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Altair Renewable Energy Limited Review

Altair Renewable Energy Limited is a venture and development capital firm primarily dedicated to investments in renewable energy power generation. Specializing in financing projects within this sector, the company initially focuses on biomass and biogas plants.

The firm currently has overdue accounts and outstanding charges which we will talk more about later.

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Discover how Altair Renewable Energy Limited’s approach can integrate seamlessly with international investment solutions, maximizing your green portfolio.

Venture capital firms like Altair Renewable with renewable energy investments can reap financial rewards, particularly if the businesses they back witness significant growth. But the big but includes the potential for project setbacks, expenditure excesses, or project collapse.

Altair Renewable having distressed finances highlights that investments like this always carries big risks. If left unresolved, this could lead to default and worse, insolvency, and you could lose all your money.

Altair Renewable Energy Limited Background

Altair Renewable Energy Limited

London-based private limited firm Altair Renewable Energy Ltd. was established on Sept. 20, 2017. The firm was called Aratus Renewable Energy Limited from launch ‘til it rebranded to Altair on June 7, 2018.

Altair Renewable Energy said it plans a portfolio buildout by investing in diverse renewable energy projects, such as tidal, solar, and wind.

The firm’s investment strategy emphasizes UK and EU opportunities, especially those with significant security provided by physical assets or income streams supported by governments or reputable counterparties.

Altair Renewable Energy Investments

The business is looking at different financing options for these investments:

  • Building 20-megawatt solar fields in the UK.
  • Buying and managing 5 MW of existing solar fields.
  • Setting up 25 MW of new biomass energy in the UK as well as outside the EU.
  • Acquiring 6MW of existing biogas production.
  • Commencing 20-MW tidal energy projects.

Loan note

Altair Renewable Energy updates

Most investors go into this investment via a loan note. These loan notes have been sold on expat-focused investment platforms such as Custodian Life and TIPS.

Thus far there has been no default in regards to this loan note.

All investors should understand that loan notes are high-risk instruments.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining access to new markets, tech, and financial opportunities can be a benefit of venture capital for renewable energy enterprises. Working together with well-established firms can spur growth and contribute important experience.

Moreover, considering the growing need for renewable energy, the possibility for lucrative returns is encouraging.

But startups may find it difficult to obtain capital, deal with demands for rapid returns, and handle regulatory uncertainty. There is extra concern if the venture capital business itself has past-due bills and accounts like what’s happening with Altair Renewable Energy Limited.

Prior to making an investment, make sure to evaluate the firm’s financial standing as this may have an impact on their capacity to assist portfolio firms and, ultimately, the performance of your investment. This is something we can help with.

Most investors go into investments like this on the debt side, via loan notes.

Before doing this, make sure you understand the risk-adjusted returns.

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