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Union Bancaire Privée Review part 2 – Part one is here.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

If you are looking for a partner to preserve and grow your assets over time, the UBP investment specialists are there to help you. Thanks to the bank’s strategic capabilities and extensive investment solutions, it provides services tailored to your personal requirements.

Union Bancaire Privée Review
Union Bancaire Privée Review part 2 - Discretionary Portfolio Management 5

The discretionary approach to portfolio management consists of a few key points:

Customer focus

They live in a time of upheaval and rapid change that affects every investor differently. The bank’s approach is based on understanding your goals and aspirations, fully integrating them into its investment strategy. In this way, your portfolio becomes a true reflection of who you are.


At UBP, they help their clients achieve the best results with a range of targeted investment solutions designed to meet each individual need.

Confidence and flexibility

Conviction and flexibility are core values ​​at UBP. They are what drive them to innovate and make an impact, allowing to set clear long-term goals while remaining flexible in times of short-term uncertainty.

Wealth Preservation

The bank’s history, vision and mission of UBP is to preserve wealth. This has been the basis of trust between the Bank and its customers for decades. It forms the basis of the Bank’s own approach to risk management.

UBP discretionary portfolio management services

Union Bancaire Privée Review
Union Bancaire Privée Review part 2 - Discretionary Portfolio Management 6

UBP has developed two discretionary portfolio management services to create the best solution for each of its clients.

U Asset allocation

Satisfy your investment management needs with a single, diversified investment platform, accessible through a single fund, designed to suit your risk appetite.

UBP U Asset Allocation investment solutions are based on UBP’s proprietary investment process to help you achieve your wealth goals with a single, dynamic investment. This range is based on UBP’s years of experience in managing high net worth discretionary portfolios and may include sustainable and responsible investment strategies.

U Asset Allocation solutions give you the opportunity to invest in different regions, asset classes, and instruments. The specially designed fund structures are transparent and designed to comply with tax regimes in various jurisdictions.

The U asset allocation range includes 6 investment profiles:

Individual investment solutions

Achieve your investment goals with a range of targeted investment solutions tailored to your individual needs, backed up by a highly personalized level of service.

In the current environment, clients are increasingly focusing on achieving specific goals and need a customized investment philosophy to achieve them. UBP’s experience in developing custom solutions allows to design innovative targeted investments that best suit your specific needs, offering you the right level of interoperability.

At the heart of this approach is an open, transparent, and regular dialogue about the strategic objectives of the portfolio, the beliefs, and your requirements as they change over time.

UBP has developed a range of bespoke assignments to achieve goals ranging from wealth preservation to capital appreciation while keeping risk management at the center of the asset allocation process.

Investments at UBP

Union Bancaire Privée Review
Union Bancaire Privée Review part 2 - Discretionary Portfolio Management 7

The bank is a full-scale asset manager, providing its clients with access to a wide range of high-quality investment solutions, many of which are highly rated by independent agencies across multiple asset classes.

UBP has been a pioneer in the field of alternatives, having invested in hedge funds since 1972, and is one of the leading players in the industry in Europe with around US$12 billion in alternatives assets to date. UBP Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS), thanks to its institutional structure, rigorous investment process, and solution-oriented approach, offers a wide range of products and services to private and institutional clients.

Why Consider Alternative Solutions?

Much has changed in alternatives since the global financial crisis. What used to be considered a risky, unregulated, opaque industry with poor liquidity and high fees has since gone through many changes. Increased regulation with the advent of alternative UCITS funds has led to greater transparency and increased liquidity. With the growth in institutional investor participation, fees have become more competitive and the risk/reward profile of alternative portfolios has become more conservative. Ultimately, these changes mean better protection for investors.

Key Benefits of Alternative Investments

Alternative investments offer different characteristics or profiles, each of which provides investment benefits in the context of a global portfolio distribution. In general, the addition of carefully selected alternative strategies should improve the risk/reward ratio of the portfolio. In the current market environment characterized by low interest rates and volatile stock markets, alternative solutions can be divided into three main profiles:

UBP seven-step process builds on UBP’s strengths:

Investment solutions

The bank’s goal is to offer clients a wide range of investment solutions that meet their goals and constraints. This includes both multi-manager solutions, expressed either in individual mandates or mixed products, as well as single-manager solutions providing access to compelling strategies through the partnerships they have developed. The solutions are available in both regulated and unrestricted formats.

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