Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium for Expats

Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium

Here’s the list of the best asset and wealth management banks in Belgium for expats.

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Introduction –Banking in Belgium

Belgium’s banking system is regarded as one of the most free and sophisticated in the world. In terms of bank branch density, Belgium ranks third in Europe. In Belgium, there are about 140 branches. It is also one of the major suppliers of electronic banking services, with over 90% of transactions being completed online.

Unique and standardized client accounts for financial intermediaries, thanks to great online and phone banking development. There are no limits on the flow of capital, and regulatory requirements are minor. Customers are provided with a diverse and adaptable variety of services without regard to nationality. This element increases the number of international financial transactions, and with an excellent branch network, many local and foreign banks service from Belgium.

Asset Management vs Wealth Management

Asset management is the process of investing client funds in the most profitable assets. Asset management companies (AMCs) manage clients’ assets. Insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and High-Net-Worth Individuals are typically served by these firms.

An investing mandate guides asset management. The mandate specifies how to handle a given pool of assets. These risk factors and investing methods are followed by asset managers. Asset management firms demand high fees for these services.

Wealth management is a type of investment advising service that combines other financial services to meet the demands of high-net-worth individuals. The adviser gathers information about the client’s desires and individual situation through a consultative approach, then creates a customised strategy that incorporates a variety of financial products and services.

Wealth management frequently takes a comprehensive approach. A wide range of services, such as estate planning, investment advice, retirement, accounting, and tax services, may be given to fulfill a client’s unique needs. While price structures for comprehensive wealth management services vary, payments are often dependent on the assets under management (AUM) of a client.

List of Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium for Expats

  1. KBC Bank
  2. ING Belgium
  3. Delen Private Bank

3 Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium for Expats

1. KBC Bank

A comprehensive strategy is required for effective asset management. That is why  KBC Brussels provides a comprehensive range of services, ranging from financial advice to insurance packages and estate planning.

KBC Bank is the second-biggest bank in Belgium and part of the KBC Group. In 1973, the bank was established. Kredietbank ABB Insurance CERA Bank is an abbreviation for Kredietbank ABB Insurance CERA Bank.

Aside from retail banking, insurance, and asset management services provided in collaboration with sister firms KBC Asset Management NV and KBC Insurance NV, the bank is involved in European debt capital markets as well as domestic cash equities markets. In Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe, and other regions of Europe, it is also involved in corporate banking, factoring, leasing, reinsurance, project and trade financing, and private equity.

The bank, based in Brussels, employs around 29,000 people globally.

Revenue: EUR 5.85 billion (2020)

Net income: EUR 933.0 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 284.4 billion (2020)

Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium
KBC Bank

2. ING Belgium / ING Belgique / ING België

The worldwide banking firm ING Group owns ING Belgique. ING Group acquired Bank Brussel Lambert in 1998, and it was formerly known as Bank Brussel Lambert. It is a financial services company that offers banking, insurance, and asset management. It also provides savings accounts, pension savings, term accounts, savings plans, and current accounts, among other things.

The bank offers vehicle loans, property loans such as home, renovation, and bridging loans, cash reserve loans, personal loans for miscellaneous expenses, liquidity loans, working capital, commercial vehicle and equipment loans, recurring business expenses, and business premises loans, and bank guarantees. It employs 7,925 people.

Revenue: EUR 2.22 billion (2020)

Net income: EUR 189.0 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 162.3 billion (2020)

Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium
ING Belgium

3. Delen Private Bank

Delen Private Bank focuses on private wealth management and stock trading. It has eight branches in Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg and employs over 600 people. Asset management services are provided by the bank, which include discretionary management and investing strategies.

It also offers estate planning services, such as patrimonial consultation. It is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. Delen Investments C.V.A.’s subsidiary is Delen Private Bank.

The bank’s assets under control were estimated at EUR 37 billion in 2016.

Best Asset and Wealth Management Banks in Belgium
Delen Private Bank

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