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QNB Wealth Management Review

The excellent QNB Wealth Management services made the QNB Group to be recognized as the leading Private Bank and Wealth Manager in Qatar.

As Qatar’s first ever private bank, QNB Private has the enviable position of being the country’s most prestigious financial institution. Over the course of time, it has earned a reputation as a trustworthy financial ally for those who place a high priority on having a tailored and private banking experience.

The accolades that QNB Private Banking has been given are proof of how well their products connect with the nature of their investment company and the wealth that they have accumulated.

These honors are a tribute to the important position that QNB has in the banking industry. This position is distinguished by the company’s substantial financial health, excellent ratings, and extensive array of services and investment products.

Additionally, it emphasizes the bank’s dedication to preserving its position as the top provider in Private Banking in order to efficiently serve the changing and diversified needs of its increasing clientele. This is necessary in order for the bank to continue growing its customer base.

This observation also highlights the Group’s attention on the production of innovative financial solutions, as well as the usage of mobile and internet banking platforms, which are especially customized to cater to the needs of wealthy people all over the world.

Explore how QNB Wealth Management can enhance your offshore wealth management strategy.

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What Is QNB?

Since its founding in 1964, QNB Group has enjoyed continuous expansion, which has enabled it to establish itself as the leading financial institution in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) area.

The company reported a net profit of QAR3.9 billion (USD1.1 billion) for the three-month period that ended on March 31, 2023. This figure represents a gain of 7% in comparison to the net profit reported for the same period in the previous year.

The operating income of the group had a considerable increase of 20%, reaching a total of QAR9.3 billion (US$2.6 billion).

This gain may be credited to the Group’s ongoing efforts in maintaining growth across diverse income sources, especially in the face of turbulence in global markets. These efforts have been going on for some time now.

The total assets as of March 31, 2023 amounted to QAR1,178 billion, which is equivalent to USD324 billion.

QNB Wealth Management
A wealth manager and a client.

This represents a rise of 6% when compared to the number for the same day in the previous year, which was March 31, 2022. The ratio of loans to deposits has reached 97.9% as of the 31st day of March in 2023.

In the year 2016, the QNB Group was able to successfully complete the acquisition of a 99.88% ownership stake in Finansbank A., which is a financial institution that is situated in Turkey.

As a result of the purchase, Finansbank A. is now known by its new name, QNB Finansbank, and it is now ranked as the fifth biggest privately held universal bank in the world.

In the year 2013, the Group successfully completed the purchase of QNB ALAHLI (QNBAA), the second biggest private bank in Egypt, with an ownership share that had already been established at 95.00%.

Through the acquisition of ownership interests in a number of different financial institutions, the Group has broadened its footprint across a variety of geographical areas.

Among them is a twenty percent holding in Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, often known as Ecobank, which is a prestigious pan-African financial institution with headquarters in Togo.

In addition, the Group completed the acquisition of a share equal to 38.6% in the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance (HBTF), which has its headquarters in Jordan.

Additionally, the Group was successful in acquiring a forty percent ownership stake in Commercial Bank International (CBI), which has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In addition, the Group completed the purchase of a 99.99% holding in QNB Tunisia, a 54% ownership position in Al-Mansour Investment Bank in Iraq, and a 20% investment in the Al Jazeera Finance Company in Doha.

The QNB Group has a strong majority ownership of 92% in QNB Indonesia and a majority ownership of 51% in QNB-Syria, both of which are considered to be majority holdings.

The Group’s strategic goal is to establish itself as a significant financial institution in the areas of the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The growth of the network is connected with this purpose, and it is in line with the Group’s strategic target.

In addition, the Bank is now engaged in a strategic expansion of its presence in areas that are intensely competitive, such as Hong Kong, where the Group has just established its first branch.

In 2015, the Group started doing business in Vietnam, and in 2017, it opened up additional locations in both Saudi Arabia and India.

Through its subsidiaries and affiliate firms, the QNB Group is able to provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge goods and services to customers in a growing number of international locations spanning three continents and a total of 28 countries.

There are 900 separate sites where the organization’s staff of 29,000 people is located. The workforce is dispersed around the country. In addition to that, the company is responsible for the upkeep of a network that includes approximately 4,800 automated teller machines (ATMs).

Standard & Poor’s (A+), Moody’s (Aa3), and Fitch (A) are three of the most prestigious credit rating agencies in the world, and all three of them recognize QNB Group as one of the highest-rated banks in the world.

QNB Group has maintained its reputation as the most well regarded bank in Qatar on a constant basis, and it has also received recognition as one of the top-rated banks internationally.

In addition, the bank has been recognized with a plethora of honors from well-known worldwide financial periodicals that concentrate on this particular industry.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, QNB Capital, the Group is able to provide a wide variety of investment banking services to corporate, governmental, and institutional customers in Qatar as well as those located in other countries.

Within the GCC area, QNB Capital is home to a corporate finance team that is famous for its extensive transactional skills as well as its thorough consulting services.

This team boasts a high level of proficiency. These services include a broad variety of topics, including mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital markets, and project finance advice services.

Additionally, the Group offers brokerage services via its wholly owned subsidiary, QNB Financial Services (QNB FS). QNB FS was the first brokerage business in Qatar to be independently regulated and registered, and it was created by a financial institution.

Users are granted access to a wide variety of marketplaces by virtue of QNB FS’s provision of a complete trading platform that is capable of facilitating transactions involving more than one market and more than one currency.

The QNB Group has established a comprehensive community support program, which comprises sponsoring a wide variety of social, educational, and athletic activities both within the local community and throughout the nations in which it conducts its business.

These sponsorships can be found both in the countries in which it conducts its operations as well as in the communities in which it operates.

As the Official Supporter of the FIFA World CupTM for the Middle East and Africa, QNB Group has a presence in over 31 countries across three continents, thanks to the subsidiaries and associate firms it owns and controls. Because it has access to such a vast network, QNB Group is able to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge goods and services.

The firm has a staff of 27,000 people, who are all stationed in one of the thousand distinct sites throughout the world. A network of approximately 4,500 automated teller machines (ATMs) is also maintained by the company.

History Of QNB

Since its founding in 1964, the Qatar National Bank (QNB), which was formerly known as Qatar National Bank until its rebranding in 2004, has undergone a number of important transformations.

Despite this, the organization has maintained its commitment to its fundamental principles, with a particular focus on adopting a prominent role in enabling Qatar’s growth and advancement.

This function continues to be the fundamental driving force for their actions in the current day.

The Qatar National Bank (QNB) has, without fail, kept its attention fixed on its primary mission, which is to act as a catalyst for the full fulfillment of Qatar’s potential.

Even if the full scope of their future accomplishments could not be predicted at the time, the continued and valued assistance that they have provided and continue to render is well known and very much appreciated by a large number of people.

For them, the accomplishment of being included in Qatar’s exceptional economic development, which can be compared to the prosperity of the wealthiest cities around the world, is seen as a distinguished achievement and a source of great pride.

This increase may be seen not just in the GCC area but also on a much larger scale all across the world.

They may maintain their determination to play a leading role in determining the course their nation’s future will take by drawing motivation from a consideration of their past achievements as a source of inspiration.

The proponents have a strong belief that offering assistance to the Qatari population and making investments in the country’s people is the best way to go forward with confidence and determination.

Building A Foundation For The Future

The Qatar National Bank (QNB) was an important contributor to the Doha International Airport’s (DOH) construction in 1966 by giving financial assistance.

At the moment, they continue to assume a key role in the providing of financial resources for significant infrastructure projects like the creation of the new International Airport complex. This is something that they have been doing for quite some time.

QNB Wealth Management
A wealth manager advising a client.

A broad variety of building endeavors have received finance from the corporate banking sector in recent years.

These include the construction of new industrial units and the extension of existing ones, such as the Al Shamal Gas Field Project and Ras Laffan, which are essential for the extraction of Qatar’s substantial liquefied natural gas (LNG) resources.

In addition to this, they have been instrumental in the development of notable structures such as the Shard Tower in London. The corporate banking industry has also played a role in the development of top-tier educational facilities.

One prominent example of this is Qatar Education City, which is home to a number of international post-secondary universities.

In addition to this, they have made important contributions toward the building of notable medical institutions, in addition to significant residential and commercial buildings.

They were also instrumental in Qatar’s successful bid to host the Asian Games in 2006, as well as Qatar’s impending hosting of the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In addition, they were instrumental in the development of the skyscrapers that make up the Qatar Financial Centre.

Expanding Its Reach

In 1976, not long after opening its first location inside the United States, QNB established a branch in London, marking the beginning of the company’s worldwide development.

This was followed by the opening of a second branch in Paris, France, exactly two years later. 

2005 marked the beginning of the company’s implementation of a thorough and ambitious worldwide growth plan, which has enabled them to build a presence in more than 31 nations as of the current day.

This development has been made possible through the formation of a variety of companies including affiliates, subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices amongst others.

Constant Expansion

In 2008, QNB made significant strides in improving its domestic services by launching QNB Capital, a branch that offers specialist assistance on different facets of finance, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), equity, debt, and project advisory services. These are just some of the areas that QNB Capital focuses on.

This campaign was started at the same time as QNB began working to expand its presence around the globe. Clients who are looking to capitalize on opportunities can take advantage of the extensive range of professional advisory services that QNB Capital has to offer.

These services include valuations for mergers and acquisitions, assistance with initial public offerings and rights issues, deal structuring, negotiation and transaction support, as well as debt hedging and sourcing.

Since QNB was the first financial institution in Qatar, it was the company that took the initiative to form a subsidiary that is solely devoted to the provision of complete financial services.

The launch of Qatar National Bank Financial Services (QNBFS) in January 2011 added further to the bank’s image as a modern-day example of financial success.

QNBFS caters to a wide variety of consumers, including wealthy people, retail customers, corporate clients, and institutional investors from both the United States and other countries, providing a comprehensive range of financial services.

Mutual funds, brokerage facilities, research and advisory skills, and asset management capabilities are all included in these services. These services also include asset management capabilities.

The QNB is dedicated to developing itself as a major financial institution by persistently expanding its scope of influence, nurturing new resources, and upgrading its existing skill set. 

The goal of the organization is to maximize the use of its resources so that it may have a positive impact on the lives of the people living in the areas it serves.

QNB Wealth Management And Asset Management

QNB Wealth Management Solutions

The Asset & Wealth Management Department of QNB, which has received prestigious awards, operates in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • Empirical: Empirical evidence serves as the foundation for investment decisions, prioritizing factual information over speculative conjecture.
  • Pragmatic: The pragmatic approach prioritizes numerical data over patterns, employing a monthly routine that encompasses continuous strategy development, thorough examination, and reassessment of investment choices based on rigorous criteria and a comprehensive database.
  • Transparent: Transparency is emphasized in this context, with a particular emphasis on straightforward, easily convertible financial instruments. The rationale behind this emphasis lies in the tendency for intricate investment vehicles to obscure underlying risks and obfuscate the genuine origins of investment gains.
  • Agnostic: QNB assumes the role of an investor rather than a trader and does not adhere to any predetermined trading style.
  • Realistic: In the context of client portfolios, the incorporation of contrarian views is generally not perceived as contributing value, and QNB’s portfolios are designed to align with, rather than deviate from, prevailing market trends.

QNB Asset & Wealth Management has successfully established a prominent portfolio of investment vehicles encompassing various asset classes such as equity, fixed income, structured products, real estate, and commodity investments.

The combination of these instruments in a portfolio can potentially generate a value-enhancing investment solution, contingent upon the client’s risk profile.

Fund Selection Process

The fund selection process is improved by QNB for its customers. Before being shown to potential investors, funds are put through a comprehensive round of internal “due diligence.” This includes the following steps: (an exhaustive to be replaced by a comprehensive)

The All Funds Bank platform, which is considered to be the industry leader, is used to pick the funds.

The Asset Management Division of our company conducts an extra screening procedure. The performance of the funds is then assessed on a regular basis to verify that it satisfies the requirements set out by QNB. The QNB shortlist consists only of highly liquid funds.

Selection Process and Monitoring

Compulsory Criteria

Arabic data presented in a fact sheet once a month, supplied by the fund management.

All managers are required to be listed on the international network known as All Funds (www.allfundsbank.com). 

UCITS structure

No load

Important Selection Criteria (8 of 11 Are Required)
  • Assets managed by the asset management firm must be at least $50 billion.
  • The target fund’s assets under management must be more than $100 million.
  • A minimum track record of 36 months is required for funds.
  • The fund management team must have been stable for at least 36 months.
  • 3-year returns above benchmark
  • 3-year volatility below benchmark
  • 3-year positive Jensen Alpha
  • 3-year Information Ration above 0.30
  • 3-year Sharpe Ratio above 0.6 (Equities) and 0.1 (Fixed Income).
  • Positive Traynor ratio
  • 3 Morningstar stars

Investment Account Management Services

The advantages and characteristics of QNB Investment Account Management Services encompass:

  • An individual with expertise and experience in managing and leading teams within a professional setting.
  • The availability of diverse asset classes, such as equities, commodities, and fixed income, is essential.
  • The experience of being exposed to Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and other emerging markets.
  • The establishment of a discretionary portfolio involves the incorporation of both fixed income and equities.

One strategy to mitigate portfolio volatility is to monitor and analyze the returns of investments based on risk-adjusted parameters.

The Discretionary Mandate is a favored investment choice among both domestic and international investors.

It involves entrusting the management of their portfolios to QNB’s Asset Management Division, granting them full discretion within specified investment guidelines.

The Asset & Wealth Management department of QNB has the capability to provide customized portfolios and products that are specifically designed for a particular region or structured in a way that ensures the preservation of capital value, while also enabling investors to benefit from the potential growth of the underlying asset.

The QNB Asset & Wealth Management department is available to assist you if you would like to provide us with additional information regarding your objectives and goals, or if you would like to engage in further discussions, either on an individual basis or as part of a portfolio.

QNB Funds

Al Watani Funds

The QNB Al Watani Funds series offers a very attractive investment opportunity to a diverse group of potential buyers, such as Qatari and non-Qatari people, residents and non-residents, as well as local and international institutional buyers.

This is because the funds are managed by QNB, which is a leading financial services provider in Qatar. 

These Funds are especially geared at investors who have a minimum of QR20,000 (or a similar amount in another currency) in their possession, and their allocation is designed to go to such individuals.

The following are included in the characteristics:

  • One of the most productive approaches to investing in Qatari equities.
  • When compared to trading single shares or participating in direct trading, trading via diversified portfolios or other indirect techniques results in a degree of volatility that is far lower.
  • A mode of investing that is subject to stringent management.
  • The primary goal of the Al Watani Fund is to attain a greater level of performance in comparison to the benchmark, which is the S&P Index, while at the same time reducing the risks that are associated with investing.

QNB Debt Fund

The Qatar National Bank (QNB) has the honorable distinction of being the first Qatari financial institution to launch a debt fund inside the borders of Qatar.

QNB Wealth Management
A wealth manager presenting a comprehensive financial plan to a group of clients.

This investment opportunity’s principal purpose is to facilitate the expansion of our customers’ wealth by providing them with a consistent return while simultaneously minimizing the amount of risk they are exposed to.

The Fund has a number of special qualities, which include the following:

  • The returns on investments are quite enticing.
  • There are no ongoing monthly fees or charges connected with either the subscription or the redemption of the offer.
  • Through a public subscription, the publication is available to people and companies, both inside and outside of Qatar.
  • The first investment must be at least QR 20,000, and all further investments must meet a minimum requirement of QR 10,000.

QNB Commodity Fund

The QNB Commodity Fund, which was one of the first of its kind, gives people the opportunity to participate in the commodity markets throughout the world.

Individuals now have the chance to get market exposure to precious metals, agricultural commodities, and energy markets via the use of a single, straightforward investment instrument thanks to this development.

Invest with confidence and clarity knowing that this highly diversified portfolio will be managed by a team of experienced fund managers that work for QNB.

The first investment requirement is a minimum of QR 20,000.

QNB Mena Debt

The QNB Mena Debt vehicle is a fixed-income vehicle that primarily invests in dollar-denominated debt instruments as its primary investment strategy.

These securities are almost exclusively issued by debtors hailing from the MENA area. While maintaining a low-risk investing approach, the primary objective of the fund is to provide returns that are higher than the rates offered by fixed deposits.

In addition to providing investors with daily liquidity, the fund will distribute the profits they’ve earned twice a year.

QNB Sukuk Fund

The QNB Sukuk Fund is a relatively new investment instrument that focuses on purchasing a wide variety of Sukuk assets priced in dollars.

These securities are issued by a variety of issuers, including countries, government agencies, and multinational enterprises, among others. The QNB Sukuk fund employs a method that places an emphasis on assets with a low level of risk.

QNB Mena Equity

The primary objective of the QNB Mena Equity Fund is to construct an investment portfolio consisting of companies that are listed on a variety of marketplaces located within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The markets that fall under this category are as follows: Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

QNB Asia-Pacific Equity

The goal of the QNB Asia-Pacific Equity Fund is to make strategic use of the sustained economic expansion in the Asia-Pacific region excluding Japan.

This region includes countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Korea, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.

This may be accomplished by using a well-balanced investing strategy, which entails assembling a diversified portfolio of equities acquired from the area.

Structured Products

Every single one of the above stated investment options is susceptible to the natural dangers that are associated with the market.

The Asset and Wealth Management division of our company is able to provide clients individualized solutions that are designed to protect their initial investment and position them to profit from any increase in the value of the underlying asset.

If you would like to give them with additional information about your aims and ambitions, or if you would like to explore the examples listed above in more depth, either individually or as part of a portfolio, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the QNB Asset & Wealth Management department.

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