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Santander International for Expats Review

Let’s review Santander International for expats. Specifically, we’ll explore the products and services offered by the arm of Banco Santander Group to see if there’s anything that could fit your needs. And, explore how Santander International can support your offshore banking for expats.

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Who is Santander International?

Santander Financial Services plc, a fully owned unit of Santander UK Group Holdings plc, is a member of the Banco Santander Group and does business in Jersey and the Isle of Man under the trade name Santander International.

Residents in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, as well as those in the United Kingdom and abroad who want foreign banking services, may turn to Santander International for all their financial requirements. Isle of Man residents may also take advantage of their mortgage services.

What are the products and services of Santander International?

santander international for expats isle of man

Current and Savings Account for Jersey and Isle of Man Residents

Island Gold Account

This is designed to be a convenient and versatile everyday current account that caters to your regular financial needs. You have the option to open the account in British pound, euro, or US dollars. You may access your money anytime you need it using the Visa debit card that comes with the account; it works with any of the three currencies.

In terms of features and perks, the Island Gold Account is a variable rate current account that allows you to manage your day-to-day banking activities. Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking make it easy to manage your finances. The account also enables you to set up standing orders and direct debits, making it simpler to handle regular payments.

The Island Gold Account gives you greater financial freedom by not charging you a monthly maintenance charge. Additionally, the Foreign Exchange service provided allows you to exchange currencies between your accounts without any commission charges. This service is especially useful if you need to change between Sterling, Euro, or US dollars.

Interest on your balance is calculated on a daily basis and paid to you per quarter, providing a potential boost to your savings. The Island Gold Account also offers the convenience of immediate withdrawals up to your available balance, which can be made through Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking or by providing instructions at a branch or in writing.

The Visa debit card that accompanies your Island Gold Account can be used not only for withdrawing cash, but also for making payments for goods and services. It helps you keep track of your spending as each transaction is recorded against your account.

Additionally, the account allows you to make regular fixed payments in Sterling through standing orders, whether it’s to pay friends, relatives, or transfer money to another account. You may authorize firms to deduct money from this current account through direct debit. For Sterling accounts, a Sterling check book is also available.

This account might be suitable for you if you have an existing mortgage with Santander International, travel internationally, planning to settle or get an employment overseas, or if you need a current account that caters to your daily financial transactions, process global payments, or are denominated in USD, pounds, or euro.

Island Call Account

The Island Call Account allows you to access your money instantly without needing to give any prior notice. It offers unlimited access to your funds and is available in Sterling, Euro, and USD.

You may earn interest on your savings balance with this account, which has a variable interest rate. Like the current account, interest is paid to you on a quarterly basis, and you can manage your account and transactions online, via mobile, and phone banking.

One of the advantages of the Island Call Account is that there are no charges or restrictions when it comes to making withdrawals. You can get your money whenever you need it without any minimum withdrawal amount.

It’s important to note a few limitations of this savings account, though. Check books and Visa cards are not available with this account, so you won’t be able to write checks or use a debit card for transactions. Additionally, standing orders and direct debits cannot be set up, which means you won’t be able to automate regular payments.

Island Notice Account

The Island Notice Account is a savings account with a variable interest rate that is also accessible in the three currencies as above.

Similar to the Island Call Account, interest is paid quarterly and you can use online, mobile, and telephone banking services to manage your account.

The main difference with the Island Notice Account is that it requires written notice before making any withdrawals. You must provide the specified notice period before making any withdrawals, including account closure. You can give the notice through online, mobile, and telephone banking, by visiting a branch, or by providing a written notice. It offers a variety of notice periods for you to choose from, including 31 days and 95 days.

Bear in mind that your money will continue to earn interest until the date of withdrawal, allowing you to maximize your savings. However, similar to the Island Call Account, check books and debit cards are not available with the Island Notice Account. Standing orders and direct debits cannot be set up with this account too.

Island Fixed Deposit Contract

You may lock in a guaranteed interest rate on your savings for a certain length of time with the Island Fixed Deposit Contracts. These contracts are available in the same currencies as the previous accounts, offering you flexibility in choosing the currency that suits you best (though it’s not that broad). You can select from different periods, including 3 months, half a year, one year, one and a half year, and two years.

This account operates as fixed rate savings accounts, ensuring that you know exactly how much interest you will earn over the agreed-upon period. Interest is distributed in a manner that varies with the term of the contract. Payout occurs at contract maturity for 3- and 6-month terms, while it’s monthly or at maturity for 12-month terms. It’s monthly, yearly, or at maturity for 18- and 24-month terms.

Withdrawals under this account are not permitted until the maturity date of the contract. After your initial payment, an Island Gold Account will be created in your name. Additional deposits are not allowed once the contract is fixed, and withdrawals are not permitted until the maturity date.

Your deposit will earn interest at the rate in effect on the day it is received, since interest rates are changing. Upon the completion of the contract, both your initial deposit and the accumulated interest will be paid into your Island Gold Account, unless you provide alternative instructions for maturity.

Similar to the Island Call Account and Island Notice Account, the Island Fixed Deposit Contracts do not provide check books or debit cards. Additionally, standing orders and direct debits are not permitted with these contracts.

santander international for expats savings

Current and Savings Account for Residents in the UK and Abroad

For residents in the UK and abroad, Santander International offers a range of banking options, including a current account (Gold), a call account, and a notice account. These accounts are similar to the ones offered to Jersey and Isle of Man residents, with a few additional requirements for international customers.

If you are an international customer, you will need to deposit a minimum of 75,000 pounds or the equivalent amount in another currency to open these accounts. The minimum deposit can be spread across different accounts within Santander International’s account range. Do note that this minimum deposit requirement must be maintained in the accounts.

These accounts provide various benefits and features, similar to the offerings for Jersey and IOM residents. However, these accounts have a minimum deposit requirement to satisfy overseas consumers’ demands.

Corporate Banking

Commercial and business banking services are provided by Santander International to companies operating out of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Santander International offers its business clients the Corporate Gold Account for their day-to-day banking needs. You may maintain your funds in this account in pounds, euro, or USD. It enables the use of both paper checks and a Visa debit card for making purchases, as well as the use of online banking for monitoring regular account activity.

The bank services provider also has a number of financing options to help firms with growth and development. In cases when a company is the owner and only occupant of its location, these strategies may help maximize the security provided by the company’s assets. Santander International may also help you purchase commercial or residential real estate as an investment.

Santander International provides assistance in the areas of foreign currency and interest rate solutions in order to help businesses better manage their risks. Trust and business service providers, banking institutions, insurance firms, cash platforms, as well as wealth, investment, and fund managers may use these solutions.

 For companies with extra cash on hand, they also offer a variety of affordable longer-term deposit options.

Personal and Private Banking

Personal Banking and Private Banking services are available to cater to different financial needs based on the account balance or mortgage amount.

Customer assistance is available to Personal Banking customers with balances up to 500,000 pounds or currency equivalent, or mortgages up to 750,000 pounds. They can help with your daily banking requirements and provide advice.

On the other hand, Private Banking is designed for customers who have a balance worth more than half a million pounds or a mortgage over 750,000 pounds with the bank.

In Private Banking, you will receive a more personalized and tailored service. To help you achieve your financial goals, a devoted specialist will work directly with you. They will provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to help you make informed decisions and manage your wealth effectively.

Foreign Exchange Service

When clients need to convert foreign currency, they can make use of Santander International’s Foreign Exchange service, which delivers competitive commission-free exchange rates. Through such services, users may easily convert one currency to another and send payments to people in other countries.

The US dollar, the Euro, and the British pound are just few of the many currencies Santander International accepts. Other currencies include Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Danish krone, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Singapore dollar, South African rand, Swedish krona, and Swiss franc.

Santander also provides an electronic payment service for foreign receipts, allowing for quick and safe international wire transfers. Customers may utilize this service to transmit any of three different currencies (pounds, euro, and USD). The organization may use other currencies if requested by a consumer.

Santander International gives its clients the option to convert their funds between USD, pounds, and euros. It’s also helpful that they can use many different major currencies when making and receiving payments.

What are the pros and cons of Santander International for expats?

Some Pros

  • Expats who are constantly traveling or residing in several countries would appreciate the bank’s worldwide presence as part of the Banco Santander Group.
  • Santander’s services and assistance are accessible in several places.
  • Expats who deal with a number of different currencies will also appreciate the firm’s multi-currency solutions, which include accounts and currency conversion services. This adaptability lessens the burden of international banking and lowers the expense of currency conversion.
  • Personal banking, savings accounts, mortgages, and investment options are just some of the financial services offered by Santander International.
  • Expats may manage their accounts from anywhere in the globe thanks to the bank’s simple digital banking channels such as internet, mobile, and telephone banking.

Some Cons

  • Santander International’s physical branch network may be sparse in certain countries, making it difficult to get in-person help and country-specific banking services.
  • While Santander International offers foreign exchange services, expats working with several currencies should keep an eye on exchange rates and be mindful of translation fees.
  • Expats planning to use the services of Santander International should check the minimum balance or deposit requirements of the specific products they’re interested in.

Santander International for Expats: Review Bottom Line

Expats may find a good variety of checking and savings options to meet what they need at Santander International.  As a platform for wealth generation, however, it may not be as useful as some of the other alternatives for certain professionals who work globally. There are other first-rate private banking options available to ultra and high net worth individuals.

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