New Vanguard ETFs and Index Funds – this week’s Adam Fayed Podcasts.

In the last edition of the Adam Fayed Podcast on Youtube, I had an exciting announcement – we now have more access to Vanguard ETFs and index funds.

I also mentioned that BlackRock and iShares ETFs are often just as good:

Earlier in the week, I spoke about how a lot of regulation and professional qualifications aren’t worth it.

Many people assume that these things are only good, and add safety, but in fact that isn’t always the case.

When was the last time you heard of a bank in a lightly regulated area, for example offshore, going bankrupt?

Probably you haven’t heard about it. Or at least, you have probably heard about it less than a bank in the US going to the wall.

That doesn’t mean regulation and qualifications are always bad, merely that simplistic explanations suggesting they are always good, isn’t correct.

In the first video of the week, I critique most of the private banks, with the exception of a lot of the newer challenger banks.

I expect online challenger banks, alongside online wealth management firms, to continue to take market share off the banks.

To see all the videos, and to subscribe, you can click here.

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