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Huddle Capital Loan Notes Review

The issuer of this investment opportunity is UK-based Huddle Secured Debt Bond Limited, a provider of asset-backed finance and alternative financing solutions to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) clients in the UK.

Huddle Secured is a special purpose vehicle formed by UK specialist lender Huddle Capital Group Limited, its parent firm, to raise funds for lending to UK SMEs.       

If you are looking to invest as an expat or high-net-worth individual, which is what I specialize in, you can email me (advice@adamfayed.com) or WhatsApp (+44-7393-450-837).

We can sometimes offer enhanced returns and other benefits if you want to invest in this option, compared to many other providers, or introduce alternatives which might be better for your situation.

You are also welcome to contact me if you are an advisor or introducer looking to distribute Huddle or want to understand more about the terms. We co-operate with several people globally on alternative investments.

Huddle Fixed Rate Loan Notes Features and Terms

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Up to 5 million pounds’ worth of fixed-rate, four-year loan notes are up for grabs at Huddle Capital. Interest on these loan notes is payable semiannually on June 30 and December 31, with a total annual interest rate of 12%.

Interest accumulates daily. The initial investment will be returned within a 48-month repayment period. The principal objective of this loan note offering is to provide secured loans to SMEs in the UK.

The investment is available in US dollars, Euros, and British pounds.

Huddle Secured has pledged its real estate and other assets to Oppa Ltd., the trustee, as security for the loan notes. If the company defaults on its obligations, Oppa Ltd. can seize and sell the assets to recover the debt.

Who can invest in Huddle Capital loan notes?

Eligible investors for this offering are investment professionals, as well as certified high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

The deadline to apply is December 31, 2024, 9:00 AM.

What’s the minimum to invest in Huddle Capital loan notes?

minimum to invest in Huddle Capital loan notes

To take part in this scheme, investors need at least 10,000 pounds, with further top-ups available in 1,000 pounds.

Huddle Loan Notes Redemption

The Huddle notes can be sold or transferred by investors. But holders can’t ask for their money back. Early redemption may be considered at the sole discretion of Huddle Secured in exceptional circumstances.

The company also has the power to redeem all or part of the notes at any moment with written notice of one month. All principal and interest accumulated up to the redemption date will be repaid by Huddle Secured were this to occur.

Huddle Capital Loan Notes Tax

Interest payments paid to investors in the UK are subject to a 20% withholding tax by Huddle Secured Bond Ltd. Investors can end up with extra tax bills because interest is taxed in the country at the highest marginal rate.

Interest payments will be automatically deducted and sent to HMRC by the company in accordance with their standard operating procedure for paying basic rate tax.

Interest payments will still be made net of tax for investors who do not pay taxes, and a tax certificate will be given to the appropriate investor following every interest payment.

This isn’t a tax advice and the facts might have changed since we wrote the article.

Investors should obtain specialized tax advice because everyone’s tax status is different.

Pros and Cons of Huddle Capital Loan Notes

Pros and Cons of Huddle Capital Loan Notes

Advantages of loan notes

  • The loan notes provide a reliable source of income through the regular delivery of interest.
  • The addition of loan notes, which are fixed-income instruments, to a portfolio can increase diversity.
  • Compared to more traditional savings accounts or government bonds, loan notes typically have a higher return on investment.
  • Investors benefit from having a clear idea of the investment period because of its 4-year fixed length, which helps with long-term financial planning.

Disadvantages of loan notes

  • Default and capital loss are among the major risks that investors in unlisted corporate bonds or loan notes face.
  • A lack of a stock exchange listing for Huddle Capital Group ltd and its loan notes makes it difficult to sell or trade them, even if they are transferable.
  • Investors risk losing out on interest and/or principal repayments if the company is unable to make sufficient earnings to cover their loan obligations.
  • The capital invested in these loan notes is vulnerable to the risk of partial or complete loss because they are speculative.

Huddle Capital Loan Notes Review Final Thoughts

It is important to use caution when contemplating this investment option.

You should know that the investment’s security is there to keep you from losing money, but it won’t make your investments risk-free or ensure a profit.

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