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Vida Fund Review

This review of Vida Hospitality Growth Fund, also known as Vida Fund, will explore this investment opportunity presented within the hospitality sector.

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As investments like this always carry risk, it makes sense to seek guidance or advice.

Let’s look at the background of the investment provider behind this investment fund, Vida Capital Partners.

Who is Vida Capital?

Investing in sustainable hotel operating firms is Vida Capital Partners‘ main objective as a regulated organization. With an investment of 500,000 euros and a partnership with Vida Cap, investors can enter the Schengen Zone and be eligible for European citizenship in six years.

Vida Capital is an environmentally conscious investment firm that certifies its holdings through a partnership with the Green Building Council. It is an active participant in the United Nations Global Compact Initiative as well.

Vida Capital logo

With an impressive history of accomplishments, Vida Capital’s team has been instrumental in the creation, marketing, and administration of assets worth more than 900 million euros spread throughout strategic areas including the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto. The world-famous Nomad Bay Algarve is one of its notable projects.

Also, spanning areas in Europe, the US, Latin America, and Africa, Vida Capital has managed and raised more than 2 billion euros.

Vida Hospitality Growth Fund

The Vida Hospitality Growth Fund aims to raise an aggregate 100 million euros from investors within a seven-year time frame. Prospective investors can earn an average yearly rate of return of 10% within that period.

Investments in the hospitality industry, and more especially in premium serviced apartments in Portugal that are in need of repair or repositioning, are the forte of the Vida Hospitality Growth Fund, managed by the Vida Fund.

The Vida Fund is on the lookout for strategic investments in the hospitality industry, namely in firms that own serviced apartments. In addition, the fund’s strategies are in line with the Golden Visa Program, which allows for investments in the hotel sector to facilitate residence chances.

The diversified portfolio of the Vida Fund offers minimized licensing and development risks, providing optimal returns on investments, while also enabling investors to achieve EU citizenship. The fund’s twin purpose is to deliver profitable returns.

The investing process is simple and offers specialized monitoring by experienced personnel, especially for Golden Visa investors.

A minimum investment of 500,000 euros is required to participate. This enables investors to qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa.

Portugal Golden Visa Program Through Vida Fund

There are few prerequisites and an easy application procedure for the Portugal Golden Visa Program that Vida Fund facilitates. Relocation is not necessary, and a minimum stay of one week per year for five years is all that is required.

You and your loved ones can invest once and live in Portugal. Attractive tax benefits are another perk of the program.

Portugal Golden Visa Program Through Vida Fund

The investor is under no compulsion to make the purchased home his primary residence in order to obtain a Portugal Golden Visa residence permit.  As an option, the investor can choose to rent it out.  Please be informed that there is a 28% tax rate that applies to rental revenue. 

Income earned outside of Portugal is exempt from Portuguese income taxes for golden visa holders as long as their stays in Portugal do not exceed 183 days in a row.

Pros and cons of investing in Vida Fund

Benefits of Vida Fund

  • The Vida Fund offers lucrative ventures with attractive returns for investors.
  • The fund invests in premier serviced apartment hospitality companies, a growing and stable market.
  • Vida Fund’s diversified portfolio manages licensing and development risks to maximise rewards and reduce investment uncertainty.
  • The fund enhances investor rewards by strategically connecting with the Golden Visa Program to invest in hospitality and expand residency prospects.


  • Hotel occupancy and room rates fluctuate due to seasonality and unpredictability, affecting revenue.
  • Hospitality investments are vulnerable to economic slumps and consumer spending movements.
  • Hotel properties have operational risks due to EBITDA fluctuations during the investment term.
  • Location, tourism patterns, local economic conditions, and consumption trends all affect hospitality investment performance.

Hospitality Market Outlook

Economic conditions, consumer preferences, technology, travel patterns, and government policies impact the hospitality industry. This sector is highly competitive and constantly evolving, so organizations innovate and adapt to client wants and market realities.

From 2023 to 2030, the worldwide hospitality market is estimated to rise 10.62%.

The hospitality business endures seasonal and unpredictable occupancy and room rates and attracts investments.

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