Why most investors are trying to cut their lawn with scissors

I met a British person in China a few years ago. He is terrified of flying, so when he goes home, it takes him one week.

The Trans Siberian Railway to Moscow, and onto Europe, is his favored route.

Pretty crazy. Nobody would understand such a decision, if they didn’t know his fear, in much the same way you wouldn’t cut your lawn with scissors rather than a lawnmower.

It dos get the job done, but 10 times slower than the most efficient route.

However, that is exactly what investors do. Metaphorically speaking, they walk to China or use scissors to cut their lawn, when it comes to their investments.

The biggest way they do this is by failing to invest early.  You can become a millionaire by investing just $200-$300 at age 25. You may need $2,000-$4,00 by age 50 to have the same results.

They also do it by letting political fears and events delay them investing.

I have gotten numerous emails from people in recent months worrying about Brexit and the US Government Shutdown.

Here is the history of how US Markets have performed during shutdowns:

No connection or correlation between markets performing badly and US Government Shutdowns.

Make sure to invest now, and thereby making sure you are taking the most efficient route to wealth, and stop caring about the next flavour of the month geopolitical scandal or event.

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Amazing insights. Thanks Adam.

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