Can you tell the difference between a $15 and $55 cake?

Can you tell the difference between Roger Federer’s racket or Messi’s boots, and a fake one? How about a $15 and $55 cake?

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I love your work, and mostly agree with everything you said. As a pianist, I’ve noticed though that there can be huge differences in quality from one piano to another.
Pianos are unfortunately quite overpriced as a whole, which makes it difficult to evaluate objectively.
But I assure you that I could easily tell the difference between a good piano and a cheap one on a blind test. Not only the tone is better on a quality piano, but the action feels better, is more responsive and even throughout the whole keyboard. I also believe that most amateurs don’t need a high level of expertise to tell the difference as well.
Pianos would definitely be the exception to the rule!

Thanks John.

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