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Best global equity income funds

This post will talk about the best global equity income funds.

Investors who are investing for a specific target or who are retired and looking for an ongoing source of income may find equity income funds appealing.

They can also be incorporated as a part of a portfolio of diverse investments to offer earnings and growth in equal measure.

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Please remember that some facts might change from the time of writing. It’s best to consult for financial advice to get the most suited investment options for your basket.

Equity Income Funds Meaning

An equity income fund is one kind of investment fund which focuses on bringing in money for investors by buying dividend-paying stocks.

Best global equity income funds

Typically, equity income funds maintain a diverse stock portfolio, frequently emphasizing large-cap, established businesses with a track record of dividend payments.

The funds seek to build a portfolio that outperforms the overall stock market index in terms of dividend yield.

Since the emphasis on dividend-paying stocks might offer some downside protection, equity income funds are typically thought to have a lower risk profile than pure growth-oriented equity funds.

They may still be subject to return volatility and entail some equity market risk, nevertheless.

Best global equity income funds

Which global income fund is the best performing? What are the best equity income funds? We listed some examples below, as per FundCalibre.

JPM Global Equity Income Fund

This fund from JP Morgan Asset Management is a main equity income fund that targets companies with market capitalization of at least 10 billion US dollars. The assets under management are worth 725.2 million British pounds.

Ongoing charges figure for the fund is 0.90% and annual management charge is 0.75%. Historically, the yearly income hit 2.24%.

An upper limit of 5% of the fund is allocated to single stocks. Review periods every three months will be applied to the managers.

JPM Asset Management is among the biggest asset managers globally.

Fidelity Global Dividend Fund

A staple global income fund, it makes investments in businesses that provide a stable and healthy dividend payout. In order to preserve capital, the fund seeks to offer a consistent and increasing income.

For investors looking for a constant and possibly growing global income, the Fidelity Global Dividend fund is a well-balanced lower risk option.

It differs greatly from its benchmark even though the fund primarily invests in larger businesses. When markets are declining, it usually performs better than the benchmark and is less volatile.

The fund manages assets worth roughly 3.08 billion pounds and recorded an annual income of 2.57%. The ongoing charges figure and annual management charge are 0.91% and 0.75%, respectively.

Financial service firm Fidelity International, formed in 1969, offers the investment.

M&G Global Dividend Fund

Which global income fund is the best performing

The fund, from M&G Investments, has a size of about 1.96 billion pounds and yearly income of 2.48%. There’s no annual management charge, while ongoing charges figure is 0.66%.

This portfolio offers the chance to diversify income sources through international investments in dividend-paying firms with consistent and growing payouts. Because it is a concentrated portfolio with 40–50 stocks, the portfolio’s stock-specific risk is quite elevated.

However, the fund is built to handle a range of market circumstances.

M&G Investments previously operated under Prudential plc prior to their 2019 demerger. Now listed on the London Stock Exchange, M&G invests in fixed interest, equities, real estate, plus other assets.

Guinness Global Equity Income Fund

It seeks to give investors long-term capital gain in addition to income. The managers intend to retain the roughly 35 equally-weighted stocks in the portfolio for a period of three to five years.

Although there are no explicit ESG limitations on their participation, a large number of companies with unfavorable ESG profiles fail the assessment and are not included in the portfolio.

In comparison to its peers, the fund has had typical volatility. The portfolio will be less impacted by the current preferred investment style because there is no bias towards any certain method.

The Guinness Global Equity Income fund has a small number of holdings, thus the risk of a single stock negatively affecting the portfolio is higher.

The size of the fund is nearly 4.42 billion pounds. Both the ongoing charges figure and annual management charge are 0.77%.

The investment provider, Guinness Global Investors, was formed in 2003. This autonomous active fund manager focuses on private equity and long-only equity investments.

IFSL Evenlode Global Income Fund

Out of 100 international companies, stocks are chosen for the portfolio based on factors such as dividend yield and valuation. The goal of this investment is to balance future rise in dividends with current income. Performance has been good since its November 2017 rollout.

Thirty to forty-five stocks make up the highly concentrated portfolio. These holdings do, however, typically have sizable, varied foreign revenue streams.

Generally, the IFSL Evenlode Global Income fund invests in more conservative industries including healthcare and consumer staples. It generally stays away from finance and energy, among other sectors. The managers want to produce results that are less volatile than those of their competitors.

The fund has assets under management of about 1.80 billion pounds. Annual income is 2.15%, while OCF and AMC are 0.84%.

Oxfordshire-based Evenlode Investments is a stand-alone investing company that specializes on equity.

Are equity income funds a good investment?

Equity income funds benefits

In order to give investors a regular source of income, equity income funds concentrate on investing in businesses that generate dividends that are both consistent and increasing.

Over time, the income of equity income funds may be able to keep up with or even surpass inflation thanks to their dividend growth concentration.

Risk can be reduced by investing in a diverse portfolio of dividend-paying firms through these funds.

They offer the possibility of capital appreciation in addition to dividend income, provided that the underlying companies experience price growth.

Risks of equity income funds

Comparing concentrated portfolios to more widely weighted market indices, equity income funds may be more exposed to particular industries or businesses.

Equity income funds are often less volatile than growth-oriented equity funds, although they can nevertheless go through times of market turmoil that could affect the fund’s performance.

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