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Glacier by Sanlam Review

Discover how Glacier by Sanlam can aid your cross-border financial planning, providing tailored investment solutions.

In this Glacier by Sanlam review, we’ll discuss the products, services, fees, and other important information pertaining to the investment platform.

The goal of Glacier by Sanlam, a platform for financial services, is to help people build and protect their wealth through a wide range of individualized investment solutions.

Glacier by Sanlam is a division of Sanlam, a financial services company traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Offering solutions tailored to investors’ risk profiles, Glacier by Sanlam simplifies offshore investment, walks clients through the investment process, and makes fund selection easier.

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This includes if you are looking for alternatives or a second opinion.

Always make sure that an investment provider is reputable.

Seeking guidance from a good financial advisor will come a long way in any investment decision. 

Glacier by Sanlam Services

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Glacier by Sanlam offers investing solutions that match financial goals, risk tolerance, and time frames. Clients can choose from local and global investments for capital preservation, income production, or appreciation.

Glacier helps clients prepare a retirement plan. This includes retirement savings techniques, income planning, and help setting life stage savings goals.

Glacier by Sanlam’s investment platform lets clients invest in stocks and manage their accounts.

Glacier provides top-tier investment solutions to help clients build and protect wealth.

Glacier works with recognized industry specialists and financial services firms to provide tailored financial advising services to help clients organize their assets.

Customizable Sanlam retirement annuity plans are offered with tax-saving benefits that let clients choose between local and offshore funds for efficient retirement savings.

Glacier by Sanlam Fees

  • Glacier administers your investment for an annual fee. If you add shares or wrap fund choices, fees may apply.
  • Fees for financial advice and services are decided upon between you and your financial intermediary. Any time, these fees can be renegotiated.
  • Sanlam investment management fees are also charged. The application form, investment confirmation, mandates, and fund information sheets list these fees.
  • Glacier by Sanlam’s financial services cost more due to VAT on applicable fees.
  • Managing the financial product involves transaction charges, which can affect investment returns. Financial product management requires these costs, which should be considered with other variables that may affect returns over time.
  • Repurchase of units from the investor pays for whatever advising fee you and your financial advisor agree on. This fee is part of Glacier’s financial services cost structure.
How to Open an Account with Glacier by Sanlam

How to Open an Account with Glacier by Sanlam

  1. Talk to a financial advisor about Glacier by Sanlam’s customized investments.
  2. After consulting with your financial counselor, choose investments that match your goals.
  3. Fill out a Glacier by Sanlam application with your investing preferences.
  4. Regulatory standards need verification of identity and address.
  5. Investment options determine whether you fund your account with a large amount or frequent contributions.
  6. After documentation and funding, Glacier by Sanlam activates your account and offers access.

Sanlam Investments

How to Invest in Glacier by Sanlam

After receiving lump sum or regular contributions, Glacier invests them in chosen investments with your financial planner. These investments grow with compound interest. There’s no minimum period, but investing for at least three years reduces market swings.

Switching investments to another company is penalty-free too. You can withdraw every month, quarter, half-year, or annually. The investment simply merges into your estate after death.

Glacier by Sanlam Investment Products

Glacier by Sanlam Investment Products
  • Investments in Unit Trusts
  • Tax-Free Investment Scheme
  • Fixed-term investments
  • Guaranteed investments
  • International investments
  • Glacier’s stockbroking service offers shares, ETFs, and other financial instruments.
  • Glacier Cash Option offers low-risk, cash-type investments like the Glacier Money Market Fund and select fixed income products without administration fees.

Glacier by Sanlam Minimum Investment

The required investment is at least 2,500 South African rand per month or 100,000 rand upfront. Top-ups should be a minimum of 15,000 rand.

Pros and Cons of Glacier by Sanlam

Advantages of Sanlam Investment

  • Multiple Investment Options
  • Personalized administrative services, such as accounting, tax certifications, and statements, offered by an efficient investment hub
  • Offers thorough examination of assets, conformity with regulations, and digital resources for easy access and efficient management of investments

Disadvantages of Sanlam Investment

  • Market volatility can cause rapid and unforeseen price swings, so investors should expect price variations.
  • Credit risk is expected with the investment platform since fixed-income securities issuers may default on interest payments or principal repayments.

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