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Concept Group Review

Concept Group is a Guernsey-based fiduciary firm that is registered and regulated and has connections to several other countries. It specializes in providing customized financial solutions for its clients. Across the globe, the Concept Aurora brand is now well associated with affordable bundled pension solutions.

So, read on to explore this Concept Group review to find out what you need to know about this firm and its product offerings.

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Who is Concept Group Guernsey?

Founded in June 2004, Concept Group (“Concept”) was purchased by UAP Holdings Limited in 2021. It takes great satisfaction to offer cutting-edge offshore financial solutions. With its origins in the creation and management of conventional fiduciary structures (like discretionary trusts), it has also developed a stellar reputation for creating and delivering global retirement solutions to individual and corporate clients in developed and developing markets.

About 50 individuals work at the Group Head Office in Guernsey, Channel Islands. As an owner-managed firm, it has become an industry leader in solution creation and delivery while remaining flexible and responsive to customer needs. It has maintained engagement to make sure that its technical expertise and pertinent knowledge support its steady increase in sales.

Concept Group Review
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What are Concept Group’s Pioneering Pensions and Fiduciary Solutions?

Aurora QNUPS

QNUPS Aurora has a simplified application procedure and was created by the most seasoned suppliers in this particular sector. QNUPS include various investment options and are free from UK inheritance tax, making them broadly equivalent to a UK registered pension scheme.

Aurora Liberta Retirement Benefits Trust/Contract

  • Risk-Free and Secure. Guernsey Revenue Service (“GRS”)-approved retirement annuity programs are offered to citizens and non-residents. They provide a secure, flexible, portable, and affordable personal pension from a certified and regulated provider.
  • Designed for IHT Exemption. In addition to offering ample planning opportunities, the schemes are made to satisfy the UK’s prescribed standards for Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS). This means they should be free from UK inheritance tax (IHT) because they are deemed to be broadly similar to a UK-registered pension scheme.
  • Intended for UK domiciles. The plans are particularly useful for those who live in other countries but have a UK domicile. They are also a desirable retirement option for people who are on the move or are in temporary employment.
  • Depleted LTA and UK Resident. Once a UK citizen has used up their UK Lifetime Allowance (“LTA”) for pensions, they can utilize an offshore retirement plan known as a QNUPS to supplement their retirement plans and possibly as part of their estate planning.
  • Guernsey is Tax-Free. The plans, which are recognized as personal pensions in Guernsey, offer favorable tax treatment to non-residents. This includes gross roll-up of capital and income, as well as gross payment of income without any Guernsey tax deduction while accepting benefits.
  • Assurance or Agreement
  • Concept has created the Aurora Liberta Retirement Benefits Plans, which are accessible to people through contracts or trusts, depending on their unique situation. 
What are the benefits?
  • economical
  • extremely transportable
  • designed to exempt you from IHT if you have a UK domicile.
  • Gross income for those who do not reside in Guernsey
  • a substitute pension for UK citizens who have used up all of their UK LTA
  • open architecture with several options for investments or your own
  • There is no set minimum value required.
  • Both recurring and one-time contributions are welcome.
  • Contributions from employers and employees are accepted.
  • Benefits start at age 55.
  • a maximum 30% Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS)

Secondary Pensions

Concept has a long history of being a reliable supplier in the community pension industry. Employers may discover the ideal pension solution for their needs from their selection of off-the-shelf products to their most recent revolutionary developments. It has solutions to suit every demand. They can assist you in navigating Guernsey secondary pensions for your company and staff.

Enrolling eligible workers in a qualified pension system will become required for all Guernsey companies since the States of Guernsey have approved the implementation of a secondary pension system. This implies that all employers will need to provide their employees with an authorized pension.

Concept is aware that finding, designing, implementing, and overseeing a new company-based pension plan may sometimes be quite challenging. Concept Group can take away all of the stress and hassle, enabling you to focus on your business with the assurance that your company’s mandatory secondary pension offering is a competitive benefit for your employees.

Why is secondary pension being introduced?

With more individuals living longer in retirement, there will simply be too many retirees for those who are working and making contributions to sustain themselves since the United States’ own old-age pension system is nearly depleted. It’s commonly known as the demographic time bomb.

If you wonder if you should get in touch with Concept Group, then you need to know that since its founding in 2006, it has been locally owned and operated. This indicates that even though they have a global reach, they are unmatched in terms of expertise and experience in working with Guernsey organizations.

Many Guernsey-based businesses have long relied on and trusted Concept’s variety of pension options. With the broadest industry expertise and experience, the Concepts management team spearheaded the creation of numerous Islands Pension Products, so you can be certain that your business and workers’ pensions are in capable hands.

Due to the firm’s directors’ close involvement in the secondary pension scheme’s creation, Concept has an excellent understanding of and insight into the best options for the island firms. There are no “hidden surprises” with any of your costs; everything you see is what you pay.

Although Concept offers a large selection of “off-the-shelf” solutions, it has also become skilled at working with its partners to build custom choices since they recognize that no two requirements are the same. The foundation of every pension plan is investment performance, which became its focus.

It has highly knowledgeable support and administrative staff that is available to interact with you efficiently at every stage. Concept Group’s secondary pension option is intended to minimize your inconvenience and concern while simultaneously giving you the finest possible service and peace of mind. It will handle all the labor-intensive tasks so you can focus on what you do best—and that is managing your company.

pension solutions
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Fiduciary-Concept Private

The Concept Private Client team has extensive expertise and a wealth of innovative approaches to safeguarding, conserving, and growing individual and family wealth. Therefore, it makes them skilled in providing customized financial solutions.

It was renowned for having committed specialists in private wealth. Concept Private, an independent fiduciary services company with headquarters in Guernsey, takes pleasure in the knowledge it can offer to help corporations, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals manage and organize their money.

What services does Fiduciary Concept Private offer?

Fiduciary-Concept Private’s main services are administration, structure, and solution-focused.

It also seeks to safeguard the wealth and the peace of mind of its clients. It believes that effective wealth management can be difficult if your portfolio includes a variety of standard and non-traditional asset types that are spread across several different geographic regions. With Concept Private’s services, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken every precaution to safeguard and preserve your family’s money for the duration of your life and beyond.

What is Fiduciary-Concept Private’s approach?

It ensures that it’s always centered on you.

The Concept Private team takes great satisfaction in delivering its esteemed clients and partners a highly personalized, committed, and customized service. Since the team is fully autonomous, it may collaborate with your personal advisors, friends, and any preferred custodian or investment provider that you may choose to engage with.

You can be sure that your family’s and your own wealth are in good hands with their skilled, specialized practitioners and relationship managers. Each component of your wealth planning structure is handled by a committed individual, supported by a team of professionals who constantly make sure that the service is provided.

Aurora Islander RATS

Aurora Islander is an industry-leading multi-member personal pension plan that is secure, versatile, and affordable. It offers Guernsey and Jersey residents an economical, tax-efficient, open-architecture option. Concept will not charge startup or annual fees to anyone under 25 until they are 25 to encourage early saving.

Different pricing structures are in place at Aurora Islander to guarantee that the program is both accessible to younger investors and appealing to more experienced investors who would like greater control over the management of their pension funds.

Which group pension plans does it offer?

Concept can offer retirement benefit options that satisfy organizational or business goals. Concept has accumulated expertise in offering trustee services and pension administration for multi-member occupational pension plans to major corporate clients. These have been for both foreign and Guernsey-based enterprises.

Therefore, Concept Group is well-versed in this field and may support an existing International Pension Plan administrator, provide trustee services only, or offer the full suite of services, including trustee and pension plan administration.

Group retirement benefits plans are a more customized service that is set up to satisfy the unique needs of a company or group. This is defined at the outset in order to offer a customized, unique, and made-to-order solution.

What other products are available?
aurora pensions
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Aurora Pensions

Concept has created a line of pension goods that are marketed under the well-known brand Aurora. These products provide a range of local and global options to meet the needs of both individual and group pensions.

Concept takes great satisfaction in its innovative approach and excellent service standards. It specializes in the establishment, management, and administration of pension systems. Also, Concept introduced the first multi-member personal pension plan in history, QROPS, and it has since become the standard in the industry.

Furthermore, Concept is well known for its internal technical ability, having collected a substantial amount of experience in providing both domestic and foreign pension arrangements, as well as specialized knowledge in the planning and management of pension transfers. Experts in administration deal with the supply of corporate and individual pension plans.

With ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology, and staff, Concept has expanded dramatically in recent years. This is necessary to sustain the unparalleled levels of service and support provided to intermediaries and customers as the business grows.

Therefore, Concept can provide a broad range of pension solutions, meaning that several options can be presented to successfully address the needs and/or situations of certain clients.

Overall Advantages
  • Skilled teams in administration and support
  • Service excellence and technological leadership in the market
  • A straightforward approach to procedures and continuing management
  • Economical methods for saving for retirement
  • Solutions from different jurisdictions that may be used to satisfy different customer needs
  • Don’t rely on agreements to avoid double taxation (“DTAs”).
  • Gross income from Guernsey programs paid to non-resident people in Guernsey
 Aurora QROPS (Delisted) Guernsey

In order to benefit from the company’s flexible access schemes, including QROPS, individuals may be able to transfer from other pensions, subject to the scheme’s and member’s specific status. However, at this time, Concept is unable to offer a listed Aurora QROPS solution based in Guernsey.

Concept formally delisted its range of former Aurora QROPS in response to additional legislative requirements that HMRC introduced to the Pension Schemes (Categories of Country and Requirements for Overseas Pension Schemes and Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes) Regulations 2006. Concept took this action to ensure and safeguard the interests of the current Aurora QROPS membership.


Easyco completes all the procedures needed to establish a limited company in Guernsey and then gives you all the information and documentation you need to lawfully oversee the day-to-day operations of your business.

EasyCo’s box service will set you back £2,500 in addition to any Guernsey Registry expenses. Its business’s in-box service is intended to be simple, swift, easy to handle, and, most importantly, affordable.

What services are offered?

EasyCo provides the subsequent services:

  • incorporating and registering a company in Guernsey, including registering the proposed directors’ memorandum, articles of incorporation, and certificate of incorporation;
  • Share Register/Director’s Register
  • Minutes of the Combined Company
  • Share certificates are issued.
  • Filing of audit and waiver of AGM exemption
  • Possible Advantages of a Limited Business
  • Safeguarding your individual possessions
  • Unending succession
  • Propriety
  • Planning for succession and estates
  • The simplicity of transferability in the event of a company sale

Concept Group Review: Bottom Line

Ultimately, Concept Group solves business difficulties through a variety of services, pioneering technology, and the know-how of local service and support—all while remaining loyal to their historical roots. Its reputation as a premier provider for all of the goals and aspirations of its clients has been established.

Concept prides itself on providing great satisfaction by offering advanced fiduciary and retirement solutions together with top-notch customer support.

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