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Halcyon Retreat Review

This Halcyon Retreat review will delve into the investment options being offered within the development to those interested in property investments.

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Before we explore the features and terms of the real estate investment, let’s first look into the background of Halcyon Retreat.

What is Halcyon Retreat?

The luxurious French resort Halcyon Retreat is perfect for golfers and spa goers thanks to its various services and facilities. It is a rising star among high-end family resorts and has become a prominent member of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, the biggest hotel chain in the world.

The luxurious French resort Halcyon Retreat is perfect for golfers and spa goers

Wyndham Hotels rebranded Halcyon Retreat as Wyndham Halcyon Golf and Spa Resort.

This collaboration marks Wyndham’s first resort in France, a country that attracts a lot of tourists, and it also gives them access to a huge worldwide booking audience.

Wyndham Halcyon Retreat Features

Halcyon Retreat features an 18-hole professional golf course, fine dining institution, top-tier spa facilities, and an impressive assortment of over 60 recreational activities.

The property is in a prime location, being only a short 10-minute drive from La Souterraine train station and less than 40 minutes from Limoges international airport.

The resort targets families and offers year-round activities to even out occupancy rates and boost profits for investors. It is expected to become a top spot for five-star vacations in Europe.

Halcyon Retreat Investment Options

Halcyon Retreat France, set on more than a million square meters of rural land, has apartments and suites that are available for purchase as either freehold or co-ownership.

These exquisite properties are undergoing restoration and refurbishment to provide ample space. These investment properties are fully managed.

Halcyon Retreat Investment Options

This investment opportunity is being marketed and sold by Halcyon Developments.  You will be dealing directly with the resort’s development business, which owns the land and assets outright, should you decide to make an investment at the Wyndham Halcyon Retreat.

Halcyon Retreat Investment Terms

Among the many benefits that investors stand to gain from this investment opportunity are 6% guaranteed returns, low entry points, deeded ownership, customizable usage options, and the security of a fully operated destination resort in conjunction with a well-known hotel chain.

Full ownership is offered for 206,000 euros to 1.149 million euros, while co-ownership choices for investment start at 19,000 euros and go up to 106,000 euros. Over a 10-year time frame, investors can expect gains of 6%. In addition, there is a two-week complimentary personal usage period for buyers of complete ownership.

Purchasers of the Halcyon Retreat-developed properties are granted the right to possess the properties in perpetuity under the freehold sales model.

The apartments come with a shared pool and either one or two bedrooms and baths. Even though they are still in the building process, the units have common areas like gardens and air conditioning and heating.

Pros and cons of investing in real estate

Pros and cons of investing in real estate

Advantages of real estate investment

  • Buildings and land are stable and secure tangible assets in real estate investments.
  • Property values rise over time, potentially boosting your investment.
  • Rental revenue from real estate provides a constant financial flow.
  • Investors can gain control of a larger asset with a very small initial investment as real estate provides leverage through mortgage finance.

Risks of real estate investing

  • Real estate investments are harder to sell than other asset classes.
  • Down payments, closing costs, and maintenance expenditures make buying real estate expensive.
  • Cyclical real estate markets affect property values and rental income.
  • Property owners lose rental income and face financial strain during vacancies.

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