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Bluewhale Growth Fund Review

Discover why incorporating Bluewhale Growth Fund into your global investment strategies could lead to substantial growth.

In this Bluewhale Growth Fund review, we’ll give an overview of this investment fund from Blue Whale Capital, highlighting its features, performance, and associated costs.

In September 2017, the WS Blue Whale Growth Fund was introduced as an actively managed fund with a focus on a highly concentrated global equity portfolio.

It was the first fund of London-based Blue Whale Capital LLP, an investment company that lead manager Stephen Yiu and co-founder Peter Hargreaves (who also established Hargreaves Lansdown) co-formed. Since the fund’s founding, Hargreaves has maintained ownership of all of his interests.

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However, note that any investment decision should never be based on this review alone. Some facts might change from the time of writing.

Bluewhale Growth Fund Investment

Bluewhale Growth Fund logo

The Blue Whale Growth Fund invests in premium firms across the globe at attractive prices with the goal of achieving long-term capital growth that outpaces the market index. The target is to hold onto those that will likely succeed no matter the state of the economy. That includes companies that are benefiting greatly from the AI growth, for instance.

Pioneered by a 25 million pound investment from Peter Hargreaves, and bolstered by further contributions, the fund today oversees more than 800 million pounds in assets.

Under Stephen Yiu’s direction, the fund managers thoroughly evaluate every investment through fundamental analysis, making a strong commitment to their top 25 to 35 bets.

Depending on the share class, the Bluewhale Growth Fund minimum investment varies and can either be 1,000 pounds or 10 million pounds.

Bluewhale Growth Fund Features

Thirty investments worth more than 100 billion pounds in market cap are held by the Blue Whale Growth Fund, which is categorized as a UK Open-Ended Investment Company, a sort of investment fund located in the UK that can grow or shrink when investors acquire or offload shares.

The Blue Whale Growth Fund’s total value is 1.06 billion pounds. Dividends are paid out at the end of February and August, with GBP serving as the fund’s base currency.

Bluewhale Growth Fund Investment

The WS Bluewhale Growth Fund’s top 10 holdings are:

  • Tech firms Applied Materials, Lam Research, Microsoft, and Nvidia
  • Energy company Canadian Natural Resources
  • Financial services companies Charles Schwab and Mastercard
  • Media & Entertainment giant Meta
  • Luxury brand Moncler
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier Sartorius

These investments within the Fund make up roughly half of its total holdings.

The assets of the fund are split geographically as follows: 2.5% is invested in Asia Pacific, 23.9% is in Europe, and 72.3% is in North America. Regarding sectors, the top 2 investments are 16.5% in financials and 39.0% in technology.

Bluewhale Growth Fund Performance

So far, their returns have exceeded those of the typical fund in its worldwide peer group by a significant margin. This is backed by the solid earnings of the Fund’s holdings.

Looking back, a lot of people made investments in the Bluewhale Growth Fund particularly in 2021. A number also withdrew in 2022 amid some setbacks, Yiu reportedly said.

Nevertheless, the losses incurred in the first half of 2022 was reversed by the earnings made in the next months leading up to the end of 2023.

Bluewhale Growth Fund Charges

There are annual fees related to the Bluewhale Growth Fund, totaling 0.83 percent. This fund is not subject to any upfront fees or performance expenses.

Ongoing Charges Figure varies depending on the share class of the Bluewhale Growth Fund, as per a fact sheet.

The I Accumulation and I Income share classes denominated in GBP both have an OCF of 0.84%. Similarly, the R Accumulation and R Income GBP share classes have an OCF of 1.09%. The R Accumulation share class in euro, however, has a higher OCF of 1.59%.

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