Greta Thunberg and the largest transfer of wealth ever.

You have probably heard of the Davos summit going on this week, unless you are living under a rock.

What many people don’t consider is that the younger generation will be the beneficiaries of the largest transfer of wealth in history –  more than $30trn globally once the baby boomers die.

This huge increase in inheritance will lead to a dramatical swift in power and priorities for many firms.

So what are the likely trends in the 2020s and beyond?

  1. An increased focus on environmental and sustainable investing – and not just returns and past performance. Countless studies have shown that younger investors consider more factors when making decisions, compared to those already in middle-age.
  2. More ETFs that consider the environment. For example ETF index-linked investments that exclude oil & gas companies.
  3. An increase in younger investors amongst wealth management firms
  4. Changes in consumption habits more likely, and beyond wealth management

Whatever the short-term political decisions about the environment, the demand for these “ethical investments” will likely increase.

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