Where are the 120,000+ billionaires?

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I was reading some startling statistics this week.  This podcast discusses:

1. Research indicates that if all the millionaires in the US in 1900 invested in US markets, there would now be more than 120,000 billionaires in the US today!

2. Each of the 4,000 millionaires  in 1900 (or their kids) would have about 80 billion as of September 2018 if they had just invested in the US market. In other words, there would be 120,000 people as rich as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!

3.  So what can explain this?  The podcast also discusses human error.

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Thanks for your time and effort I think it was very informative and interesting I look forward to hearing more from you.

Glad you enjoyed it Billy

Tq for sharing. I was once a millionaire just over 1mill in asset and i thought that sustained after my retirement. That became a dream for me. Now broked! and cant get up. No job, no biz so i try affiliate online. Still struggling.

Yes it is so easy to do. Sure you will get back on your feet.

I will like to start investing for my kids, but I have little or clue about what to invest in. One of your related articles states one can start investment from $500 monthly, if this is realistic I will like a look-in. Kindly shoot me something to read further to understand. Am 46yrs working husband & a father, from Africa. Thanks.

Can be a billioner

A kind criticism would be that you assuming the future rise in asset prices would be the same have had all these people invested. Arguably, such a large influx of capital would have devalued the stock market; and who knows how that would of changed the dynamic to today. It’s likely you would see the same distribution of wealth as you do today.

Yes but the researchers did look at most of those variables. In other words, if the heirs of those millionaires would have invested in the last 100 years, there would now be 120,000 billionaires (grandkids basically).

I really want to be rich please help me

Thank you for the information. I hope to become a better version of me

This is a nice update, how can I 🌟

Thanks for the information and I need more and more

How do I get started with the investment.

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