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CemInvest Review

In this post, we’ll talk about CemInvest Ltd to learn about what it does and how it’s doing currently.

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With various investment providers in the market, it’s important to be cautious when dealing with them.

Given that they have recently defaulted, it makes sense to now look at your entire portfolio, because you might have more hidden risk.

Who is CemInvest Limited?

CemInvest Ltd operates out of its headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

The business deals in acquisition and sales of real estate, as well as fund management.

CemInvest, rolled out in March 2019, is presently under administration, according to Companies House UK. The administration commenced on Oct. 27, 2023.

The company’s net worth stood at 63.3 million pounds and total assets at 80,101 pounds in 2022. However, the total liabilities of CemInvest hit 12.4 million pounds, according to Company Check UK.

Liabilities exceed the value of the company’s assets. In other words, the whole sum due to creditors could not be satisfied with the sales proceeds of the company’s assets alone.

What does it mean when a company is in administration?

What does it mean when a company is in administration

In administration, an insolvency practitioner called the administrator manages the company’s affairs. Usually, a firm in administration is insolvent and cannot pay its bills or has more liabilities than assets.

In the event that the company cannot be saved as a going concern, the goal of the administration process is to secure a better outcome for the creditors than what would be achievable through an early liquidation.

Among the many authorities granted to the administrator during administration include the authority to sell assets, negotiate with creditors, and determine the destiny of the corporation. However, the administrator’s primary duty is to protect the interests of all creditors in the company.

While the duration of an administration can be prolonged with court consent, it is usually limited to no more than one year. Depending on the outcome of the restructuring plan, the company may be able to depart administration or enter liquidation at the end of the administration procedure.

Final Thoughts

If investors want to know how much of a return they may expect on their investments in CemInvest Limited, they may have to wait for the administration process to progress before they find out.

What is more, it makes sense to look at your entire portfolio for hidden risks.

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