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How To Save Money As A Tourist In Dubai in 2022

Save Money As A Tourist In Dubai—Typically, Dubai is not a budget-friendly travel location, especially when it comes to food, drink, and lodging, therefore I’d like to share some money-saving ideas and methods with you. I’ve been here for 8 months and consider myself to have some of that all-important insider information.

So, whether it’s your first, second, or tenth visit, maybe you’ll find some helpful hints here to help you save money on your next trip to Dubai.

Discovering how to save money as a tourist in Dubai in 2022 includes exploring international budgeting tips to make the most of your travel budget and enjoy your trip without overspending.

Take The Subway (Choose Accommodation Near A Station)

Although Dubai’s public transportation is inadequate, spending time planning around it will save you money over the course of a week’s vacation. The metro system stretches from the airport to the Marina, covering a large portion of the city but only in a vertical line. Public transportation is scarce anywhere west or east of this location. All of this is important to know so that you can book a hotel near a metro station and save money, as most of the major tourist attractions are accessible by metro.

As a tourist, metro cards are quite comparable to the London Oyster card and are simple to obtain. You can top up your card at any station during your stay once you’ve received it. The tram around the marina and the monorail to the Atlantis Hotel can also be utilised with these passes.

Rather Than Staying At A Hotel, Rent An Apartment

Another aspect of Dubai that can be costly is lodging, which is costly for two reasons. To begin with, hotels in this area are posh, and hence come with a price tag to match. Second, staying in a hotel requires you to dine out for your meals, which may be quite costly! There are a few hostels in Dubai, but you won’t find the same type of budgets as you would in other nations because you won’t discover big mixed bed dorm rooms.

Another fantastic place to seek for lodging is Airbnb, where you may get some incredible rates in great locations with great amenities. This may be preferable to hostels because you have a lot more options and your own private area!

Reduce your alcohol consumption

You’re on vacation, after all, and you want to have a good time, let your hair down, and relax. However, if you’re on a tight budget in Dubai, this might not be the best option. Whether you buy it at a hotel bar, a beach club, or at a brunch, alcohol is expensive. Unfortunately, a pint of beer will cost you around £10. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink, but here are some suggestions.

Purchase a few bottles in duty-free; you won’t be able to pick up some in a store while you’re here unless you have expat acquaintances in the city who have an alcohol licence. Plus, the prices in duty-free are significantly lower.

Only go to restaurants that provide drink specials; happy hour, ladies night, and gents night will all help you save money!

Make Use Of The Supermarket

This is related to my earlier remark about picking a place to stay where you can cook your own meals while on vacation. As I previously stated, dining out can quickly add up unless you go to the mall’s fast food section every day. Although groceries are still more costly than in most of Europe, eating out every night will undoubtedly be less expensive.

There are a variety of supermarket brands to pick from, including Waitrose (formerly known as Spinney’s) in the United Kingdom and Carrefour in France, which is a considerably more cost-effective option. Of course, the same rules apply: the larger the supermarket, the less money you’ll have to spend! In case you need something, the Mall of the Emirates has a large Carrefour.

Offers Should Be Researched Ahead Of Time

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How To Save Money As A Tourist In Dubai in 2022 3

Dubai is a city that thrives on deals; it’s become a running joke that there’s always something on sale in this city, and you should never pay full price for anything. Of course, that’s going a little too far, but you get the picture. Time Out is a fantastic resource for everything, but they tend to highlight the greatest offers of the week in each issue of their magazine, as well as on their Instagram and website.

Another fantastic time to find deals in Dubai is around any holiday period; Ramadan has the best deals, but the holidays preceding and after this religious month also have plenty of bargains. They also feature the usual January bargains and white (black) Friday deals.

Visit During The Off-Season

Now, this may not appeal to everyone or be feasible for you, but changing your visit time can be really beneficial. Dubai is busiest from October to March, when the temperature is cooler and tourists are looking for a break from the northern hemisphere winter. However, if you visit before or after these dates, you may be able to get better bargains, particularly on accommodations and flights.

I don’t recommend the above, but if you despise the heat, no amount of savings can compensate for sweating nonstop for a week on vacation. If that describes you, there are still savings to be had if you visit during the school vacations.

Then Go To The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter in Dubai is one of the city’s most prominent historical sites. Visitors may observe what life was like in Dubai during the heyday of trade, when the Creek was the city’s lifeline. Apart from the numerous attractions, another fantastic feature of Dubai’s Old Quarter is that it is far less expensive than the rest of the city. Visitors can pay 3 AED to enter the Dubai Museum and 1 AED to take a boat taxi across the Creek. Everything else is priced similarly – with the exception of the Gold Souk, of course!

Become More Active

When it comes to filling out a Dubai agenda, visitors are typically surprised by how many locations there are to work out and get active – all of which are completely free. Instead of spending a day drinking or shopping, try jogging near the beach or visit one of the city’s many bicycle trails, some of which even provide free bike rentals. This is a wonderful activity for the whole family at a low cost!

Go To The Beach

Many visitors to Dubai choose to stay in resorts with private beaches, but this is not an option for those trying to save money on their vacation. However, Dubai boasts a number of public beaches that are equally as beautiful and may be a great place for travellers to spend the day. Whether it’s sunbathing, swimming, or borrowing a beach volleyball for free, Dubai’s public beaches provide a variety of activities that are either free or inexpensive.

Take A Tour Of Some Of Dubai’s Parks

The several parks across town are another series of public places that are sure to please the crowds. These are great places for families to spend a day together, especially in the winter when Dubai’s temps are ideal for outdoor activities. These areas provide tourists with unusual vegetation that is rarely seen in the city, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a picnic. Parks in Dubai provide a safe environment for children to run around and play while their parents rest.

Save Money As A Tourist In Dubai by Keeping An Eye Out For Free Events

Dubai is well-known for hosting a variety of concerts and sporting events throughout the year, but many people are unaware that the city also hosts a number of free events every year. You will most certainly have to pay for your own meals at these events, but admission is free. Checking the Dubai Calendar online or downloading their app, where most events in town are shared with the public – including the free ones! – is a wonderful way to stay on top of them.

You Should Not Go Shopping

This is a difficult one that requires a lot of self-control, but shopping is a big no-no for people seeking to conserve money when visiting Dubai. It’s highly tempting to visit Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, and peruse its 1200 outlets for the newest offers and trends. Visitors can avoid spending a lot of money on useless products by limiting their buying desires. It is preferable to preserve that money and spend it on the city’s key attractions.

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