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Key Man Insurance Policy Guide: Definition, How It Works

This key man insurance policy guide will talk about:

  • Key man insurance policy meaning
  • What is the purpose of key person insurance?
  • How does key man insurance work?
  • What does key man insurance cover?
  • Key Man Insurance vs life insurance
  • Key person insurance cost
  • Key man insurance tax
  • Advantages and disadvantages of key man insurance

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The insurance is a valuable risk management instrument that helps safeguard the value of a firm. Banks, investors, and lenders have a more positive opinion of companies who implement such policy.

Guide to Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance Policy Meaning

Also dubbed key person insurance, this policy is a type of life insurance scheme that shields a business against financial loss should a critical employee pass away or become injured while working.

Instead of the family, the policy’s beneficiary is the firm, which also pays the premiums.

What is the purpose of key person insurance?

Key man insurance policy guide

Businesses can use this as a financial cushion as it gives money to help keep things running.

The death benefit gives the business time to find a substitute or put other plans in place to lessen the financial impact.

What does key man insurance cover?

Key person insurance policy protects against a range of damages that a business may suffer from the absence or passing of a core employee:

  • missed earnings and profits
  • the price of finding and onboarding a replacement
  • any debts or loans that the key employee guarantees
  • costs associated with maintaining the business’s operations until a replacement is identified, which may include purchasing the key individual’s ownership or partnership interest.

Now, the important personnel include:

  • Founders
  • Owners
  • Executives
  • Top salesmen
  • Product designers
  • Engineers
  • Other highly trained workers whose specific knowledge, abilities, or leadership are essential to the success of the business

How does key man insurance work?

Employees essential to the company’s operations are identified so as to ensure the business’s success and profitability. The firm then buys a life or disability insurance plan on the key employee’s life or health after identifying them.

Do remember that the core employee must provide written approval before the firm can acquire such a policy.

The policy’s duration usually corresponds with the anticipated length of service of the company’s most important employee. It may be discontinued should the employee quit or is no longer regarded as a key individual.

Key Man Insurance vs Life Insurance

Unlike a key person insurance, life insurance gives the insured person’s dependents or family financial stability. The policyholder selects the beneficiaries and bears the cost of the premiums for life coverage. In terms of tax consequences, life insurance premiums are usually not tax-deductible.

Key Person Insurance Cost

Key person Insurance Cost

A number of factors, including the key person’s age, role, health, and desired coverage level, are taken into consideration when determining insurance premiums.

A core person’s pay or the expected financial impact of their loss to the company is often covered between five and ten times over.

Numerous firms find that term life insurance for important personnel is a more economical choice because the premiums are typically cheaper than those of permanent life insurance.

Key Man Insurance Tax

Paying for this insurance is usually not tax deductible unless it is deemed to be part of the taxable income of the key employee, as in the case of group life insurance policies.

Should a key employee pass away, the company usually receives a tax-free death benefit. The corporate Alternative Minimum Tax may apply to this death benefit for C firms though.

Based on elements including the cash value and premiums paid, the transaction may be taxable if the business chooses to sell or transfer ownership of the policy.

Info regarding the number of insured employees, coverage levels, and employee consent must be disclosed by companies on their corporate tax filings regarding their plans.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Key Person Insurance

What are the benefits of key man insurance?

  • It serves as a financial safety net for the company, providing money to pay for lost income, find a replacement, and settle obligations.
  • During a difficult transition period, the insurance proceeds aid in ensuring stability and continuity of the firm.
  • The fact that the policy’s funds are readily available further lessens tension and frees the company up to concentrate on expansion and recuperation rather than pressing financial issues.
  • Having this insurance also increases trust in the company’s capacity to manage unforeseen difficulties.

What are the disadvantages?

  • It is necessary to budget for the premiums as they are a continuous company expense.
  • A business must obtain many policies, which raises the total cost, if it has to insure several critical personnel.
  • Personal information about the key employee is required for the application process, which some may find unpleasant to share.
  • Premiums are typically not eligible for tax deduction, in contrast to certain other business insurance rates.
  • If a covered employee quits the company, the insurance expires and replacement coverage is required.
  • The death benefit for C businesses can be liable to the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax.

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