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Belmont Multi Strategy Fund Review

In this post, we’ll review Belmont Multi Strategy Fund, an investment option from Belmont Investments. We’ll discuss the fund’s features and terms, including who can invest, what the costs are, and what the advantages and disadvantages are for the investment opportunity.

Belmont Investments is an investment provider formed in December 2009 for private investors. It focuses on hedge funds, managed futures funds, as well as alternatives.

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Take note that the data and facts could change from the time of writing, so it’s important to seek advice as this review alone shouldn’t be relied on for any final investment decision.  

Belmont Multi Strategy Fund Features and Terms

The Fund, formed in 2016 as a Cayman Islands-exempt company, is a mixture of various hedge fund strategies implemented by certain outsourced investment managers. It seeks profit in the “high-single digits” coupled with lesser fluctuation ad a low correlation to big equity and bond indices.

Belmont Multi Strategy Fund review

The Fund will place the majority of its assets into one or more unitized funds that are based in the Cayman Islands or another jurisdiction. Class A, B, and C shares of the Belmont Fund will be sold, and the net proceeds from such sales will be utilized to buy classes of interests in one or more underlying funds.

The Fund’s investment goal is to maximize risk-adjusted return for all share classes by maximizing capital appreciation. Dividends may be declared by the Fund, albeit that’s not part of the plan.

Belmont Multi-Strategy Fund Eligibility

Non-US individuals can access the investment.

Belmont Multi-Strategy Fund Fees

The Fund levies a subscription fee worth up to 5% for class A shares, plus distribution fee of 0.0833%. Class B and C shareholders won’t be assessed any distribution fees, and the latter investors won’t even have to pay a sponsor fee.

Belmont Multi Strategy Fund Class A Shares

Belmont Investments said the required minimum to subscribe for A shares is 50,000 USD, with investments redeemable on a monthly basis. Prospective investors for class B shares need at least a million USD to participate.

Pros and cons of Belmont Multi Strategy Fund

The underlying manager has 100 billion USD worth of assets under management as of July 2023.

The Belmont Multi Strategy Fund A shares logged 7.84% of yearly return vs the MSCI World’s 5.48%.

Pros and cons of Belmont Multi-Strategy Fund

Belmont Multi Strategy Fund benefits

  • The Fund holds an assorted basket of international stocks and has low correlation to key indices, which both help to trim risk.
  • It offers liquidity in that it enables investors to cash out of their investments.
  • The fund heavily relies on computer programs to execute, clear and settle deals, assess securities using real-time trading data, track holdings and net capital, and provide risk management and other crucial reports.

Belmont Multi Strategy Fund risks

  • The underlying funds’ performance and the fund’s projected return are fully connected. The fund will not function profitably and might experience losses if the underlying funds are unable to generate profits.
  • Certain developing market assets made by the fund might not be denominated in US dollars, exposing investors to exchange rate swings and possible losses.
  • Due to the market volatility surrounding the fund’s investments in the underlying funds, its performance may suffer.
  • For investors who desire consistent income, the fund’s intention to not distribute dividends is a drawback.

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