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Many people ask me why I started doing this.  Well at 18 I opened my first investment account in the UK.  I was left infuriated.  I needed to fill out physical forms.

Post them with the added costs AND THEN I needed to redo the forms after I made some small errors!

It took 1 month to open the account.  It was a time-consuming and depressing process for somebody who just wanted to invest in a painless and profit-maximizing way as possible.

So from the moment I started working in the investment management industry,  I always wanted to shake it up.

Helping you achieve financial independence. That’s my motto. And I want to do it better, cheaper and faster than anybody else!

If you want to be like clients from over 100 countries who want to achieve financial freedom or just get better investment returns, you have come to the right place.

My minimums are $75,000 (lump sums) or $600 for monthly contributions ($7,200 a year).   

Clients can put the accounts in their company name if they are self-employed, and want tax efficiency.

Client Reviews 

Below is a small selection of the 16 recommendations on my LinkedIn :

Further case stories

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In the press:

I have also been quoted in Business Insider and several other publications.