Why I hate corporate

“You are so much easier to deal with Adam compared to big firms”, so said a person I recently did business with.It got me thinking about the reasons why I hate most corporations.

We have all been in that situation where we feel like customer number 100,029. The behavior tends to manifest itself in different ways.

Chief culprits include outsourced call centers, standard business speak and ties. There is a lack of personalization and many of these firms seem to only exist because of the “1985” mindset of some consumers that “big is safer”.

I was reminded of this issue, this week. My connecting flight was delayed, so my baggage was late. When I arrived at the airport on the other side, I was told I would receive a call in the evening. It never came. I had to chase up, to get my baggage back.

Another issue is speed. Bigger firms aren’t nimble enough. You can’t usually just call up, or WhatsApp, the CEO of a huge firm in the way that you can with a more nimble boutique.

I have found the same with my customers. It is always better to work with nimble organizations and people, that give relatively quick answers as opposed to having loads of pointless meetings with HR managers.

I remember last year I was introduced to one of the biggest law firms in the Asian Pacific region by a customer that works for them. The company HR told me they were looking for corporate solutions – pensions and health insurance.

To say the process was inefficient, would be an understatement. It is always better to work with, and for, more efficient organizations and people. My customers can always connect with me, in a heartbeat. I respond within hours, or even sometimes minutes, on WhatsApp or other apps.

I expect the same from firms I am dealing with not “we apologize for the delayed response” three days after emailing them, or that “Qatar Airways regrets the fact that your baggage was not available for collection today”.

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Certainly the truth is so called corporate are so full of them selves because of the previous earned name,they don’t care,have poor TAT,they actually expensive for no reason,try small companies they are actually hungry to offer excellent service.

Very true

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