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13 Best Aviation Insurance Companies

The best aviation insurance companies cover the unique hazards of aircraft ownership, protecting people and organizations in the field.

If you have been in the cockpit due to your work or personal activities, purchasing the appropriate aviation insurance is an essential step in providing protection not just for yourself but also for your passengers.

You and your aircraft can be protected against the financial repercussions of aviation accidents, vandalism, weather-related problems, and other forms of losses by purchasing a basic insurance policy.

This coverage can also protect you from damage to your aircraft. A comprehensive aviation insurance policy should, at the very least, include critical liability coverage.

This is the case even though state or federal authorities are not required to mandate that aircraft be insured.

In addition to this, it is necessary for it to act as a facilitator for the modification of the policy in order to accommodate individual requirements, financial constraints, specific circumstances, and restrictions on coverage.

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What is Aviation Insurance

When it comes to planes, aviation insurance protects against both danger and property damage.

You are able to purchase aviation insurance, which is sometimes referred to as aviation insurance, for a wide variety of aircraft and seaplanes, including normal, experimental, and vintage planes.

Most of the time, aviation insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of planes and parts that have been destroyed.

Aviation accident insurance, on the other hand, will compensate for liability claims that are brought about by injuries or fatalities.

How Does Aviation Insurance Work

It is possible for owners of aircraft to take the same precautions as owners of boats by acquiring insurance to cover any financial losses that may be incurred as a result of unforeseen incidents.

Starlord - Best Aviation Insurance
A passenger inside an aircraft.

Due to the fact that standard commercial general liability (CGL) forms often do not cover claims or lawsuits that are a result of aircraft ownership, maintenance, or operation, it is vital to obtain aviation insurance. 

Aviation insurance is something that companies need to have in order to reduce the likelihood of suffering a financial loss in the event of an accident that involves a private aircraft.

Certain types of aircraft liability insurance include excess coverage, non-owned aircraft liability, and standalone plans.

These are only some of the different types of insurance available. It is standard practice to provide insurance coverage for the hull (physical damage), medical expenses, and third-party aircraft liability.

Policies regarding aircraft are not uniform and vary widely from one another.

Occasionally, insurance firms offer packages that contain hull and aircraft liability in addition to other aviation coverages such as airport liability, general liability on land, hangar keepers liability, and aircraft products liability.

These packages are sometimes offered by insurance companies.

Additionally, the policy may cover the personal goods of passengers and indemnify the hangar where the airplane is stored against any liability claims that may be filed against it.

By purchasing an insurance policy, you can obtain protection against injuries that occur on the job, as well as protection against emergency landings and operations related to search and rescue.

Best Aviation Insurance


Both aircraft owners and renters can take advantage of the insurance services offered by Skywatch.ai, which is quickly becoming a market leader in the aviation industry.

When it comes to aviation insurance in the United States, this well-regarded firm offers exceptionally flexible coverage options, which substantially lowers the costs that pilots around the country have to pay.

Renters of aircraft have the choice of choosing coverage options that are either daily, weekly, monthly, or annual, according to their needs.

This flexibility makes it possible to make alterations as and when they are required, which is especially helpful for persons who are in the process of learning to fly and need to progressively increase the amount of time they spend in the cockpit.

Additionally, it is helpful for individuals who temporarily retire from flying during the off-season years.

A monthly payment plan and a rapid quotation system are two of the extra insurance alternatives that are made available to aircraft owners by the organization.

SkyWatch is the option that is both the quickest and the most cost-effective for pilots due to the specific qualities that it possesses.

How would you describe the most remarkable feature? SkyWatch makes it simple for certified flight instructors (CFIs), students, private pilots, and recreational pilots to save money by just clicking a few times.

With only a few clicks, they are able to acquire insurance coverage that is both affordable and precisely suited to meet their individual needs. 

When considering investment funds, it’s crucial to explore options that align with your financial goals, ensuring they offer stability, growth potential, and a well-balanced portfolio while also considering the best aviation insurance to safeguard assets in this sector.


One of the subsidiaries of AXA, which is an international insurance and reinsurance company with its headquarters in Connecticut, is called AXA XL.

In the global aviation industry, AXA XL is a leading insurer that provides insurance coverage to a wide range of entities, including airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, ground operators, and specialized aviation businesses.

AXA XL offers its customers a diverse selection of aviation insurance options, in addition to individualized risk management solutions that are tailored to fit the specific business priorities and objectives of the company’s customers.

Several other kinds of aviation insurance, including hull damage, third-party liability, and product liability, are among the types of coverage that the insurer offers individually tailored coverage.

In addition to war, terrorism, and political events, this coverage also includes other types of dangers.

The business caters to individual customers all over the world by offering a wide variety of aviation-related products. 


If you are looking for an aviation insurance company that can provide coverage for your personal jet, seaplane, or helicopter, BWI Fly is the most reputable firm that is currently accessible.

If you own any of these aircraft, you are definitely aware of the hefty price tag that comes along with using them.

It is of the utmost importance that you choose an aviation insurance company that offers all-encompassing protection.

In what ways can you anticipate BWI to provide you with more features or services? Integrity, speed, and intelligence are all essential.

BWI Fly is a customer-focused firm that places a high priority on the happiness of its customers and guarantees that client communication is convenient.

Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 6:00 AM and 4:30 PM, and on Fridays, between 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM, a customer care representative is available to receive and respond to inquiries and concerns.

In the event that any incidents occur to your aircraft outside of the set working hours, there is also a specialist emergency hotline that is ready to rapidly handle and resolve any issues that may arise.

Great American

The Great American Insurance Corporation is a company that is headquartered in the United States and focuses mostly on providing insurance covers for property and liabilities.

As a result of their significant industry expertise, the aircraft underwriters at Great American are able to conduct in-depth analyses, ascertain the most advantageous price, and offer complete coverage.

Providing protection for commercial and non-commercial aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles, Great American offers comprehensive aviation insurance coverage that caters to the different needs of customers.

This coverage is designed to meet the extensive requirements of customers.

Additionally, the organization provides coverage for the physical property damage and personal injuries that may be sustained by the pilot and passengers as a result of the deterioration of equipment, the breakdown of operational systems, or the involvement of aircraft in accidents.

Great American’s Aviation Division is responsible for providing coverage for a wide range of aviation-related hazards, including hull, liability, and excess liability insurance. 


USAA is a name that you might be familiar with if you have served in the military in the past or if you are now serving in the military.

The Fortune 500 company is well-known for providing a comprehensive selection of insurance and financial services to members of the armed forces and their families.

These services include policies that provide coverage for aircraft. Insurance solutions for aviation are offered at prices that are competitive, and a team of specialists is available to assist pilots in appreciating the proper level of coverage that is required.

There are just a few simple steps that need to be taken in order to obtain a quote for insurance from USAA.

This procedure is quick and can be accomplished online with no effort. United Airlines (USAA) provides a comprehensive selection of aviation insurance products, which include protection for personal hangars as well as commercial and passenger insurance tailored to flight instructors.

The United States Air Force Association (USAA) requires applicants to have a current or former association with the armed services in order to get aviation insurance.

Nevertheless, among the most highly regarded aviation insurance providers, USAA stands out as a significant option due to its affordable premiums and plans that are simple to understand.

Priority and private banking services go beyond traditional banking, offering tailored investment strategies and financial solutions; integrating the best aviation insurance into such plans can mitigate risks associated with high-value assets like private aircraft.

London Aviation Underwriters

London Aviation Underwriters, Inc. is a company based in the United States that specializes in aviation insurance.

Starlord - Best Aviation Insurance
A passenger inside an aircraft.

The company offers policies that cover general aviation hazards, liabilities for non-owned aircraft, and responsibility for airport facilities.

Among the aviation organizations that the corporation actively supports are the Northwest Aviation Insurance Association, which is a local organization, and the Aviation Insurance Association, which is a worldwide organization.

Underwriting aircraft risks in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the severe climate of Alaska, was the primary motivation behind Michael E. Charlesworth’s establishment of the company in the year 1980. 

The question of whether high-net-worth individuals need life insurance depends on their specific circumstances, and while it may not be universally necessary, exploring policies that encompass the unique risks associated with their lifestyle, including the best aviation insurance, can offer valuable protection and peace of mind.

Alliance Insurance Brokers

Located in India, Alliance is a business-to-business (B2B) insurance brokerage firm. They offer a variety of services, including reinsurance and risk management, claims management, insurance products, insurance audits, and renewal reviews.

Through the process of evaluating patterns, forecasting the ensuing array of circumstances, and providing ground-breaking solutions, Alliance is able to meet the complex and unique requirements of each individual client.

When it comes to offering pilots in India insurance against the loss of their licenses, Alliance was a notable pioneer.

In the course of their Loss of License program, which encompassed more than 300 individual pilots across the country, they had achieved extremely high levels of accomplishment.

The mission of the company is to provide customers with comprehensive services by means of the supply of new packages that are not only reasonably priced but also provide coverage of the highest possible standard.

Falcon Insurance

“If it flies, Falcon insures it,” which is the tagline of Falcon Insurance, appropriately depicts the comprehensive insurance alternatives that the company offers for all different kinds of flying things.

Falcon Insurance provides pilots with a wide range of insurance solutions that are both comprehensive and diverse.

It is a rare aviation insurance provider that offers coverage for seaplanes and historic aircraft, in addition to offering coverage for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and insurance for drones.

There are choices for purchasing insurance for your personal or commercial aircraft, as well as pilot life insurance, which can be obtained straight from the company website for a single premium that is not too expensive.

In order to acquire a complimentary estimate, you must complete a form and await communication from an insurance agent.

Falcon Insurance is highly recommended due to its significant track record of providing insurance options that are tailored specifically to pilots, which spans over four decades.

Starr Aviation Agency, Inc.

Starr Aviation Agency, Inc. is a leading global provider of aviation insurance solutions. The company’s headquarters are located in the United States of America.

In the aviation and aerospace industries, the organization specializes in the creation of individualized plans that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

Agencies, Brokerages, and Other Insurance Related Activities are the industry in which the company operates under the umbrella of the business.

Among the many types of insurance coverage that Starr offers, some of the more common ones include airplane hull and liability, corporate non-owned aircraft liability, general liability, workers’ compensation, drone insurance, and products and finished operations liabilities.

The United States of America, Bermuda, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Malta are all locations where Starr Insurance firms have operations.

The company also has firms established in the United Kingdom.

Wings Insurance

Wings Insurance is a supplier of aviation insurance that has more than thirty years of experience in providing services to protect pilots and responding to their needs.

Wings Insurance works in close collaboration with aviation underwriters to provide pilots with the assistance they need to acquire the appropriate coverage at the most cost-effective price potential.

The policies offered by Wings Insurance are especially beneficial for commercial pilots looking for coverage.

The team is not only able to assist business owners with aviation insurance, but they are also one of the few aviation professionals who are able to offer workers’ compensation insurance.

The aviation insurance company Wings Insurance is highly experienced and capable of serving both hobby pilots and pilots who need to insure their team of aviation experts. Wings Insurance is able to provide coverage for both types of pilots.

Key personal life insurance plays a vital role in comprehensive financial planning, providing a financial safety net for loved ones; evaluating policies that consider the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals includes understanding how aviation-related risks can be addressed with specialized insurance coverage.

Aerospace Insurance Managers, Inc.

Aerospace Insurance Managers, Inc. is a company based in the United States that offers comprehensive insurance protection for airports, as well as general aviation aircraft, both for private and commercial use.

The majority of the customers that Aviation Insurance Managers serve are located within the United States.

The company has grown to become one of the leading independent aviation insurance brokers in the United States.

In addition to offering insurance solutions for general aviation and casualty, the company places a particular emphasis on providing coverage for private and small commercial aircraft, respectively.

Old Republic

The Chicago-based company Old Republic is a provider of title and deed services in addition to property insurance.

Starlord - Best Aviation Insurance
An aircraft in an airport.

Among the top fifty insurance companies in the United States that are held by shareholders, this particular corporation is highly regarded.

It is common knowledge that Old Republic Aerospace, Inc. is a well-known insurance provider that serves the aviation industry in both the United States of America and Canada.

The company has developed a strong presence in the industry by grasping and addressing the unique challenges that its customers confront.

This is due to the fact that the company has amassed more than 35 years of expertise in the aviation sector.


Commonly referred to as AIG, American International Group, Inc. is a worldwide corporation that operates in the fields of finance and insurance and has its headquarters in New York.

Additionally, it is active in more than 80 countries throughout the world and has a global footprint.

Seventy years ago, American International Group (AIG) began providing comprehensive insurance solutions for the aerospace industry to a wide variety of industries, ranging from agriculture to aerospace.

Coverage for product liability, airline insurance, workers’ compensation for aviation employees, liability coverage for general aviation, insurance for wrecked aircraft, and liability coverage for airports, ground handlers, and service providers are some of the insurance products that AIG offers specifically tailored for the aerospace industry.

AIG also offers a variety of other insurance products that are specifically designed for the aerospace industry.

By utilizing a powerful combination of industry expertise and a staff of qualified underwriters located all across the United States, AIG is able to deliver bespoke solutions that are designed to meet the specific requirements of aerospace clients.

The company provides its customers with a complete selection of aeronautical equipment, catering to both small aircraft operators and major airline manufacturers. 

Final Thoughts

Aviation insurance protects many kinds of planes and aircraft, including those with one or more engines, seaplanes, jets, drones, homebuilt, and more.

There are also other forms of aircraft that are insured. Aviation insurance policies typically include coverage for airports and hangars, in addition to protection for both private and public aircraft on the ground.

In-flight insurance, public liability insurance, passenger liability insurance, ground risk hull insurance, and passenger liability insurance are often the standard coverage options that aviation insurance carriers provide.

Even though aviation insurance is not mandated by either federal or state law, it is nevertheless a good idea to keep it in your possession if you own an aircraft.

Through the use of aviation insurance, you may safeguard your aircraft not only when it is in the air but also while it is parked in the hangar.

In addition to this, you should safeguard any passengers that you intend to bring onto the premises by purchasing passenger insurance.

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