests and coconut plantations. It is for the adventurous who love exploring nature. Another plus for those looking to live in the DR and concerned about hurricane safety, is that there are no hurricanes on the North end of the island due to the mountain range that blocks it off and the deep channel between here and Puerto Rico.

It is a place for those who are daring and enjoy exploring the outdoors. The fact that there are no hurricanes on the north end of the island due to the mountain range that protects it and the deep channel between here and Puerto Rico is another benefit for anyone who is retiring in the Dominican Republic. You won’t need to worry about hurricanes anymore.

best places to retire in dominican republic samana
Whale watch in Samana

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Jarabacoa

Jarabacoa can be found in the central region of the Dominican Republic. The place is well known for being a locals’ preferred vacation spot. It gets much cooler here due to the higher altitudes, which is the key factor as to why this is such a beautiful location. While it often hovers around 20 degrees Celsius in the winter, the temperature in the summer months is roughly 24 degrees Celsius. Everyone who enjoys the outdoors will find Jarabacoa to be the ideal getaway if they want to break free from the buzz of the busy city and famous seaside towns. Numerous waterfalls, river hikes, and hiking paths can be found in the area.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: La Vega

La Vega, also dubbed Caribbean Alps, is a city known as the heart of the Dominican Republic due to its geographical position and huge agricultural production throughout the province. The economy of La Vega is built on the farming, trade, and production of sugar cane, which creates a variety of job opportunities.

It is one of the oldest cities in the nation and is renowned for having a thriving cultural scene. Every year, a large number of tourists come to La Vega. The city center has a wide array of eateries, bars, and clubs. In addition, there are two universities in La Vega and numerous private local schools. Expats who value modernity and the outdoors flock to La Vega.

Best Places to Retire in Dominican Republic: Higuey

The Dominican Republic’s eastern region is home to Higuey. It is presently regarded as one of the cities in the nation that is growing the fastest in terms of economy. Being close to Punta Cana, the city relies heavily on tourism. The economy of Higuey is mostly supported by the orange plantations that are now well-known in the area.

Higuey is lively and brimming with local culture because many of the resort workers who work in Punta Cana call it home. Higuey is one of the best places to retire in Dominican Republic if you’re searching for a destination that’s not too far from the beach but also not smack dab in the heart of all the resorts in Punta Cana.

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