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SEB Life Review 2022 – is this a good solution?

SEB Life Review 2022 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

Nothing written here should be considered as formal financial, or any other kind of advice, and some of the facts might have changed since we penned this article.

For any questions, or if you are looking to invest, you can contact me using this form, or via the WhatsApp function below.


SEB Life International Assurance Company is a business company, which trades under the name SEB Life International. This is a life insurance company registered and regulated in Ireland that works with the cross-border distribution of insurance investment products and services in accordance with the EU Third Life Directive.

SEB Life International specializes in providing individualized insurance policies for the EU and offers tailor-made offers to meet complex investment needs. SEB company’s headquarters are located in the center of Dublin Docklands and currently have about 130 employees serving about 30,000 clients across the European Union.

The company believes that enterprising minds and innovative companies play a key role in creating a better world. The SEB team is here to empower them to fulfill their aspirations and thrive in good times and bad.

SEB Life International is completely owned by SEB Life and Pension Holding AB, which is consequently a part of the SEB Group. This is one of the largest financial companies among the Nordic countries, providing financial services to its clients for over 160 years. The international nature of SEB’s business is reflected in its presence in about 20 countries around the world, serving over 4 million customers and around 16,500 employees. The ratings of SEB Group companies can be found on the SEB Group website.

Later in this article, we will discover what SEB Life offers its clients, how wide are the offerings, and in which way the company can be helpful for customers.

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SEB Life Review 2022 - is this a good solution? 4

SEB’s Main Offerings

The company is really a huge spot for different investing-related services, which makes SEB a reliable and trustworthy company to work with. The list is very long, that is why we will review only a few most popular services, others you can find out in the official website.

Advisory services and solutions

The global team of advisors will help you navigate the ever-changing environment for corporations and organizations, striving to create long-term value for you, your stakeholders, and society at large. They will provide advice, support, and solutions in areas such as financing, risk and return management, sustainability and transformation, asset and liability management, and new rules and technologies. With SEB’s global network, you have access to services around the world. Here are the main sectors you may have advisory services:

  • M&A Advisory
  • Asset portfolio advisory
  • Treasury advisory services
  • Financial risk management
  • Liquidity management and working capital
  • Financing and capital structure

Research and Strategy

Here you can find five main research and strategy related services:

Fixed Income Research

The company offers you first-class primary dealer services with unrivaled coverage of the Scandinavian investment world. As one of the leading players in the fixed income industry, they provide investors with a broad portfolio of products, including trading in interest rate instruments and related derivatives, advisory services, and comprehensive financial solutions.

Commodity Research

Commodities Research is the company’s dedicated business unit to support you in your raw materials business. They provide research and price forecasts for a range of different products. They work closely with their economic research group, which analyzes the foreign exchange, interest rate, equity, and macroeconomic markets for both developed and emerging markets. The Commodities Sales team, in turn, consists of specialists in the fields of oil, gas, energy, metals, agricultural products and precious metals. They compose daily and weekly market letters allowing you, as a customer, to follow the evolution of the commodity markets. We also provide price reviews and trade recommendations.

Debt Capital Markets Research

The Debt Capital Market (DCM) research team studies the Scandinavian corporate bond market. They strive to support new bond transactions through fundamental primary research, as well as support secondary trading through ongoing coverage. They also provide industry and thematic reports to keep their clients informed of current market trends.

The DCM Research team includes analysts from Sweden, Norway, and Finland, as they believe that local presence is essential to better understanding the companies and sectors they are looking at. They currently serve over 150 bond issuers in both investment grade and high yield markets. This includes publicly rated issuers as well as non-rated companies.

Equity Research

This will help to identify investment opportunities. As part of stock research, they strive to provide the very best research and give you access to the best analysts on the market. Fundamental research is the very foundation of their stock offering, and one of their main strengths is the specific niche they focus on through their focus on their home Scandinavian markets.

Emerging Markets and Country Analysis

Their clients have grown, and so have they. Today they are present far beyond their domestic markets – for example, in Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore, Moscow, and Sao Paulo. Their country analysis covers most of the major emerging markets and several financially distressed developed countries. Their strong network provides expert advice, research, and execution in the emerging markets of the world. This includes extensive analysis and trading advice.

Investor services

Here SEB company has two main offerings for investors:

Nordic Financial Institutions

Here are the main products and services for northern financial institutions, which is an important part of SEB’s offer to financial institutions in Nordic countries. SEB has been supporting its clients for over 150 years by showcasing its global deposit services, such as:

  • Institutional global custody
  • Depositary services
  • Fund execution
  • Agency securities lending
  • Clearing of derivatives
  • Alternative investment services
  • Additional services
  • Risk and valuation services
  • Back office services

Cash and sub-custody

Here you will find a proven, qualified, and reliable partner for your banking operations. Their strong capabilities in custody and other banking-related services have made them the leading interbank provider in Northern Europe.

Cash management

They have an extensive cash management offering for banks and are positioned as one of the largest clearing agents in Northern Europe. Their cash management services include:

  • Cross-border cash clearing
  • CLS nostro agency
  • Indirect domestic clearing services


As part of the additional deposit, SEB provides postal services in the Scandinavian and Baltic markets. The main target group is foreign banks, including universal banks, global custodians, and broker-dealers, which are not represented in the market in question. They offer includes:

  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Settlement with auto-borrow service
  • Income collection and tax administration
  • Corporate Actions
  • Voting

Financing and investment banking

Below are the five main sub-services under this SEB offering:

Financial sponsors

Their group of financial sponsors is one of the leading debt issuers in the Nordic region, offering financial solutions and advice to the financial sponsor segment of the client segment, as well as project and infrastructure financing and advisory solutions for corporate and institutional clients.

Leverage finance

Their leveraged finance team will provide you with debt buyout solutions. The team also provides services to our Private Equity clients. They offer tailor-made debt solutions and act as an underwriter and long-term lender.

Structured finance

The company’s structured finance team supports corporations, financial institutions, and financial sponsors in need of long-term structured finance. They offer tailor-made project and acquisition finance solutions to their clients in capital-intensive industries such as energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, and transportation.

Sustainable financial products

SEB pioneered the sustainable finance market by developing the green bond concept in close collaboration with investors and the World Bank in 2007-2008 in response to increased investor demand for climate change opportunities.

Since then, SEB’s sustainable finance market and product offerings have expanded to include a wide range of sustainability-oriented products such as social bonds and sustainability bonds, as well as performance-based products such as sustainability bonds.

This product offering reflects one of SEB’s core ambitions: to support our clients in their transition to a low carbon economy and to contribute to a more prosperous future for people and businesses through the guidance of consultants.

Sustainability themed financial products:

  • Green Bonds
  • SEB Impact Metric Tool
  • Social and Sustainability Bonds

Investment banking

SEB Life Review 2021
SEB Life Review 2022 - is this a good solution? 5

SEB is a full-service investment bank that offers you advice and financing on all products and client segments. They are recognized as one of the leading Scandinavian banks for investment banking.

With years of proven experience, we offer our customers a single point of entry to the Northern Region. In addition to the Nordic countries, their team of around 400 professionals is also represented in Frankfurt, London, Asia and New York.

They have specialists and thought leaders working in sectors such as industry, healthcare, biotechnology, energy, infrastructure, TMT, and real estate. SEB Investment Banking is also known as a pioneer in green and sustainable finance.

Four areas of expertise

Their investment bank includes corporate finance including corporate finance growth, equity capital markets, sales and trading, as well as Prime Finance, debt capital markets, and corporate loans.

Their Corporate Finance and Equity Capital Markets departments are the market leaders in advisory services for both inbound and outbound Scandinavian M&A and equity capital markets. As part of the growth of corporate finance, the range of companies covered in terms of M&A and financing ranges from venture capital, fast-growing small and mid-cap companies to large-cap companies and private equity.

Financing of shipping

The shipping industry presents unique challenges – high capital requirements, volatile markets, and mobile assets – that require specialized financial structures.

From offices in Oslo, Stockholm, London, Singapore, and Gothenburg, their team provides world-class financial solutions for the global shipping industry. With a strong base in Scandinavia, their main markets include Europe, North America, and some Asian countries.

As the SEB client, you will be dealing with people with extensive shipping experience who understand your business and can create, structure, and provide you with customized solutions. Their team is supported by experienced credit and research departments that can assess complex structures and risks.

In addition to lending, their transportation finance team coordinates the provision of a wide range of bank products and services, including equity and debt capital markets, M&A advice, foreign exchange transactions, interest rate derivatives, commodity hedging, and transaction services.

Real estate finance

Real Estate Coverage Area (REC) SEB serves LC & FI clients in the real estate sector. Clients include larger listed and private companies as well as funds operating in the real estate sector.

REC operates from offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Frankfurt, with a particular focus on clients operating in the Scandinavian and German real estate markets.

Dedicated and experienced client groups, working together with specialized and industry product groups in areas such as lending, equity, and debt capital markets, corporate finance, and derivatives advisory, provide optimal and seamless support to REC’s client base.

Asset Management

Managing SEB clients’ funds and assets is another main goal of the company, let’s see what services you can get here.

Institutional asset management

SEB’s goal is to provide their clients with a wide range of high-quality products covering all asset classes, from low-risk money market funds to alternative asset classes, including private equity and fixed income hedge funds. They always strive to make the most of their strong in-house portfolio management resources, which are complemented by an extensive offer of outsourced products from leading asset managers in the industry.

To provide clients with consistent, risk-controlled performance and added value at every stage of the investment process, they also provide advisory services on strategic asset allocation, portfolio building, and sustainability analysis.

In institutional asset management, they offer three areas of services:

Discretionary portfolio management

In discretionary portfolio management, they manage the client’s investment portfolio based on client-focused strategy and recommendations. Discretionary mandates can be either separate accounts for a specific asset class or multi-asset mandates in which we seek to add value through both tactical asset allocation and securities selection (or fund selection).

Asset management advisory

In asset management advisory, they advise the clients on the basis of their investment strategy, but the client always makes the final investment decisions.

Execution services only

Professional investors have access to their full offer of institutional funds, including illiquid alternative investments. They appoint a client in charge of each client who is responsible for coordinating the necessary resources within SEB to provide their clients with world-class services.

Private Banking

  • Industry-leading sustainable investment opportunities.
  • Award-winning next-generation services and philanthropy.
  • An extensive network of entrepreneurs with high performing startups in Scandinavia.

For more than 160 years, the company has been a reliable partner of the most successful families, entrepreneurs, and foundations in the Northern region. This gave them a unique understanding of the needs, motivations and core values ​​of people with significant wealth.

Their international network offers its clients the unique opportunity to manage and diversify your wealth abroad. Whether you are interested in sustainable investment, real estate, startups, philanthropy, or simply discretionary wealth management, the dedicated team of experienced professionals will provide customized and exclusive solutions to suit your every need.

Investment management (SEB Funds)

  • High-end analysis and award-winning foundations
  • Choose from our smart fund solutions or choose your own funds
  • Sustainable development is an important element of the investment process of our funds.

They offer a wide range of funds and customized investment management solutions for private and institutional investors, also 140 funds, and 700 billion SEK in assets under management. SEB considers sustainability issues in all of our investment decisions.

SEB Fund types:

  • Strategy and solution funds
  • Mixed funds
  • Equity funds
  • Index funds
  • Sector funds
  • Small Cap funds
  • Fixed Income funds
  • Alternative investments


SEB has extensive experience in creating and managing both corporate and family foundations for a wide range of clients. Foundations have proven to be highly effective mechanisms for giving greater control over assets, simplifying and increasing the transparency of wealth holding and planning structures, and for families undergoing a complex transfer of ownership to the next generation.

Funds have a wide range of uses, including asset and family protection, investment holdings, insurance, investments and policies, pensions, and as an umbrella or corporate holding structure.

As our client, you can count on the support of your highly qualified expert to provide you with professional and personalized portfolio management, accounting, and administration.

If you want to start a foundation, we can take care of everything on your behalf – from participating in the introductory discussions and preparing the necessary documents to contact government authorities during the registration process.

We also have experience in managing existing funds, making this process easier for you. We take care of all practical issues, and the board of the foundation retains its functions and responsibilities. On your behalf, we will prepare meetings, keep minutes, post announcements where necessary, process applications, maintain accounting records, draw up annual reports and maintain contact with government agencies and accountants.


SEB with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius is a leading player in life insurance in the Swedish and Scandinavian markets and is expanding its presence in the Baltic region.

Working primarily with international blue chips, they offer a wide range of insurance and financial security solutions including pensions, life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance.

Working either directly with clients or through an established brokerage community, the SEB team provides clear recommendations backed by a high level of customer service.

They can help you develop a complete solution for your employees. Working closely with the experts, you decide which insurance solutions your company wants to offer to its staff. Then, the client’s employees select insurance solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

They can take care of all administrative issues, bring the details of the proposal to the attention of employees and carry out all subsequent work. The information your employees receive may, for example, include the calculation of personal pension. They can provide additional information, including personal consultation if required, as well as a number of electronic reports.

Transaction services

SEB also provides its clients with transactions services, let’s see what sub-services are included here.

Cash management

They help the clients to optimize their global liquidity position and financial processes, wherever they do business. This frees up working capital while reducing costs and risks.

They offer a wide range of cash management products and services that improve liquidity management and decision-making processes:

  • Integration services
  • Liquidity management
  • Payments
  • Business arena
  • C&I Online

Their solutions will enable you to manage liquidity surpluses or shortages, eliminate foreign exchange risks, and reduce conversion and transaction costs. Internet or host-to-host solutions are easily integrated with third-party technologies.

Business Arena

Business Arena is a digital platform with all services in one place. SEB’s goal is to collect all the products and services you need in order to give you the best overview and useful information about your business.

Adaptation to your needs

They believe that a world of constant change requires flexible solutions. This is why they have created a platform that will grow over time. As they modernize the digital offering, they are constantly adding new products and services to the Business Arena.

Business benefits

  • Single point of entry for all your corporate services
  • Improved control and visibility of your business
  • Personalized digital experience
  • Integration with third party providers
  • Access to the latest market research
  • Adapted to all devices

Here were presented the main and important for investors services and products offered by SEB Life. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to help you manage your assets and provide you with good and valuable strategies you already have an option to cooperate with. In case you have any questions, you can write them in the comments below, or check the official website where you will find more.

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