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Montlake UCITS Platform Review

This post will review the Montlake UCITS Platform, including the ICAV in Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV structure.

Established in Ireland in 2010, the Montlake UCITS Platform provides investors with a meticulously regulated framework, ensuring liquidity, transparency, and security. Additionally, the platform delivers economic advantages through scale and favorable tax treatment.

As a flagship product for the Waystone Group, the Montlake UCITS Platform has become instrumental in managing assets exceeding $2 trillion.

Founded through the merger of DMS, Montlake, and MDO, Waystone Group emerged in March 2021 as a leading global governance and third-party management company.

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Please bear in mind to not invest based on this review alone; always execute due diligence and get appropriate financial advice before you proceed.

Montlake UCITS Platform Review

Montlake UCITS Platform logo

The Montlake UCITS platform presents fund managers and investors with an unbiased alternative for UCITS platform selection.

This structure provides flexibility for fund managers, serving as a comprehensive solution that fulfills all essential documentation and regulatory prerequisites.

Launching a sub-fund proves to be a cost-effective and expeditious pathway to market entry, eliminating the need for establishing a standalone structure.

Managers gain added advantages such as robust fiduciary oversight and active distribution, leveraging the esteemed ‘Montlake’ brand that enjoys widespread recognition among investors globally, both within and beyond Europe.

Investors, in turn, enjoy the perks of a regulated fund structure, a personalized client service approach, and adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance.

The Montlake UCITS platform stands as a versatile choice, ensuring a streamlined process for fund managers and a secure, well-governed investment environment for investors.

Montlake UCITS Platform for Managers

Montlake presents a solution for established fund managers seeking to initiate a UCITS format.

Offering a comprehensive turnkey solution, Montlake ensures the provision of all essential fund documentation while providing access to a range of high-quality service providers.

Leveraging its esteemed network, Montlake establishes robust relationships across diverse distribution channels, both within and beyond Europe.

This strategic approach contributes to building a substantial and enduring capital base, enhancing stability for fund managers.

Montlake UCITS Platform for Investors

Montlake provides investors with a meticulously regulated UCITS platform, ensuring confidence through liquidity, transparency, and oversight by European regulatory authorities.

The safeguarding of investor capital stands as Montlake’s top priority, emphasizing continuous due diligence and effective risk management within the platform.

As Montlake evolves, it aims to offer investors a diversified platform, strategically and geographically, showcasing top-tier managers worldwide who exemplify excellence in their respective fields.

Montlake UCITS Platform Transparency

The platform emphasizes transparency by providing detailed information about each Sub-Fund, including their investment strategies, objectives, and management teams.

This transparency is crucial for investors to make informed decisions.

Montlake UCITS Platform Performance Disclaimer

The platform is transparent about the nature of past performance, highlighting that it does not guarantee future results.

This aligns with industry standards and provides realistic expectations for investors.

Montlake UCITS Platform Fees Structure

The platform mentions the potential fees involved, including commissions, sales fees, performance fees, and management fees.

Clear disclosure of fees is essential for investors to understand the costs associated with their investments.

Investor Caution

The platform explicitly cautions investors about the need for careful consideration, especially when investing in certain Sub-Funds or using specific financial instruments.

This reflects a responsible approach to investor relations.

Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV Terms and Conditions

ICAV in Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV stands for Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle.

  • Waystone Investment Management (IE) Limited, situated at 35 Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4, D04 A4E0, Ireland, holds a license from the Central Bank of Ireland, allowing the provision of Investment Management services to Professional Clients, including Collective Investment Schemes.
  • Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV, established under the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles Act 2015, operates as an umbrella open-ended Irish collective asset-management vehicle with segregated liability between Funds.
  • It has received authorization from the Central Bank to function as a UCITS under the UCITS Regulations.
  • The role of the Manager for Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV is undertaken by Waystone Management Company (IE) Limited, a company regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • The content on this website primarily targets professional and institutional clients possessing the necessary experience, knowledge, and expertise to independently make investment decisions, and comprehend associated risks.
  • Information presented on this website is sourced from various outlets, and the company does not ensure its accuracy.
  • The provided information is intended for private use and discussion purposes only and expressed views and opinions may change.
  • Quoted Performance figures pertain to the past, and it’s emphasized that past performance doesn’t guarantee or reliably guide future performance.
  • The value of investments, including their income, can fluctuate, potentially resulting in a decrease from the originally invested sum.
  • Investments may be influenced by currency, interest rate, and market fluctuations, with the possibility that the investor may not recover the initially invested amount.
  • Investors are cautioned that allocating a substantial proportion of a portfolio to Sub-Funds investing in emerging markets may not be suitable for all.
  • Certain Sub-Funds may utilize Over-the-Counter and Exchange Traded derivative instruments for return enhancement, risk mitigation, or short selling.
  • However, transactions involving derivative instruments carry the risk of capital loss due to adverse changes in security prices, exchange rates, interest rates, or, in the case of OTC instruments, Counterparty default.
  • A commission or sales fee may be applicable during the initial investment purchase, reducing the invested amount.
  • The Investment Manager is entitled to receive both a performance fee and a management fee, calculated daily and paid quarterly by the sub-funds.
  • Taxation levels and bases are individual-specific and subject to change. Thus, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional tax advisor for personalized guidance.

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Sub-Funds of Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV

Sub-Funds of Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV

The sub-funds of Montlake UCITS Platform ICAV are listed below.

1OAK Multi Asset 80 UCITS Fund

Objective: Generate capital growth over the medium to long term through a diversified multi-asset portfolio.

ABR 75/25 Volatility UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by ABR Dynamic Funds, aims to utilize a 75/25 volatility strategy.

Advent Global Partners UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Advent Capital Management, seeks global opportunities with a focus on comprehensive consumer companies.

AlphaQuest UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by Quest Partners LLC, employs a research-driven alternative investment approach.

Alpstone Global Macro UCITS Fund

Objective: A discretionary global macro strategy capturing trading opportunities globally.

Chelodina UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Marble Bar Asset Management LLP, a long/short equity fund with multiple portfolio managers.

Chelverton Global Consumer Franchise Fund

Objective: Managed by a London-based team, focusing on consumer companies with superior expertise.

Collidr Adaptive Global Equity UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Collidr Asset Management Limited, designed to adapt to market changes.

Cooper Creek Partners North America Long Short Equity UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Cooper Creek Partners Management LLC, which specializes in long/short strategies.

Crabel Advanced Trend UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Crabel Capital Management LLC, which specializes in global alternative investments.

Descartes Alternative Credit UCITS Fund

Objective: A long-only, total return strategy offering access to senior secured corporate loans.

Disciplined Alpha U.S. Long Short UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by a Boston-based firm, focuses on building positive absolute returns through long/short equity investments.

DUNN WMA Institutional UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by DUNN Capital Management LLC, one of the longest-running Commodity Trading Advisors.

Invenomic US Equity Long/Short UCITS Fund

Objective: A diversified, all-cap US equity long/short strategy with a value bias.

Ironshield Credit Fund

Objective: Advised by Ironshield Capital Management, focusing on credit strategies.

Ironshield High Yield Alpha Fund

Objective: Advised by Ironshield Capital Management, specializing in high-yield alpha strategies.

Kayne Anderson Renewable Infrastructure UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, focusing on energy infrastructure.

MontLake Q. Brands Premiere Palm-Tree Alpha Equity UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by an experienced investment team, pursuing alpha equity strategies.

Montlake Volatility Arbitrage UCITS Fund

Objective: Utilizes a disciplined, active, and opportunistic investment approach in volatility arbitrage.

Mygale Event Driven UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by a London-based team, specializing in European-focused global event-driven strategies.

Nutshell Growth Fund

Objective: Managed by Nutshell Asset Management, aims for long-term superior growth through global investments.

Perspective American Absolute Alpha UCITS Fund

Objective: Strives to provide positive absolute returns through a long/short equity investment approach.

Perspective American Extended Alpha UCITS Fund

Objective: Information coming soon.

RoboCap UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by a London-based team, that specializes in robotics and automation investments.

Selwood ESG Credit UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by Selwood Asset Management France SAS, focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credit strategies.


Objective: Advised by Rothschild & Co Systematic Strategies team, employing a systematic strategies approach.

Sixteen02 Global Equities UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Trinity Street Asset Management, which focuses on global and international equities.

Virtuoso UCITS Fund

Objective: Advised by Virtuoso Advisory LTD, aims to provide human capital for managing investments.

Westbeck Energy Transition UCITS Fund

Objective: Managed by Westbeck Capital Management, focuses on absolute return strategies in the energy and energy transition sectors.

Montlake UCITS Platform Review Bottom Line

Based on the information provided, Montlake UCITS Platform appears to be a well-established and regulated investment platform offering a range of Sub-Funds under the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles Act.

The platform is managed by Waystone Investment Management (IE) Limited, a company licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Potential investors need to conduct further due diligence, considering their individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferences.

Additionally, reviewing the offering documents, and performance reports, and staying informed about market conditions is advisable before making investment decisions on the Montlake UCITS Platform.

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