WORK FROM HOME SHOW Part 2 – Adapting to Changing Market Conditions

On the second part of my interview with the Work From Home Show, I discussed:

  • The danger of market timing – one of the guests shorted the US stock market and bought gold after 2008-2009! He lost thousands
  • Reducing tax bills by moving your residency.
  • The danger of politicians reneging on promises, for example pensions in the UK recently, which became an election issue in 2017.
  • Linked to that point is the danger of populists looking to tax the upper-middle more.
  • Could a wealth tax be bought in?
  • Why second residencies and passports could become a bigger trend in the future. Should you consider this for your own finances?
  • The risk of “exit taxes” if you change your residency, and digital taxes, now we are moving to an online and remote world.
  • Will Covid and the lockdown ensure we all need to pay more taxes?
  • ISAs for UK residents
  • Reinvesting dividends automatically
  • The importance of being nimble and changing our plans and minds
  • Are government bonds worth it with low interest rates? Is John Bogle’s advice on bonds, or Buffett’s, more sensible?
  • Will the liquidity injected into the stock markets push valuations higher?
  • Why there is no correlation between markets and GDP.
  • Why this isn’t like the 2008-2009 banking crisis.
  • Why QE is unlikely to cause consumer price inflation, but might increase asset price inflation.
  • Why people shouldn’t trade the US Election!
  • The fact that the US-China trade issue could get nasty.
  • Localisation of supply chains from China. Could India or Vietnam benefit?

You can listen here

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