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Copia Capital Management Review

Copia Capital Management was founded by Novia Financial Plc in 2013 to deliver excellence in investing for Novia customers and Advisers.

Copia Capital Management provides access to the knowledge of a Discretionary Fund Manager to Advisers who have already recognized the advantages of employing a contemporary investment platform like Novia in order to deliver an improved investment solution to our mutual customers.

Copia Capital Management has established the Asset Allocation criteria needed to suit the risk-adjusted investor demands. Advisers may access these portfolios for their customers through the Novia platform.

Explore how Copia Capital Management can support your offshore portfolio management needs.

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What Is Copia Capital Management?

Copia Capital is a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) that has been acknowledged for its outstanding performance and has been presented with a number of honors and awards for its achievements.

Their only mission is to collaborate with Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) to develop investment portfolios that excel at catering to the various requirements of customers throughout the whole range of risk and return options.

The firm separates itself from its competitors by adhering to the business idea that “There exists an improved method to accomplish this,” and by adopting an innovative strategy that defies the conventions that are currently prevalent in the industry.

They continue to benefit from this cognitive orientation since it’s consistently helpful for them.

Copia offers a varied variety of top-tier portfolio services within the industry, which makes it possible for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) to successfully manage the risks connected with their investing operations.

This is made possible by a well-established route that Copia provides. Working with Copia enables independent financial advisers (IFAs) to achieve positive customer outcomes since each investment option is backed by Copia’s data-based approach and technical competence. 

This gives IFAs the ability to better serve their clients. It is possible to compare it to having a personal financial adviser who is there to give direction and support all the way through the process of making investments.

The major emphasis is placed on the investigation of fresh and improved routes leading to successful and inventive investment. They have a propensity for deviating from the accepted standards and customs that have been established.

To guarantee their continued success, they place a high priority on developing strong personal relationships with all of their IFAs.

This suggests that the IFA is capable of considering the needs of all of their customers and selecting the funds that are the most suitable for them in terms of how well they correspond with their individual investment goals.

Copia is a corporation that focuses only on business-to-business (B2B) transactions as its primary line of business.

This specific organization, in contrast to other managers of discretionary funds, does not engage in direct transactions with individual retail investors, nor does it have any aspirations to do so in the foreseeable future.

The Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) community has been given the obligation of spreading information by the aforementioned party, which is responsible for its dissemination.

Copia Capital Management
An advisor talking to a client.

Numerous independent financial advisers manage their clients’ portfolios toward higher performance and investment success thanks to the skilled guidance offered by these experts. 

This paves the way for the advisors to attract more clients. Copia elevates the significance of the contributions made by Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) by capitalizing on the substantial experience that these advisors possess in Discretionary Fund Management and delivering an innovative and value-driven approach to collaborative work.

Since its founding in 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Novia Financial Plc, Copia has garnered much acclaim in the financial services sector for its work as a discretionary fund manager (DFM).

In 2021, the Citiwire Awards bestowed upon the company the “Best Value for Money” DFM distinction, and the business also competed and placed as a finalist in three more categories. 

This accomplishment is a reflection of the innovative and productive partnerships that they continue to foster with their customer base.

Copia is a business that is now being backed by Anacap Financial Partners and demonstrates stability as well as strong development while simultaneously witnessing a growing demand for the products and services that they provide.

They make it a point to continually work toward achieving similar levels of performance for each of their customers.

Copia Capital Management Portfolio Services

Copia provides a variety of services to people and companies in order to accommodate to their business goals.

These services include the freely accessible Copia MPS portfolios, the IFA-branded MPS Plus service that assists in client marketing, and the MPS Custom service that is customised to the client base of the person or company in question.

Copia is a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) service provider, and it is proud of its versatility in this capacity. In addition, people have the option of doing research on the behalf of advisers who are prepared to develop their own portfolios.

The establishment of a cooperative collaboration and the facilitation of the IFA’s performance at its highest possible level were the key motivations for the development of all of the services. 

Copia adds value to companies by lowering their exposure to risk and administrative constraints and easing their access to cost benefits that are equivalent to those enjoyed by notable institutional investors.

This is accomplished regardless of the specific needs of the firms Copia serves.

Managed Portfolio Service (MPS)

Investment portfolios that use either passive funds, active funds, or a mix of both types of funds to achieve better performance are referred to as multi-asset portfolios (MPS).

The major purpose of these types of portfolios is to achieve optimal levels of transparency, diversity, and risk management.

The Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) offered by Copia is comprised of a number of different portfolios that provide outstanding performance and are designed to meet the various investment needs of customers at every stage of their financial journey.

Copia MPS is positioned as an entry-level service; yet, it offers a strong feature set that is in no way simplistic, despite the fact that it is advertised as such.

The goal of these portfolios is to provide transparency, diversity, and risk management via the use of a combination of passive and active funds.

These portfolios are meant to appeal to advisors of all sizes and are often made of a mix of these two types of funds.

By deploying “white-labeled portfolios” that are backed by extensive marketing help and the expertise of Copia, an individual is able to build their own investment advisory firm under their own investment brand.

MPS Plus

The term “MPS Plus” refers to an expanded selection of value-added services that come at an extra cost.

Using the Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) portfolios as a starting point, this service is meant to make it easier for independent financial advisors (IFAs) to establish their own unique investment brand.

White-labeling is a term that refers to the process of giving each portfolio a distinct brand name that may be personalized via the MPS Plus range of products.

Additionally, the service offers continual marketing assistance, which includes branded content in addition to other services that are associated with marketing.

In addition to that, the package consists of quarterly meetings of the investment committee with the Copia fund management team.

MPS Custom

The specific and personalized investment objectives of customers were taken into consideration during the development of the MPS Custom investment solution, which was created in collaboration with Copia.

Copia provides a premium portfolio service which they refer to as MPS Custom. The aforementioned service creates individualized portfolios that are modified to cater to the specific requirements of the company’s clients.

When a customer makes use of Copia’s MPS Custom service, the two parties work together to determine the precise requirements for their portfolio. This process takes place during the first phase of the arrangement.

After that, Copia creates a bespoke investment plan for the customer, which it then monitors to ensure that it is in line with the client’s particular goals.

In addition to holding meetings on a quarterly basis of the investment committee, Copia offers support in the form of individualized marketing materials, communications on a regular basis, and efficient customer service.


The provision of individualized research help as well as advising services with the purpose of facilitating the creation of customized investment solutions.

people who want to autonomously manage their investment portfolios may take advantage of Copia’s individualized investment research service, which is intended to meet the unique criteria that these people have.

Over twenty advisory companies have been provided with efficient assistance in the process of developing their own investment solutions for particular client target markets.

Investment Process At Copia Capital Management 

Copia is proud to claim that it was an early adopter of many of today’s standard investing procedures.

The person’s past experience and their opinion that the returns on a portfolio are largely controlled by asset allocation rather than stock selection both have a role in influencing the investing choices that are ultimately made by the individual.

The service provider offers its Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) clients an amazing combination of customized customer relationships that are backed by first-rate technical resources.

Copia’s investment operations are founded on quantitative analysis, and its investment staff retain authoritative oversight and guidance throughout the whole of the investment process, all while delivering personalised management to customers during each step.

The investing strategy used by Copia is founded on a technique that adheres to a strictly scientific approach.

This strategy is supported by the utilization of a proprietary Risk Barometer that has been designed expressly for the aim of achieving this objective.

The use of a quantitative methodology ensures that choices about tactical asset allocation are always driven by objective criteria, which helps to mitigate the effect of management risk as well as behavioral biases.

The company has put its policies into practice by embracing the strategies that are widely acknowledged as being the most successful in the institutional investing industry all around the globe.

Copia gives IFAs of all sizes free access to world-class investing methodology, and it does so regardless of the size of their business.

3-Stage Investment Process

The investing strategy used by Copia is distinguished by its utilization of a three-stage methodology that demonstrates an exceptionally high degree of tenacity.

The portfolios adhere to a standard of uniform consistency while yet being adapted to meet the particular needs of each customers. The processes that they use are comprised of the following three key components:

Stage 1: Create portfolio goals with the end goal of satisfying customer requirements.

Stage 2: Put your attention on asset allocation to ensure that you are meeting and maintaining client goals.

Stage 3: Provision of more intelligent portfolio creation via the screening of funds

Because of the well-established nature of Copia’s professional network, the company has access to confidential share classes.

They are able to acquire entrance to lower-rate categories of investment fund shares as a result of this specific entitlement, and they are then able to pass these rate reductions on to the customers they serve.

The managers of the portfolios use an exhaustive quantitative screening technique to determine whether or not any given fund should be included in the portfolios, and they conduct periodic assessments as part of an ongoing evaluation procedure.

The examination of a number of different elements, including consistency, liquidity, total trading costs, and structure, are necessary in order to accomplish the goal of optimizing the performance of investments.

The institutional-level reporting that Copia provides has been developed to assure full transparency and strict conformity to FCA PROD standards, with the end goal of fostering the most effective governance practices possible.

In addition to the outcomes of quarterly Investment Committee meetings and reports, the client service reports include monthly market updates and factsheets on the holdings of the portfolio. The examination of performance and risk that goes into these reports is exhaustive.

Client-Driven Manager Research

The manager research approach that is used by Copia is intended to identify high-quality investment opportunities for the client portfolios that are being managed by the company.

This strategy is distinguished by its adaptability, which makes it possible to personalize applications in a manner that is congruent with the particular specifications of each individual customer.

The approach that is used in this study is based on the fundamental principles of investment analysis, looks to the future, and is backed by actual facts.

The use of quantitative analysis to provide results that are dependable and attractive is where Copia got its start, thus the company can claim a long and illustrious history because of this.

As a result of the inclusion of qualitative research in the technical study, the effectiveness of the former is increased, and the latter offers additional advantages to customers.

By thoroughly integrating research into their processes, the investment team guarantees that there is a solid connection between investment research, the client’s portfolio, and the client themselves.

As a result of the small size of the team, Copia is nimble and able to make the most of the opportunities presented by the broad network it has established with fund groups. This confers significant benefits on the company’s customers.

Copia is dedicated to upholding the highest possible standards of ethical behavior, therefore guaranteeing total independence and impartiality in the manner in which they choose funds to invest in.

Portfolio Range

According to the theory put forward by Copia, the expertise required to design an investment portfolio can be traced back to the basic science that serves as the foundation of asset selection.

The specialists adhere to a systematic approach while constructing portfolios for their customers, making use of the scientific investing frameworks that are used by the most skilled and successful investors throughout the globe.

How Copia Capital Management Balances Risk With Reward

Copia utilizes a rigorous asset allocation technique that is driven by their proprietary Risk Barometer.

This strategy is the major factor that determines the results of a portfolio, and it is one of the reasons why Copia is so successful.

This ensures that people are able to have an in-depth comprehension of the likely repercussions of market fluctuations and macroeconomic conditions in order to achieve a judicious balance between the risks that are involved with their investments and the possible benefits that they may receive.

The Copia portfolios are built using a combination of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), actively managed funds, and index funds, and they are supervised by professional management that makes use of quantitative techniques to control risk.

All customers are assured of receiving the highest possible level of transparency, as well as diversification and risk management.

Customized Portfolios To Meet The Specific Requirements Of Each Individual Client

The investment goals are susceptible to considerable changes based on the stage of the investing lifecycle that each client is in as well as the individual risk attitudes that each client has.

Copia Capital Management
A financial advisor talking to clients.

Copia offers its customers a wide variety of portfolios that may be customized to match their individual requirements in order to best serve their demands.

These portfolios are purposely constructed with certain goals in mind in order to cater to a broad range of needs, and this is done by taking into consideration a variety of factors.

Individuality may also be seen in the management methods that investors choose to put into action; this is analogous to the different qualities of each investment portfolio.

Because the requirements of every customer are different, it is necessary to take a very personalised approach.

Copia’s Select Accumulation

Copia’s Select Accumulation portfolio range is a collection of investment options that have been thoughtfully designed to accomplish both growth and preservation of money over a length of time that is often considered to be medium to long term.

Clients who have long-term investment horizons and who demand a diversified portfolio that includes holdings from a variety of asset classes and geographic areas have been taken into consideration throughout the process of designing the portfolios.

Why Choose Select Accumulation?

The Copia Select Accumulation series provides customers with access to a portfolio that is built and maintained according to the same concepts that are used by big institutional investors, therefore meeting the requirements that have been established by those clients.

The selection of the five portfolios that make up the range is intended to coincide with the risk-return preferences of customers, with a primary emphasis placed on investment horizons that are long-term in nature.

Investment Approach of Copia’s Select Accumulation

The systematic approach to investing that Copia has developed is used in every aspect of the company’s administration of its Select Accumulation Portfolios.

1. Establish Goals For The Portfolio

It is of the utmost importance to provide customers portfolios that are both highly efficient and well diversified.

Such portfolios should be able to promote both long-term growth and the maintenance of returns despite exposure to a wide range of risks associated with global equities.

2. Pay Attention To Your Asset Allocation

Provide strategically optimal asset allocations that are widely diversified across a wide range of asset classes and geographical areas.

The Risk Barometer acts as the primary motivator for the modifications in the tactical asset allocation.

When developing the strategic asset allocation for each portfolio, it is necessary to take into account the long-term risk-return expectations of each asset class in addition to the expectations for the portfolio as a whole.

The capital market assumptions used in the estimation of expectations came from the BlackRock Investment Institute. The Copia Risk Barometer is applied in the process of putting into practice tactical asset allocation adjustments.

3. Implement More Savvy Strategies For Portfolio Creation

To achieve diversity, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in investment portfolios, it is recommended to build such portfolios using ETFs and index-tracking funds that were properly picked.

Copia’s Select ESG

Copia’s Select ESG portfolio range is an investment option that has been meticulously designed to accomplish both capital growth and preservation over an investment horizon of three to ten years.

The portfolios in question have been customized to meet the unique requirements of customers who have long-term investment horizons and have a need for a diversified investment strategy that encompasses a wide range of asset classes and geographic locations.

The range is determined by making use of MSCI funds that are compatible with ESG standards. These funds are then screened according to their performance as well as their ESG profile and value-for-money characteristics.

Why Choose Select ESG?

Clients who want a multi-asset portfolio that is actively managed for risk and structured using stock and bond funds that comply with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria may take advantage of the Select ESG range that is provided by Copia.

This range is intended to meet the requirements of clients who have this kind of investment objective. The portfolio is well-balanced in terms of diversification, transparency, liquidity, and cost efficiency.

Investment Approach of Copia’s Select ESG

The Copia Select ESG portfolios have Copia’s investing approach applied to them so that they may get consistent management.

1. Determine The Goals For The Portfolio

It is of the utmost importance to offer customers with investment portfolios that are highly efficient, well-diversified, and capable of generating and protecting returns over long periods of time.

These portfolios should also take into consideration varied degrees of risk in regard to global stocks.

2. Pay Attention To The Asset Allocation

Provide strategically optimal asset allocations that are widely diversified across a wide range of asset classes and geographical areas.

When developing the strategic asset allocation for each portfolio, it is necessary to take into account the long-term risk-return expectations of each asset class in addition to the expectations for the portfolio as a whole.

In order to execute the calculation of expectations, the BlackRock Investment Institute’s capital market assumptions are used as a source.

The Copia Risk Barometer is applied for the purpose of putting into practice different strategies for tactical asset allocation.

3. Deliver A More Intelligent Approach To The Building Of Portfolios

Construct investment portfolios that are compliant with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards by using a combination of assets that fulfill ESG criteria. These portfolios should include diverse asset classes.

Copia’s Select Volatility

Copia’s Select Volatility portfolio range is a diversified investment option that aims to attain a predetermined amount of volatility while maintaining exposure to assets that have the ability to provide real returns.

This is accomplished via careful planning and execution. Within this portfolio range, the evaluation of customers’ requirements with respect to their capacity for loss is a vital issue, while the possible departure of the portfolio from its planned allocation, generally referred to as ‘drift,’ presents a substantial risk to the anticipated results for the clients.

Drift is a popular term. The Volatility portfolios have been developed especially for customers who have an investment horizon of three to five years and who place a high priority on the capacity for loss as well as the preservation of money.

Why Choose Select Volatility?

Investors have access to a portfolio via the Copia Select Volatility range that is developed and managed according to the same methods that are used by the most significant institutional investors throughout the world.

The selection of 10 portfolios from within the range is intended to match with the risk preferences of customers who are interested in investing for a period of time that spans between the short-term and the long-term.

Each portfolio’s asset allocation strategy is defined by a dynamic approach that is impacted by the expectations of the Quant Model.

This dynamic approach is what makes each portfolio unique. This strategy is enhanced to attain a certain overall degree of portfolio volatility, and it is designed with that end goal in mind. After that, the proprietary method that Copia has developed for analyzing ETFs is put to use in the construction of portfolios.

Investment Approach of Copia’s Select Volatility

The following is an explanation of the investing strategy that is used for the Select Volatility portfolios:

1. Set Volatility Targets

There are a total of 10 different portfolios that have been designed with the intention of conforming to a variety of volatility criteria.

Copia Capital Management
A financial advisor making a strategic plan for asset allocation.

2. Search For The Best ETFs

The Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) screener is used to determine the best ETFs that can provide the best potential returns across all asset classes.

3. Strategic Allocation Of Assets

When making adjustments to asset allocation, the Copia Risk Barometer takes into account short-term predicted returns, volatilities, and correlations that are produced from the Quant Model.

4. Optimized Portfolio Construction

The Select Volatility portfolios are constructed by making use of ETFs that have been submitted to screening and then having those ETFs’ parameters limited in a consistent manner.

Copia’s Select Preservation

The Select Preservation model portfolio by Copia is formulated to offer a comprehensive range of investments that can generate tangible returns while minimizing the potential negative effects of market downturns over a moderate to extended period.

The portfolio model is created by utilizing a combination of actively managed funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and index funds.

Why Choose Select Preservation?

The Select Preservation approach employs a dynamic allocation strategy that involves the utilization of four distinct investment approaches, each tailored to specific market conditions. 

This particular strategy could be deemed appropriate for individuals with a limited Capacity for Loss, who intend to maintain their capital in real value throughout the intermediate period.

Investment Approach Of Copia’s Select Preservation

The Select Preservation portfolio offered by Copia is designed to attain client objectives through the dynamic allocation of investments across four distinct approaches, each tailored to specific market conditions.

A tactical asset allocation overlay that is managed dynamically and guided by a systematic risk barometer has the capability to reduce the range of returns.

The present portfolio facilitates the mitigation of potential negative risk in volatile markets, while simultaneously preserving the possibility of attaining diversified tangible gains.

The Select Preservation portfolio offers diversification across various asset classes, investment strategies, and geographical locations.

Copia’s Select Decumulation

Clients who are nearing or in the retirement period of their investing lifecycle may benefit from Copia’s Select Decumulation Range, which is tailored to the needs of those investors seeking a purpose-built income portfolio as part of a wider retirement strategy.

Why Choose Select Decumulation

The Select Decumulation range from Copia is designed specifically for retirees, with the goal of delivering a stable income portfolio appropriate for their risk tolerance and predicted investment horizon.

The method of investing is based on the findings of institutional science on the best way to protect against the major threat to retirement funds known as “shortfall risk.”

Multiple variables, including as timing, length, interest rate, and price inflation, contribute to the potential for a shortfall. Designed to help savers make the most of their “pension freedom,” this selection takes a novel approach grounded on sound research to the issues of retirement planning.

Each portfolio has a unique asset allocation approach designed to reduce exposure to the most significant retirement risks while still generating a steady income stream throughout the life of the investment.

Portfolios are built utilizing low-cost ETFs and index funds that aim for a specified length in relation to the client’s investment horizon.

Investment Approach of Copia’s Select Decumulation

Clients who are interested in incorporating a drawdown portfolio into their overall retirement strategy might benefit from the Select Decumulation investing strategy. The Select Decumulation portfolios are built using exchange-traded funds and index funds for diversity, openness, and low costs.

1. Assumptions About The Stock Market

Taking into account varying rates of return and levels of risk associated with a wide variety of investment horizons and asset types.

2. Investment Portfolio Optimization

Asset allocation optimizations with a focus on duration, across five risk categories and four time horizons.

3. Building A Portfolio

Choose low-cost Decumulation portfolios constructed from exchange-traded funds and index funds.

4. Strategic Allocation

The Copia Risk Barometer directs real-time adjustments to asset allocation within narrow parameters.

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