Webinar – Election Special – You Ask I Answer

I am delighted to announce a special webinar coming up next week, which will be held less than a week before the US Election.

The theme will be different to the last webinars, where I focused on having a guest on.

During this webinar, the theme will be “you ask I answer”.

I have already had questions before the webinar such as

  1. Will a disputed US Election harm stock markets?
  2. Do the markets prefer a Biden or Trump Presidency?
  3. Is the UK Stock Market’s now a buy after the announcement that a deal with the EU is imminent?

Please email me any questions you have before the webinar, or wait until the live interactive session

To book your slot

Please comment below or email me – advice@adamfayed.com

Webinar times

Wednesday, October 28 at 12 noon UK/London time.

This converts to 15:00 UAE time and 19:00 Hong Kong time

To see your local times click here to convert 12:00 noon London time.

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