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Qenta Inc Review 

Qenta is a company that specializes in the development of financial technologies, and it was established with the intention of digitizing assets and transactions on a worldwide scale.

The seamless, readily accessible, safe, and compliant platform that this institution provides as part of its financial ecosystem is an asset to the world’s people as well as to the businesses that it serves.

Currently, Qenta operates through three interconnected divisions: Qenta Payments, which recently introduced alternative banking and payment solutions; Qenta Digital Assets, which offers services related to the origin, monitoring, safekeeping of valuable metals; and Qenta Capital & Risk Management, which provides specialized products for hedging and margin financing in the realm of soft commodities and valuable metals.

Qenta is a company that was formed in the state of Delaware, although its primary place of business is in the city of Houston, in the state of Texas.

The firm has a worldwide presence with offices and operating facilities spread across 17 countries and employs a staff of more than 400 persons in total.

Financial regulators from the United States of America, Bermuda, Brazil, Dubai, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland keep an eye on the platform to ensure it adheres to regulatory norms and maintains an exceptionally high degree of security.

The mission of Qenta is to create global financial ecosystems that are both borderless and democratized, with the end goal of increasing the availability of financial goods and services while simultaneously reducing the amount of friction that exists in these ecosystems.

This program is intended to be of use, on a worldwide scale, to both private enterprises and individual people.

Learn how Qenta Inc can fit into your international financial services needs.

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What Is Qenta?

With the release of digitized Responsible GoldTM in 2021, QENTA made its first step into the industry of precious metals and began to establish its presence there.

This was a major change for the corporation, which had previously put a big focus on this area. Previously, the company had placed a great emphasis on this industry.

The novel method that QENTA takes to integrate Shariah compliance with environmental, social, and governance requirements has garnered the company widespread praise for its forward-thinking character.

By using these ideas in an efficient manner, QENTA has been able to accomplish success in the process of modernizing the gold functioning.

Starlord - Qenta
The power of AI in securing your assets.

As a direct consequence of this, gold has experienced a profound transition, emerging as a highly effective way of storing value and obtaining practical function as a medium of exchange within the age of digital money.

QENTA operates through three interconnected divisions: QENTA Payments, which has recently introduced banking as a service and payment applications; QENTA Digital Assets, which provides services for the verification, secure storage, and monitoring of precious metals; and QENTA Capital & Risk Management, which offers specialized risk management products and margin financing for soft commodities and precious metals.

The goal of QENTA is to accomplish the digitalization of global assets and transactions while simultaneously developing safe and compliant financial ecosystems that make it possible for responsible people and businesses to communicate in a smooth manner.

The company is ecstatic to share the news that a copy of their Responsible GoldTM product will be presented to the public at the much-anticipated debut of the QENTA Marketplace.

The product that is being offered would include a variety of assets, including carbon offsets, physical commodities, and fiat currencies, all of which will be safely held in multi-asset wallets. 

To support the continuous development of their Payments and Capital & Risk Management service offerings on a worldwide scale, they are pursuing both organic growth and strategic acquisitions within the fintech industry via a combination of both of these approaches.

The carrying out of this expansion is now being accomplished by putting both procedures into action.

Qenta Digital Assets

Responsible Gold Standards

In order to enable the manufacture of responsible gold that satisfies the requirements for being responsible, the Responsible Gold Standards were developed and implemented as the structural principles for the supply chain.

Within the supply chain, controls act as a protective mechanism to limit the risks connected with money laundering, funding of armed conflict, and a variety of other environmental, social, and labor problems.

The guarantee of the supply chain’s integrity is accomplished by the implementation of a number of different methods, such as the conducting of independent audits of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies; constant monitoring of sanctions and media actions; and real-time analysis of blockchain data.

Miners connected with the World Gold Council and refiners accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) who adhere to environmental, social, and governance standards are in conformity with the requirements set out by independent audits. ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance standards.

The Sustainability Toolkit is used by several supply chain partners as a method to improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

The Toolkit is comprised of a compilation of ESG best practices that have been supported by prominent organizations in the mining, refining, and jewelry industries, in addition to the OECD.

The software package that is made available to partners in the supply chain has a number of different components, such as the ESG Control Cards, the Compliance Monitoring Tool, document designs for policies, and due diligence reports.

Gold Provenance

Gold Provenance is a solution that is both very dependable and technologically innovative. It provides full automation as well as superior security features, all of which are designed to increase supply chain transparency.

The Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application is used for the goal of monitoring and recording the movement of doré, beginning with its extraction at the mine and continuing with its transformation into completed gold goods, which are then kept in a vault or processed by a fabricator.

This process begins with the extraction of the doré at the mine and ends with the transformation of the doré into finished gold products.

The blockchain technology offers a framework for assuring the immutability of records, which means that once the data are placed into the blockchain, they become resistant to any adjustments or modifications that may be made to them in the future.

As a result of the unarguable veracity of the underlying data, the records kept by the Responsible Gold Supply Chain Application cannot be contested.

The application for the Responsible Gold Supply Chain uses a kind of technology known as cryptography. This method, in contrast to QR codes, pictures, or data transfers, effectively mitigates the possibility for record tampering or duplication.

The process of matching up physical assets with the digital data that corresponds to those assets is accomplished via the use of cryptoseals.

Cryptoseals are microchips that are intended to be unchangeable and only used once. This makes it possible to completely automate the process of data entry.

When a custody transfer occurs, a mobile application is used to do the scanning of cryptoseals in order to verify the authenticity of the documents.

This displays the close closeness between entities and facilitates the smooth and quick entry of data into the blockchain. Additionally, this indicates the close proximity between entities.

Bar Security

Gold has been proven to be susceptible to fraudulent activities by well-publicized cases involving gold bars that hold counterfeit LBMA good delivery stamps or are loaded with tungsten.

These occurrences have shown that gold may be used in fraudulent schemes.

The GOLDID system provides a method for verifying and authorizing big bars and kilobars of precious metal.

In order to establish a unique identifier for gold bars, artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, and algorithms that use optical character recognition (OCR) are used to investigate surface markings and texture patterns.

The distributed ledger technology known as blockchain is employed to safely store cryptographic keys that are used to represent bar identities. The general public has unrestricted access to all of these materials at all times.

Access to GoldID may be gained using a portable device, which makes it possible to register and authenticate several bars all at once.

Currently, GoldID is undergoing testing in the beta phase. 

G-Coin Digitized Gold

The people who are responsible for creating G-Coin are of the opinion that gold has considerable qualities that make it an excellent wealth-protection asset.

As a consequence of this, they have committed themselves to the mission of increasing the longevity and inclusiveness of gold, with the end goal of making it accessible to a greater variety of people.

Digitalization of gold assets.

G-Coin® makes it possible to incorporate gold into the digital sphere, hence expanding the use cases in which gold can be used and encouraging fresh possibilities for greater financial inclusion.

G-Coin® is a digital representation of a physical asset, in contrast to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

The intrinsic properties of conventional gold, notably consistency, safety, and faith in its worth, have been successfully combined with the benefits resulting from innovations in digital money, and the result is a hybrid asset that combines the best of both worlds.

Because of this, people now have the ability to send and receive value via the convenience of their mobile devices in a manner that is rapid, secure, and does not result in any costs being incurred.

They provide the highest possible levels of assurance in terms of both the management of supply chains and the integrity of ecosystems.

The firm uses blockchain technology, which allows the monitoring and tracking of gold that has been obtained in a conflict-free and responsible way, beginning with its extraction at the mine and continuing through its storage in a safe vault.

This process begins when the gold is first mined and continues until the gold is finally stored. 

Throughout the whole procedure of gold manufacture and sourcing, the partners in the gold supply chain have shown that they have a strong commitment to keeping the highest possible ethical and environmental standards. Respected entities routinely carry out inspections of their own ecosystems.

They want to make it easier for people all around the world to start using Responsible GoldTM and G-Coin®, which is their primary goal.

Together, the Responsible GoldTM Supply Chain Application and G-Coin®, which are both supported by their respective blockchain platforms, provide assurances regarding the provenance of gold, address the challenges of compliance and price fluctuations that impede the widespread adoption of wholesale digital assets, and create opportunities to improve the availability and liquidity of gold as a medium of exchange in day-to-day transactions.

Qenta Digital Risk And Management

The hEDGEpoint Global Markets

The fundamental goal of hEDGEpoint Global Markets is to help their customers in successfully changing financial hazards into beneficial possibilities.

This is accomplished via the strategic anticipation of market fluctuations and the prompt reaction to changes in the market.

The business offers cutting-edge solutions that are created to hedge against and reduce the volatility risks that are linked with agricultural and energy commodities on a worldwide scale. These solutions are generated via the use of rigorous analysis and research based on market information.

hEDGEpoint is able to make links between the individual needs of each industry and the larger context of the world as a whole since they have operations on five different continents.

In addition, the activities that they carry out help to the democratization of risk management by making it easier for anyone to have access to it. Incorporating aspects of innovation, technological advancement, and market insights are essential components of the process of carrying out hedging plans.

This strategy places a high priority on the interests of the customers and is essential to the accomplishment of their overall goals.

On its platform, hEDGEpoint works with a complete variety of over 60 unique commodities, a broad array of currencies in the foreign exchange market, and an enormous selection of more than 450 hedging products.

In its whole, hEDGEpoint collaborates with more than 450 different hedging products. The whole of the system has been developed with a significant focus on technological components, with the intention of providing users with the best possible experiences across all phases of system operation.

hEDGEpoint Global Markets is able to maintain its financial support and stability thanks to the contributions made by two notable groups of investors.

hEDGEpoint is committed to the idea of developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with both its business partners and its clients, with an eye toward the future. 

Because of this, the company has developed a unique value offer within the industry of commodities and foreign currency risk management.

Through the combination of high-touch customer care and a platform powered by technology, hEDGEpoint is able to give great service to each and every client.

Business Model

The company works together with a team that is geographically dispersed all over the world, overcoming geographic barriers in the process and making a meaningful contribution to the stakeholders it interacts with.

hEDGEpoint’s mission is to provide superior customer service to a diverse group of participants in the commodities markets.

These participants include huge corporations, as well as small and large cooperatives, traders, and individual producers.

The delivery of risk management solutions that improve the safety, expansion, and long-term viability of their clients’ enterprises is their key goal.

They provide expanded accessibility to essential materials such as Market Intelligence reports, price calculators, and particular statements, among other things, by way of their digital platform, which they have developed themselves.

Education, which is provided by the firm via the hEDGEpoint Academy, is another method through which the business helps to assist its clients and business partners.

This online platform provides both theoretical and hands-on training, making it possible for businesses to educate huge numbers of employees at once.

As a direct result of this, businesses have a better chance of increasing their confidence in the efficacy of the risk management plan they use.

Team Of Experts

The team at hEDGEpoint Global Markets is made up of people from all over the world and they all have experience working in the area of international business.

The group not only boasts a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to the markets in which they operate, but they have also become proficient in the use of the most efficient financial protection measures in order to provide full support to the agricultural and energy sectors.

Globally Present

The most important commodities trading exchanges in the world are situated in close proximity to hEDGEpoint Global Markets, making this a prime location for the company.

The team also includes the insights of persons who are knowledgeable with the market dynamics and cultural subtleties of important agricultural areas located all over the world in order to maximize the level of pleasure that may be provided to customers.

These bases have been placed in a strategic manner so that they may give coverage on every continent.

Involvement in the activities of the commodities market necessitates participation in the international arena and necessitates the conducting of an exhaustive investigation into each stage of the distribution chain.

Qenta Payments

Since the company’s founding more than twenty years ago, QENTA Payment has been offering its clientele cutting-edge solutions for the processing of cashless payments.

In addition, the company has been aiding its clients in the development of individualized international payment plans that are in line with their various distribution channels.

In addition, QENTA Payment is continuously involved in the development of continuing innovations in order to meet the requirements of its clients and to provide assistance to those clients at every step of the development of their businesses. Because the firm tailors the solutions it offers to the particular needs of each individual client, the effects of the company’s work are significantly amplified as a consequence.

Customers have access to the increasing knowledge of QENTA Payment, in addition to the company’s expanding product offering.

QCall Checkout Terminal

During the process of placing an order over the phone, the data pertaining to a customer’s payment may be promptly processed thanks to the QCALL Chekcout Terminal. A quick rundown of all the advantages:

  • There is no need to install any software, and the whole platform is web-based;
  • Usernames and passwords are required in order to get access;
  • Real-time validation of sensitive payment information;
  • Flexible use, recurring payments are allowed (e.g. for subcriptions);
  • Multiple access possibilities available;
  • PCI-DSS-SAQ-C/VT Certification is required.

When consumers have finished placing their purchases over the phone, they then supply their payment information, which may then be logged immediately in the web-based, password-protected CheckoutTerminal interface.

This information may include credit card information or bank credentials for SEPA direct debits. During the time that the client is on the line with you, you will get instant confirmation that the payment has been completed.

This will allow you to fix any wrong information or typographical errors that may have occurred.

This makes the processing of all incoming payment data simple and provides instant feedback on whether or not it was successful.

It is also possible to instantly process payments for orders that were sent through fax or post in order to finish processing the orders. Virtual Terminal is compatible with all web browsers and does not need any software installation.

The following forms of payment are supported by the QCALL Checkout Terminal:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • SEPA-direct debit

QPay Checkout Page

Because of its streamlined integration, stringent security measures, and user-friendly simplicity, the QPay Checkout Page is a payment page that comes highly recommended for usage in online stores.

You and your clients may be certain that every single one of their payments is being meticulously handled in real time.

The QPay Checkout Page is built to comply with the regulations established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) in order to guarantee the safety of the processing of cashless payments.

In addition to this, it enables a degree of aesthetic customization so that it may be adapted to the layout of your retail establishment.

The QPay Checkout Page is a flexible payment page that can be readily modified to meet the particular needs of both your company and your online shop. There are several positive aspects to this:

  • The establishment, for the purposes of electronic commerce, of a payment page that satisfies the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • The numerous forms of payment that are used often.
  • The use of the security protocol known as 3D Secure, which is often referred to as Three-Domain Secure, is intended to bolster the safety of financial dealings conducted over the internet using credit cards. There are a total of 26 distinct languages that may be used to access the product.
  • The configuration that is exclusive to dealers
  • The term “integrated risk management” refers to the holistic strategy that companies adopt in order to detect, evaluate, and mitigate the myriad of risks that might have an effect on their business operations.
  • Connecting to shop systems and making use of payment plugins may be accomplished in a number of different ways.
  • The provision of interfaces to financial service providers that are employed extensively across the sector as a whole.

Qenta has compiled a detailed payment guide as a resource for persons who are new to the domain of electronic commerce and are looking for basic information about the construction of a checkout process inside an online retail platform.

This guide is intended to help individuals who are new to the world of electronic commerce. This book provides a wealth of background information and outlines the significant landmarks in a logical order for the reader’s convenience.

The QPay Checkout Page is remarkable for its vast functionality and complete variety of services, both of which fit with the standards of PCI compliance.

The incorporation of payment systems is made simpler with the use of payment plugins or linkages to well-known store management systems.

There are a total of 26 distinct language options available for use on the QPay Checkout Page. Create the QPay Checkout Page payment page in such a way that it conforms to the visual aesthetics and general design aspects of your online store.

The QPay Checkout Page provides companies with the capability to personalize their payment procedures so that they better meet the needs of their particular business model.

The QPay Checkout Page offers supplemental capabilities, such as the capability to make instant reservations inside the credit card area or, as an alternative, the choice to differentiate between authorization and direct debit.

Both of these choices are available to users. These activities may be brought about either automatically, as in the case of triggers for the daily closure, or manually, as in the case of controls.

There are a few different procedure alternatives that may be used, such as the processing of recurring subscriptions or numerous debits to an authorisation in the event that partial deliveries are carried out.

The QPC provides users the opportunity to view and monitor data and processes pertaining to transactional activities.

In addition to this, it enables the beginning of manual procedures such as the canceling, debiting, or crediting of transactions.

It is possible to combine the QPay Checkout Page with other QENTA interfaces, such as those used for backend procedures. This functionality is available to users.

QMore Checkout Seamless

QMore Checkout Seamless denotes a straightforward and adaptable connection for your web shop.

Benefits of QMore Checkout Seamless include the following:

  • The procedure requires for the immediate entry of payment information into the online shop.
  • It is feasible to include input fields into forms that were already in existence.
  • The compliance standards outlined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are not something that must be met by merchants.
  • The concept involves the establishment of a uniform interface that would be able to handle numerous payment methods.
  • Both the procedure of entering card info and gaining authorisation may take place at any time that is convenient for the customer.

It is common for payment sites that conform to PCI compliance rules to need the use of iFrames for embedding, which in turn requires the usage of redirects.

Women making online purchases.

As a result of this, it is possible that adjustments may need to be made to the layout of the online store, which may result in a drop in the percentage of visitors who make a purchase.

The introduction of More Checkout Seamless has the ability to alleviate the problems that have been described above. Access to the QENTA payment platform is made available to merchants that engage in e-commerce via QENTA.

However, the existence of this platform is kept a secret from the consumers who shop at these stores. The transmission and storage of sensitive data are both completely outsourced by merchants.

This ensures that the data is never passed on to the merchant at any stage throughout the course of the payment process. QMore The Seamless platform makes it possible to take all payment methods provided by the QENTA portfolio.

At the same time, it guarantees that the payment page complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Due to the fact that it adheres to PCI compliance rules and maintains constant conversion rates, Seamless Checkout provides businesses with a broad variety of benefits, one of which is cost efficiency. 

Q-Payment Center

The QPC is an essential component of each and every one of the QENTA Payment CEE systems. The Quick Payment Center (QPC) is an interface for accounting that enables you to handle all of your payment transactions, including authorizations, cancellations, credits, and so on.

Advantages of Q-Payment Center:

  • An administrative user interface for handling payments (including approvals, cancellations, credits, and so on) through the web.
  • There is no need to install any software, and everything is done over the web.
  • Access is only granted after entering a valid username and password.
  • Large variety of possible setups for the automation system
  • Get access to the data for the tests.

QFile Checkout Automated

Applications that do not need real-time responsiveness, such as catalog orders, recurring payments, subscriptions, and accounting interfaces, are a great fit for the use of QFile Checkout Automated since it is especially well-suited to those kinds of applications.

Distinguishing features of QFile Checkout Automated:

  • There is no need for the installation of software or for the creation of a website.
  • Utilization that is adaptable to changing circumstances Ideal for regular payment arrangements
  • The use of a user name and password to log into the system provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.
  • PCI certification and an SSL certificate for the web server are both essential components of a secure online presence.

Users of the QFile Checkout Automated system have the ability to generate a table that includes relevant order and credit card information, often via the use of software such as Microsoft Excel.

The aforementioned table may afterwards be uploaded to the automated online interface provided by Checkout, which does not need the use of a particular web browser in order to function properly and ease the handling of financial transactions.

The data relating to the payments go through an automated processing procedure known as batch processing. After the processing of the payment has been finished, a response file that contains the result will be made available for downloading.

In addition to the usage of payments made via the use of credit card payments, it is also possible to make payments through the utilization of payments made through the utilization of direct debit.

QTill Checkout Enterprise

The QTill Checkout Enterprise is a flexible server-to-server solution that enables the processing of transactions originating from a variety of different sources. These sources include websites, phone centers, and the processing of lists. The administrative interface presents the transactions for further processing once they have been read.

Important features of QTill Checkout Enterprise:

  • The ideal strategy for dealing with complex requirements
  • Processes that can be automated are applicable everywhere, such as those that are associated with the internet, contact centers, and the processing of lists. Promotion of the usage of a variety of payment methods that are used often by a large number of people
  • PCI certification is required, in addition to obtaining an SSL certificate for your web server.

The QTill Checkout Enterprise platform makes it possible to integrate offline and online retail platforms, inventory management systems, customer complaint resolution solutions, accounting software, and other external systems in a streamlined manner.

The QTill Checkout Enterprise program has the power to both execute transactions in the background and support real-time payments.

It does this by conducting transactions using pre-existing payment data that is kept in your database. In addition, the software can work in real time.

As a direct consequence of the Checkout Enterprise software being installed on the server, it is now able to communicate with the central QENTA Payment CEE payment platform via the use of its own bespoke encryption technique.

The method of making a payment may be personalized, which enables greater conformity with specific needs of each individual. In addition, it is possible to vocally access unformatted payment information, which grants a higher degree of influence over the activities taken by the user.

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