Zoom Investment Webinar on May 27

A reminder that our monthly investment webinar will be happening on May 27 at 12:00 noon UK time.

You can see the time conversions here to convert to your local time.

Last month, over 50 people attended and we are expecting at least that amount on Wednesday.

Topics to be discussed will include

  1. Will China-US tensions over Hong Kong and other issues affect markets?
  2. Are markets in general underpriced or overvalued?
  3. What are the best assets to buy these days, given the situation in the world?
  4. Lockdown is being eased. Does that mean markets will just keep recovering?
  5. Facebook, Amazon and several tech firms have hit record highs. Does this crisis just mean the rise and rise of big tech firms and more trouble for start ups?
  6. Will new EU proposals on tech taxes affect these big boys like Amazon?
  7. Will certain stock markets do better than others due to the lockdown and virus situation being very different by region?
  8. Could the situation affect the Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU, or more specifically the deal that the UK can strike?
  9. Is oil due a bigger rebound?
  10. Much else!

The basic structure will be

  1. 10-15 minutes presentations
  2. 20-40 minutes – interactive Q&As – where you will get to ask your own questions.

To register and/or pre register your questions – advice@adamfayed.com

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I want to attend Webinar

I sent you the invite by email.

Please send me the invite for the Webinar

I will send via email

May I get an invite? thanks

I will send thanks Chris

I would like to attend the webinar. Please send me the invite

will do

Hi Adam please can you send me the link? Also what time GMT will the webinar be running I’m struggling to use the link for the time zone! Cheers

I will send it by email. It will be at 12:00 noon uk time.

send me an invite

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