Top 5 Shanghai Internet Providers: Which One is Right for You?

Shanghai internet

Undoubtedly, Shanghai internet providers offer some of the world’s fastest and most reliable internet services.

In recent years, the internet has played a significant role in shaping the Shanghai economy. With an internet speed that consistently ranks among the fastest in the world, it’s no wonder that the internet penetration rate in Shanghai is higher than in other cities in China. 

This, in turn, has made the city a hub for many businesses and a popular destination for tech-savvy individuals.

From enabling businesses to reach new customers to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to launch their startups, Shanghai internet providers play a crucial role in maintaining the city’s reputation as a hub for innovation and technology. 

Given this, it’s essential to know about the different Shanghai internet providers. Choosing the right provider can greatly impact the quality and stability of internet connection, which can have far-reaching effects on work, communication, and personal life.

The purpose of this blog is to provide comprehensive information about Shanghai internet providers. We will discuss the available options and key factors to consider when choosing a provider and provide a detailed comparison of the different plans and pricing options. 

Our aim is to help you make an informed decision and find the best internet provider to meet your needs.

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What are the main internet providers available in Shanghai?

Shanghai, a major global city and financial center, is well-connected with a range of internet service providers offering various options for residential and business customers. 

Internet users in Shanghai have a wide range of options when selecting an internet service provider. 

Whether one is looking for traditional fixed-line broadband service, mobile broadband, or specialized managed network services for businesses, there is an internet service provider in Shanghai that can meet their needs.

China Mobile

China Mobile is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and is the largest mobile network operator in China. It provides a range of telecommunication services, including mobile voice and data services, fixed-line broadband, and other information services. 

In Shanghai, the company offers 4G LTE and 5G mobile internet services and fixed-line broadband services.

China Mobile’s mobile internet services allow customers to access the internet on their mobile devices while on the go, and its fixed-line broadband services provide customers with high-speed internet access at home or in the office. 

The company has invested heavily in building out its 5G network, and it is now one of the largest 5G network providers in the world.

In addition to its core telecommunications services, China Mobile also offers a range of value-added services, such as online payment services, mobile gaming, and other digital content services. 

The company has a large and growing customer base in Shanghai, and it is continuously expanding its network and services to meet the increasing demand for high-speed internet and mobile data services.

China Unicom

China Unicom is one of the three largest telecommunications companies in China, providing a range of telecommunication services, including mobile voice and data services, fixed-line broadband, and other information services. 

Aside from offering the usual internet services, China Unicom is also a key player in the enterprise services market in Shanghai, offering a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes, including managed network services, enterprise-level cloud computing services, and other IT services.

The company has also been investing in building out its 4G LTE and 5G networks in Shanghai, providing customers with fast and reliable mobile data services.

Furthermore, China Unicom strongly focuses on providing innovative and value-added services to its customers. For example, the company has been actively promoting its cloud computing services, which offer customers a range of computing resources and services through a secure, remote network.

China Telecom

Another one of the major telecommunications providers in China, China Telecom, offers broadband internet services, both fixed-line and mobile, as well as data center and cloud services for businesses.

In Shanghai, the company provides fixed-line telephone services that offer customers high-speed, reliable, and stable voice and data communication connections. 

Their broadband internet services offer various speeds and options for residential and commercial customers, ensuring that everyone can access the fast and reliable internet they need. 

China Telecom’s mobile phone services provide customers with a variety of mobile phone plans, including prepaid and postpaid options, as well as a wide range of devices to choose from. 

Meanwhile, the company’s data center services provide businesses with secure and reliable data storage and a range of cloud computing services. 

Shanghai internet
Shanghai offers a variety of internet service providers for individuals and businesses. Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Shanghai Broadband Network (BBN)

A local internet service provider that provides broadband internet services, Shanghai Broadband Network, both fiber and coaxial cable, to residential and business customers in Shanghai.

The company uses advanced fiber optic technology to deliver fast and reliable internet connectivity to homes and businesses throughout the city.

BBN also offers a range of data center services, including co-location, cloud computing, and managed hosting. These services provide businesses with secure and reliable storage and processing solutions and help them to minimize their IT costs and increase efficiency.

This Shanghai internet provider also provides managed network services, including network design, implementation, and maintenance, to help organizations optimize their network performance and ensure that their ICT systems are always up and running. 

The company’s experienced technicians and engineers can provide technical support and assistance 24/7.


ChinaNetCenter is a leading Chinese information and communication technology (ICT) company that provides a range of internet-related services, including cloud computing, content delivery network (CDN), and data center services. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has operations throughout China and internationally.

In Shanghai, ChinaNetCenter offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

It has cloud computing services that allow businesses to store and access their data, applications, and other IT resources over the internet. 

It also has CDN services that help businesses to deliver their digital content, such as video and audio, to a global audience with high performance and low latency.

Its data centers in Shanghai and across China also provide businesses with secure, reliable, and scalable storage and processing solutions. These data center services include co-location, managed hosting, and disaster recovery.

How does the quality of Shanghai internet compare to other cities in China?

Being one of China’s major global cities and financial centers, Shanghai has a well-developed and advanced internet infrastructure, providing high-quality internet services to its residents and businesses. 

Shanghai’s internet quality is generally among the best compared to other cities in China.

For instance, Shanghai boasts a high density of fiber-optic networks, providing fast and stable broadband internet services to residential and business customers. 

In addition, the city is home to several data centers, making it an ideal location for cloud services and data storage. 

The widespread availability of 4G and 5G mobile networks in Shanghai allows residents to access high-speed mobile internet services, even in remote areas.

However, it should be noted that the quality of internet services in Shanghai can vary depending on the specific location and the chosen internet service provider.

Some areas of the city may have slower internet speeds, especially in older residential buildings with outdated network infrastructure. Business customers may also require specialized network services, such as managed network services or dedicated fiber connections, which may not be widely available in all parts of Shanghai.

What are the most important factors when choosing a Shanghai internet provider?

When choosing a Shanghai internet provider, several important factors must be considered to ensure you receive the best possible service. 

One of the most important factors to consider is the internet speed offered by the provider. Fast internet speeds are essential for online activities such as streaming, gaming, and downloading large files. 

You should compare the speed offerings of different providers and choose the fastest speed for your specific needs.

The reliability of the internet service is also crucial. You want an internet service that is always available without frequent outages or slowdowns. 

This is especially important if you are a business that relies on a stable internet connection to conduct your operations.

The cost of the internet service is also an important factor to consider. You want to choose an internet provider that balances speed, reliability, and price well. 

Be sure to compare the prices of different providers to find the best deal for your budget.

When choosing an internet provider, it is important to consider the quality of customer support offered. You want an internet service with a responsive and knowledgeable support team to help you with any issues.

Finally, it’s important to consider the availability of internet service in your specific location. 

Some providers may only offer services in some areas of Shanghai, so it’s important to check the availability of different providers before making a decision.

How do the pricing and plans offered by Shanghai internet providers differ?

The pricing and plans offered by Shanghai internet providers can vary greatly, making it important for consumers to compare the available options. 

The internet service speed can impact the pricing and plans offered by providers. Faster speeds typically come with higher costs, but some providers may offer discounts for long-term contracts or bundle deals that include other services.

Another factor to consider is the data allowance included in the plans. Some providers may offer unlimited data plans, while others may have a monthly data cap. 

If you are a heavy internet user, choose a provider that offers unlimited data or a higher data allowance to avoid overage charges.

The length of the contract can also impact the pricing and plans offered by providers. Some providers may offer discounts for long-term contracts, while others may have more flexible, month-to-month plans.

Some providers may also offer equipment, such as a modem or router, as part of their pricing and plans. The equipment cost can impact the service’s overall cost, so it’s important to consider this when choosing a provider.

Shanghai internet
Shanghai internet services are among the fastest and most reliable in the world. Photo by Discover Savsat on Unsplash

What are the average speed and reliability of Shanghai internet services?

The average speed and reliability of Shanghai’s internet services are among the highest in China. Shanghai is known for its strong IT infrastructure and the government’s commitment to promoting the development of the internet and digital industries.

The average broadband speed in Shanghai is around 100 Mbps, which is among the fastest in China. This allows residents and businesses to easily stream high-quality video content, download large files, and engage in online activities that require high-speed internet. 

Additionally, Shanghai’s internet providers invest heavily in their networks to ensure the connection is reliable and stable, minimizing the risk of downtime and network outages.

What are the common problems and issues faced by users of the Shanghai internet?

While Shanghai’s internet services are among the best in China, users can still encounter certain problems and issues from time to time. 

Despite the high average broadband speed in Shanghai, some users may experience slower-than-expected speeds due to network congestion or technical issues.

The reliability of Shanghai’s internet services is generally high, but occasional interruptions or outages can occur, especially during peak hours.

While many Shanghai internet providers offer comprehensive customer support, some users may find that they cannot get the help they need or that response times are slow.

Some Shanghai internet providers may also have hidden fees or charges not disclosed upfront, which can lead to unexpected bills for users.

Setting up and installing internet services can also be complicated for some users, especially those unfamiliar with technology.

What are alternative options for those who cannot access regular Shanghai internet services?

There are a few alternative options for those who cannot access regular Shanghai internet services. 

For one, mobile broadband can be a reliable and convenient alternative to traditional broadband services. This option is particularly useful for those who are on-the-go or need internet access in remote areas.

Satellite internet may be the only option for those living in rural or remote areas. This service uses satellites to provide internet access, enabling users to connect even in areas without terrestrial broadband infrastructure.

Meanwhile, wireless mesh networks are a community-driven alternative to traditional internet services. In this setup, users share their internet connections to create a mesh network covering a large area.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are also widely available in Shanghai, including cafes, libraries, and other public spaces. While this option may be slower and more unreliable than other alternatives, it is still useful for those needing temporary or occasional internet access.

Shanghai internet
The China government regulates the Shanghai internet market. Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash 

How does the government regulate the Shanghai internet market?

The government of China plays a significant role in regulating the Shanghai internet market. 

To maintain control over online content and ensure the stability of the internet infrastructure, the government has implemented various laws and regulations that impact the operations of Shanghai internet service providers.

One major regulation is the “Great Firewall of China”, a censorship system restricting access to foreign websites and online services. 

This has significant implications for both local and foreign internet service providers operating in Shanghai, as they must comply with these censorship requirements to maintain their license to operate.

The government also regulates the pricing and services offered by Shanghai internet service providers. 

The government may set price caps on internet services to ensure affordability for consumers or enforce quality of service requirements to ensure that internet services are reliable and fast.


In conclusion, the quality of Internet services in Shanghai plays a crucial role in the city’s growth and success. 

From enabling businesses to reach new customers to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to launch their startups, the internet has been a driving force behind the city’s prosperity. 

Having access to fast and reliable internet services is not just about convenience but also about staying ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or a business owner, having access to the best internet services can give you a competitive advantage. 

By having a good understanding of Shanghai internet providers, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which provider is right for you, ensuring that you get the most out of your Internet connection.

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