Work From Home Show – How to Invest & Set Up Retirement Accounts

It was good to be featured on the Work From Home Show.

The episode below spoke about:

  • How to set up retirement accounts if you become self-employed
  • Why tax-efficient benefits alone aren’t always as important as what you invest in
  • Why controlling your emotions is key in investing, and how you can do it.
  • Does indexing hold internationally or just in the US? Is it easier to go into small caps and beat the market?
  • The incredible reason why some people invest in individual stocks.
  • The benefits of using technology in business and investing.
  • Why many people now trust technology more than people!
  • My opinion on robo-advisors. Do they remove the “behaviour gap” in investing? When should you use them and when shouldn’t you?
  • Why non-Americans shouldn’t invest in most American brokerages.
  • Why the average do it yourself (DIY) investor only gets 4%-5% per year, even if the index is giving 9%-10% per year.
  • The value-added advisors can give clients.
  • Why many of my clients come to me due to my online presence.
  • Why is it so difficult for people to “buy when there is blood on the streets” during a market crash, even though people have heard about expressions like this?
  • The media’s job isn’t to educate us.
  • What are the four most dangerous words in investing?
  • The fact I lost zero clients during the crash of March.
  • Why it is harder for UK investors to make money in property compared to the 1990s and 2000s.
  • How did I build up such a large social media following?

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