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Crown Agents Bank Review

Established in 1749, Crown Agents Bank has a rich history dating back nearly 275 years.

Originally known as Crown Agents Financial Services Limited, the bank underwent a name change in 2005.

Interestingly, it was previously part of the international development agency Crown Agents Limited.

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In 2016, both Crown Agents Bank and Crown Agents Investment Management were acquired by Helios Investment Partners, marking a shift in ownership.

Banking in the UK

Banking in the UK

The UK, with over 67 million people, boasts a long and storied financial history. Despite industrial decline, London remains Europe’s top financial center.

The UK uses the Pound Sterling and opted out of the Euro. Brexit and recent events have impacted financial stability, but London still shines in finance.

The industry of banking in the UK comprises more than 300 banks with foreign banks leading in numbers and domestic giants dominating market share. Many offer retail, business, and private banking services.

Even major retailers like Tesco and M&S offer banking services, reflecting the UK’s historical reputation as a “nation of shopkeepers.”

These community-focused mutual organizations provide traditional retail banking services like current accounts, loans, and mortgages.

Online and mobile banking are widely used, with 72% of the population using online banking and 54% using mobile banking.

This is just a brief overview. The UK banking sector is extensive and offers a variety of options for individuals and businesses.

Crown Agents Bank Features

Crown Agents Bank Stats

Crown Agents Bank has 96% retention, revenue with 50% growth in 6 years, and profits of 50% margin.

They dominate FX (34bn volume), boast a diverse team (42% non-white, 37% female), and are growing fast (278 employees).

Crown Agents Bank Payments

Crown Agents Bank payments

Leveraging its extensive network, advanced technology, and industry expertise, CAB Payments facilitates the seamless flow of money across these challenging regions.

Serving as the holding company for Crown Agents Bank, the operational heart of the business, CAB Payments is a recognized leader in B2B cross-border payments and FX.

Crown Agents Bank Services

EMpower Payments

EMpower Payments is the name of FX services offered by Crown Agents Bank, which simplifies complex cross-border payments.

Connect to banks and mobile wallets in hard-to-reach markets, transact in 100+ currencies, and benefit from competitive rates and automation.

Save time with error-free transactions and real-time data.

Access experts, transparency, and 24/7 support through a single, API-enabled platform.

EMpower FX

EMpower FX
  • Access competitive real-time pricing across 550+ currency pairs, including hard-to-reach markets.
  • Execute instantly via web app or API.
  • Stay informed with live news feeds and personalize your trading experience.

All in a secure, user-friendly platform with dedicated support using EMpower FX offered by the Crown Agents Bank.

EMpower Pensions

EMpower Pensions is the pension services wing of Crown Agents Bank that simplifies international pension payroll.

You can secure your payments with biometric verification and gain real-time visibility into global settlements.

Eliminate delays with fully digitized solutions, prevent fraud through innovative ID checks, and enjoy comprehensive reporting for complete peace of mind.

White-label options cater to specific needs, while integrated facial recognition ensures a seamless experience for clients.

EMpower Connect

Manage both FX and cross-border payments across hundreds of currencies with a single, UK-regulated account from EMpower Connect.

Access a vast network of correspondents in over 100 markets, eliminating dollar dependency and simplifying correspondent banking.

Benefits of Empower Connect

Cost efficiency – Reduce infrastructure and transaction costs for both you and your clients.

Convenience – Enable clients to pay in the recipient’s local currency, avoiding unnecessary conversions.

Transparency – Gain real-time visibility into transactions and pricing.

Revenue potential – Introduce new FX and payment revenue streams.

Market reach – Access hundreds of currencies and expand your global presence.


Crown Agents offers a unique array of services, yet it may not be the best in the UK.

With due diligence, you may be able to find better alternatives for Crown Agents Bank.

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