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LGT Wealth Management Review

In this LGT Wealth Management review, we’ll tackle the following points:

  • What is LGT Wealth Management?
  • LGT Wealth Management Investments and Services
  • LGT Wealth Management Fees
  • LGT Wealth Management Performance
  • LGT Wealth Management Login and Registration
  • Pros and Cons of LGT Wealth Management UK

The firm provides affluent clientele and institutions with various investing services and strategies.

If you are looking to invest as an expat or high-net-worth individual, which is what I specialize in, you can email me (advice@adamfayed.com) or WhatsApp (+44-7393-450-837).

Take note not to make any investment because of this review alone; it makes sense to first seek guidance or advice.

LGT Wealth Management Review

What is LGT Wealth Management?

Established in 2008, LGT Wealth Management UK LLP is a partnership specializing in wealth management, wealth planning, and private investment office services.

The company serves financial advisors, private clients, nonprofits, and institutional clients.

What is LGT Wealth Management

The parent company of LGT Wealth, the LGT Group, is a global network of private banks and asset managers owned by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

More than 650 employees work at LGT Wealth Management’s offices located in various locations:

  • London
  • Jersey
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham

LGT Wealth acquired abrdn Capital, the UK wealth management business of global investment company and asset manager abrdn plc, in 202. The move was part of The LGT unit’s buildout in the country.

LGT Wealth Management Investments and Services

LGT Wealth Management minimum investment for strategies or funds stands at 500,000 British pounds onshore or a million pounds offshore. Segregated portfolios require a higher minimum at 1 million pounds onshore and 2 million pounds offshore.

Meanwhile, the minimum is lower at 250,000 pounds for some services accessible from independent financial advisors.

Alternative Investments

LGT Wealth Management provides clients looking for higher returns with access to alternative investment options.

These opportunities include:

-diversified assets that are not correlated with traditional markets

-investments with the potential to grow revenue up to 100%

-cost-effective investments that take advantage of UK tax breaks

-customized unlisted assets that are in line with specific financial objectives and timeframes.

Sustainable Investing

This type of investment at LGT Wealth Management is centered on building ethical portfolios that complement customers’ values and financial objectives.

Businesses with sustainable operations are given priority, and those with detrimental practices are excluded. Exclusionary criteria, integrating ESG assessments, and aiming for positive impacts in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals are all part of the investment process.

LGT enables investments that aim for profitability while also benefiting the environment and society through its Sustainable Portfolio Service.

Wealth Planning

LGT Wealth Planning

The company offers customized wealth planning services that are suited to each client’s needs. These services include prepping a retirement plan, pensions, inheritance tax, and educational expenses.

LGT Wealth’s independent financial planning is guaranteed by their counsel, which is free from internal product influence. It provides both UK-domiciled and non-resident customers with ongoing counsel and regular evaluations to ensure financial goals are met in a tax-compliant way.

International Finance Services

Customers living abroad, those with ties to the US, and offshore clients can all benefit from customized services offered by LGT Wealth Management. It provides services in key currencies for discretionary and advisory portfolio management as well as tax reporting across numerous locations and investment strategies that consider the impact of taxes.

Portfolio Management Services

LGT provides customized portfolio management solutions. It offers portfolios that allow for varying degrees of client involvement, including discretionary, advisory, and execution-only options. Personalized guidance, frequent contact, and tool-based risk management are all included in the service.

Private Office Services

A full range of family office services, including portfolio analytics, liquidity planning, legacy planning, and investment management, are offered by LGT’s Private Office. They help entrepreneurs and company owners with personal financial planning so that exit options are as effective as possible.

The business’ team provides clear guidance that is modified to meet the specific needs of each family.

Family Governance

High-net-worth families can manage their fortune over several generations with the assistance of family governance services from LGT. The services include setting up governance frameworks, organizing family gatherings, and drafting family constitutions.

The objective is to maintain wealth through appropriate management and communication, guarantee seamless succession planning, and harmonize family values.

What are LGT Wealth Management fees?

  • The company applies a management fee structure comprising a yearly rate of 1.00% on the first 500,000 pounds of invested assets, followed by a reduced rate of 0.75% on amounts exceeding 500,000 pounds.
  • Custody and execution services incur an annual fee equivalent to 0.25% of the total portfolio value.
  • Additional service charges include a yearly fee of 0.25% for wealth planning services.
  • For foreign exchange transactions, a fee structure applies based on trade value: 30 basis points (bps) for trades up to 250,000 pounds, and 8 bps for trades exceeding 250,000 pounds.

LGT Wealth Management Performance

LGT Wealth Management AUM hit 30 billion pounds as of Feb. 29, 2024.

With plenty of liquidity and high capitalization, LGT keeps up a solid balance sheet. The company said it routinely receives high creditworthiness ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. Its equity capital exceeds regulatory standards too.

Parent firm LGT Group’s total operating income jumped 11% year over year to 2.57 billion Swiss francs in 2023.

The growth-related increase in operational expenses had an impact on the group profit, which came to 375.3 million francs.

The amount of assets under management at the end of the year was the greatest in LGT Group’s history, rising by 10% to CHF 316.0 billion.

LGT Wealth Management Login

LGT Wealth Management Login and Registration

In order to sign up with LGT Wealth Management:

  1. Get the registration email; click the link to activate it.
  2. Fill out the registration page by entering your surname, date of birth, and personal code.
  3. In order to complete two-factor authentication, choose and input a phone number to get a one-time password.
  4. Establish login information by creating a distinct username and password.

Once registered, you can either use LGT Wealth Management login site or the separate portal designated to former abrdn Capital clients, whichever applies.

Just use your registered username and password to access your account.

Call their support team at +44 203 207 8222, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (GMT/BST), if you require assistance signing on.

Additionally, you can download the LGT Wealth app to your tablet or smartphone.

What are the pros and cons of LGT Wealth Management UK?

Portfolio valuations, which include cash statements and holdings, are available to clients 24/7.  Additionally, important papers like tax packets, contract notes, and value reports are always accessible.

You can message your investment manager securely and directly. Portfolios are customized by LGT Wealth Management using a tailored, client-focused methodology.

The company provides different investing options covering different asset classes.

LGT Wealth Management is legally required to put its clients’ best interests first in its capacity as a fiduciary.

However, strict minimum investment restrictions and a rather high investment floor are upheld.

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