Warning: malicious activities

Many people are worried about staying safe online and with that in mind, I would like to write a brief article about some malicious activities.

It is a sad reflection of the world we live in today, that success and traction, leads to a small minority of people trying to take advantage of our name.

I remember reading an article about Alan Sugar, the host of the UK’s Apprentice, who was targeted by some fake adverts as per his tweet below:

The same thing happened to a UK finance guru, called Martin Lewis, when scammers took advantage of his name, to dupe some old people to buy some fake coins with the dubious (and fake) ads as per below:

This started to happen to us last year when some people started to use fake profiles of me on Quora.  

It isn’t 100% certain that they were using my name to try to scam people, but we have to be vigilant about people using false identities!

Examples of such fake profiles include this one.  There are countless fake Quora profiles claiming to be me.

Now clearly, it is obvious that these profiles are fake as they are promoting Bitcoin and have 0-10 followers and not 18,000+! 

However, we are always vigilant that more intelligent tactics might be used.  

So to guard against this, remember a few basic things:

  1. My only contact details are listed here.  If somebody is claiming to be me, from another email address, even if they are using my name, it is probably fake.  If you are unsure, you can email me the email and I can confirm 
  2. I never send private Quora messages to my followers unless they first send.  
  3. I never promote Bitcoin, individual stocks or 99% of other things.
  4. I never ask for money to be paid to a personal account – neither mine or another person. We only use third party platforms/banking solutions. In order to fund those platforms, a client first needs to fill out an application form and get approved.  So again, if somebody is asking for money using my name, it is almost for sure fake 
  5. If something doesn’t feel “right” it probably isn’t.  I occasionally get emails to my personal email (adamfayed@hotmail.co.uk) claiming to be from adamfayed@hotmail.co.uk!  Again, use common sense here.  If somebody has set up a fake email in my name, and they are promoting Bitcoin, it is fake. If it is from me, your common sense should know that.  

If you want to email our security department, you can send to this email – security@adamfayed.com 

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