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Houst UK Review

If you wish to rent out your property, you might have already encountered Houst UK, an international property management platform.

In this Houst UK review, we’ll inquire into the property manager’s background, what it offers, pricing and fees, as well as how to use its offerings.

Numerous advantages come with investing in rental property, such as consistent income flow, equity growth, tax breaks, portfolio development, diversity, control, and flexibility.

Do note that you should refrain from executing investment decisions just based on this review, as some information may not be current, even though we commit to periodically updating it.

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The UK rental housing market, for instance, continues to face elevated demand and limited supply. This can be a double-edged sword for real estate investing, so it won’t hurt to be cautious. Getting advice can be quite beneficial.  

Learn how Houst UK can support your international property investments, ensuring steady rental income and capital growth.

Houst UK Review: Company Background and Offerings

Houst UK logo

With the help of Houst, property owners may optimize their rental revenue and simplify their operations. This business, which made its debut in 2015, offers hosting and short-term rentals on Booking.com, Airbnb, and nine other platforms.

Houst offers a network of knowledgeable property managers that oversee daily operations, tenant selection, upkeep, and rental income collection for owners of real estate.

The firm operates in eight countries:

  • Ireland
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • UAE
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

It also has offices across 17 cities.

Houst UK Property Services

Houst manages more than 11,650 properties in its portfolio, bringing in over 230 million pounds in booking income.

They manage properties where damage is infrequent, yet owners are covered in case of an incidence. While Houst takes deposits for units advertised on all other platforms, Airbnb insures owners up to 1 million USD. Houst also does thorough security checks on every visitor as an extra precaution and only allows those with verified reviews.

The Airbnb management service offers comprehensive solutions for property owners. These include listing management, encompassing multi-platform listings, professional photography, listing creation, and price optimization.

Guest management services entail guest vetting, check-ins, provision of linen and toiletries, and guest communications.

Additionally, property management services cover cleaning and housekeeping, property maintenance, property insurance, and the utilization of property management software.

Houst UK Fees

Houst UK Fees

Its services are charged on a commission basis. The location and profile of the property are two examples of the variables that affect the commission rate.

For part-time hosts, the flexible plan entails an 18% commission on their rental revenue. Meanwhile, the professional plan, catering to landlords with one or more units leased for durations spanning 12 to 36 months, incurs a commission ranging from 12% to 15% of rental revenue. Furthermore, for landlords or investors managing multiple properties, discounted rates are offered to accommodate their portfolio needs.

How to use Houst UK property management service

  1. Clients find compatibility and talk about customized letting methods over the phone.
  2. Professional photographs, platform listings, and property onboarding are enabled upon consent.
  3. Check-ins, quality control, and visitor vetting are handled when the venue is prepared to host.
  4. Profits are automatically moved to the specified bank account via Houst’s streamlined dashboard.

Houst UK Partnership

After one to two months of joining, partners usually start earning money, with an average commission of 20% on each visitor reservation. Whether they are prospective property managers, seasoned property managers, or operating partners, Houst invites anybody who is either already running or looking to launch a short-let business.

Operating partners are individuals who want to start their business in any of the 21 markets that Houst now serves. This alternative means that Houst and the partner will receive revenue equally, with a smaller initial investment and less work.

Conversely, individuals seeking to make a name for themselves in uncharted territory—like Italy, Malta, or Indonesia—are the focus of founding partners. Through this arrangement, partners can expand their reach and enjoy exclusive market access.

Pros and cons of Houst

Pros and cons of Houst

Houst benefits

With the help of its alliances with businesses like GetGround and PropertyData, Houst is able to provide UK property investors better options that are more convenient, transparent, and potentially profitable. Houst guarantees hassle-free property management by taking care of daily operations, tenant evaluation, maintenance, and gathering rent. It does this by utilizing tech and a network of specialists.

Houst Negatives

Concerns with Houst’s communication, attentiveness, and response times to unfavorable Trustpilot reviews have been brought up by some of the negative reviews. Furthermore, a few users have mentioned problems with combined profiles, which might concern Houst’s customers.

Global Rental Property Market

The market for rental real estate has grown rapidly in recent years, with projections indicating that it will increase year over year to $2.807 trillion in 2024. Rising housing prices and an elevated need for construction projects are predicted to fuel this sector’s continued robust growth and to stimulate demand in this market.

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