Investment trends to look out for in 2023

What are some investment trends to look out for in 2023?

In the video below I speak about:

  • China reopening from Covid-19 and how it could help the Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese stock markets.
  • The cheapness associated with some non-US stock markets and why this is an opportunity.
  • The possibility of the USD weakening against some major currencies as the world becomes more optimistic again.
  • Recovering stock markets across the board and why it is likely.
  • Declining property markets. South Korea’s property market is already going down. I explain why many other markets could decline in 2023.
  • Why interest rates will probably peak next year.
  • Commercial real estate and why it could outperform residential property in 2023.
  • Government bonds and why they could finally shine next year

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So much interested in your topics. I am finding it a bit difficult in what to invest into. You you give a piece of advice in that regard I will appreciate greatly!!!

Depends where you are based, how much risk you want to take, target return?

I want to make money

I want to make money

How can i wisely invest my money for reseanable return on my investment?

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