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Here’s What Is Considered To Be 12 Of The Most Popular Activities You Must Try While Staying In Japan

Here’s What Is Considered To Be 12 Of The Most Popular Activities You Must Try While Staying In Japan.

Teamlab’s Digital Art Museum Is Open To The Public

When flying into Japan, you will most likely land at either Narita or Haneda Airports, both of which are located in Tokyo.

This buzzing mega-city will provide you with a variety of unique experiences that you can not find anywhere else.

TeamLab’s digital art museum, for example, has hundreds of rooms with light shows, projected art, and interactive art that completely immerses you. 

Getting admission to TeamLab’s digital art museum sits on a manmade island, unlike other tourist destinations in Tokyo.

You can visit the rainbow bridge by going to Minato city (Tokyo has cities inside cities).

Google Maps will direct you to the appropriate metro stations, lines, and transfers to get you to your desired location. 

A Sumo Wrestling Match Is A Great Way To Spend An Afternoon

Sumo, a 1,500-year-old Japanese sport that has been covered by the press and sensationalised by movies, is a popular sport that has been covered by the news and sensationalised by movies.

Sumo wrestling is a seasonal sport that takes place six to twelve months out of the year.

You’ll need to keep an eye on sumo-related news publications like the Japan Times to find out which cities are hosting tournaments. 

Don’t start pouting yet if you’re on a trip and missed tournament season at the time of your vacation.

All year, morning sumo practise is available at the sumo stables.

You may easily make a reservation for a reasonable price online.

If you arrive on time, you’ll get a look into the life of a dedicated Japanese sumo wrestler! 

Tickets To The Studio Ghibli Museum Should Be Purchased As Soon As Possible

Hayao Miyazaki is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, and animator who has influenced the lives of many adults through his films and artwork.

The highly popular Studio Ghibli museum is a must-see for any Ghibli lover.

This museum is so popular that tickets must be purchased a month in advance. 

The museum is kid-friendly, featuring a gigantic cat bus plushy from My Neighbor Totoro available for youngsters to play with.

There are sculptures from Castle in the Sky on display, as well as a short Miyazaki film that is only shown at the museum, making a visit to this venue really unique. 

Visiting Shrines, Temples, And Historic Buildings

Despite the fact that Japan is one of the most inventive countries on the planet.

Several technologically advanced towns, such as Tokyo and Kyoto, combine modern and traditional architecture.

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto is one such example.

It’s a massive assemblage of Edo-era structures erected for the Meiji empire and its illustrious nobles.

Because each imperial palace is located within their own cities, the imperial palaces in Tokyo and Kyoto are easily accessible by taking inner-city buses.

In a matter of minutes, you can travel from cutting-edge metropolis districts to sites brimming with historic structures.

Shrines can also be found in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and a number of other Japanese prefectures. 

Discover Kawaii Culture 

The Japanese word kawaii means “cute,” and it won’t take long to discover how widespread the kawaii culture is.

It should come as no surprise that Japan is the home of Hello Kitty and other similarly adorable characters with cult followings.

The Harajuku district of Tokyo is the best site in the country to experience this pervasive kawaii culture.

You’ll see young women dressed almost lifelike as dolls, and individuals holding multicoloured cotton candy (also known as “Fairy Floss,” which has a far nicer sounding name).

Pigtails are more plentiful than in a kindergarten class, and ice cream cones have cute cartoon faces. 

Sushi On Conveyor Belts Is A Delicacy

Sushi rolls are one of the first foods that come to mind when people think of Japan!

They have a powerful flavour, are made with healthful ingredients, and taste better in Japan than anywhere else on the planet.

Conveyor-belt restaurants are a modern fun twist that has been introduced into the world of dining in the far east!

Around the eating facility, conveyor belts are installed next to sit-down booths.

Sushi rolls, gyoza, miso soup, and other Japanese dishes rotate around the room.

Simply choose the plate that appeals to you the most and eat it.

Each table has a menu tablet where you can order beverages, desserts, or particular things to be cooked for your table. 

When you’ve finished eating and drinking, the server will identify each plate on your table and compare it to the price category for that plate (dependent on restaurant policy).

Also, don’t be concerned about tipping once the bill has been totaled.

There is a cultural legacy of feeling that good service is already paid for.

So all you have to do now is eat your meal to express your gratitude! 

Visit The Northern Island Of Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a Japanese island located in the northwestern part of the country.

Sapporo, the country’s largest and most well-known city, is known worldwide for its high-quality beer brand.

Hokkaido has various beautiful mountain ranges that are ideal for skilled mountain hikers and skiers.

Although Hokkaido has an airport, taking the bullet train to the island is both cheaper and more convenient.

Visit the shinkansen guide for more information about regional bullet train lines, ticket pricing, and destinations. 

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Here's What Is Considered To Be 12 Of The Most Popular Activities You Must Try While Staying In Japan 3

Jigokudani Monkey Park Is A Great Place To Spend Some Time

Snow monkeys are arguably one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions!

Monkeys can be seen warming up in volcanic hot springs in Jikogudani Park.

It is not recommended that you offer the monkeys any food or liquids for your own safety.

Off the prescribed path, it is likewise prohibited to approach the wild monkeys. 

Use Peach Aviation’s Ticket Vending Machines To Your Advantage

Vending machines are extremely prevalent in Japan.

There are more vending machines in New Zealand than there are people!

Vending machines across the country sell beverages, hot beverages, toys, cigarettes, and other items at low prices.

They’re not as clumsy as machines in North America, and they even feature warming slots for hot coffee cans.

So, what does a vending machine have to do with an airline?

In Shibuya, Peach Aviation debuted its gacha capsule vending machines.

Each capsule carries a one-of-twenty return ticket to one of Japan’s twenty airports.

With so much adventure, history, and cuisine to discover in Japan, taking advantage of this extravagant amenity is a must-do if you have the opportunity while on vacation. 

Take A Trip To Okinawa Island

Flying south to the Okinawa Islands, you may witness vivid turquoise oceans, as well as stunning animal and plant life.

Along with one of the most hospitable and inviting people you’ll ever encounter, both of these factors combine to make this one of the most popular tourist and TEFL destinations in Japan.

The tropical paradise island offers a wide range of activities.

Okinawa’s key tourist attractions include shark diving, cave snorkelling, whale watching, and visiting the Shuri castle.

During WWII, the island was also home to an underground naval headquarters.

It has a shady past, akin to an infamous forest in Kyoto, and should only be studied if you are comfortable with mature topics.

Apart from the naval base, Okinawa is a family-friendly tourism destination with plenty of variety, despite its small size in contrast to Japan. 

In An Onsen, You May Unwind

The considerable amount of walking you’ll be doing while on vacation in Japan might take a toll on your feet, legs, and some joints.

Even taking public transportation to your locations, unless you have an international driver’s licence, will require a significant amount of walking.

That is why you should pamper yourself by visiting a Japanese onsen.

Bathing in hot water relieves muscle stress that accumulates from walking for lengthy periods of time every day while travelling.

And who doesn’t enjoy a little self-care when on vacation?

It’s crucial to understand some onsen guidelines before making a reservation.

Before entering the hot water, you must first bathe yourself in a pail of water.

Second, in traditional onsens, tattoos must be covered by wrapping or patches.

Finally, don’t make a racket.

Foreigners are frequently inspected more than Japanese residents at most onsens, which have noise policies. 

Pay A Visit To A Samurai Museum

Edo (Edo era)

Japan is famous for its interesting legends, relics, and samurai warriors.

History fans will enjoy learning about the past from a tour guide who is knowledgeable about the Edo era.

There’s a wealth of fascinating information on the samurai lifestyle, hierarchy, and political upheaval.

In addition, seeing all of the katanas and samurai attire makes for great Instagram travel stories!

Tours typically cost around $1800 ($15.66) and run approximately one hour.

After museum tours, gift shops are usually open and sell a variety of goods.

Fans, katana umbrellas, costly kimonos, and even authentic samurai blades are all available!

A visit to a samurai museum is a cheap and exciting experience that provides vital historical information about Japan. 

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