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The best way to handle your investments during times of uncertainty

Explore this comprehensive guide to the best way to handle your investments during times of uncertainty and find out what global wealth management solutions suit you best.

After my first appearance on the show a few months ago, it was great to make another appearance on the business over beers podcast which was released today.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple here or on the original website here.

Topics discussed included:

  • Why the world has pressed the fast forward button when it comes to the online world, with some of the big boys like Amazon and Zoom expanding massively
  • In the worst of the crisis, some people panicked and other people saw falling markets as an opportunity.
  • Why markets always come back in the US and some other places and the importance of staying the course.
  • Why a good investor should see themselves as a collector, in this case a collector of units, and celebrate any falling market prices when they are young or even more than 5 years away from retirement.
  • What should people invest in when they are young compared to when they are close to retirement
  • Why the UK isn’t in the best shape and could introduce an expat tax for British people living overseas.
  • Is a recession in the UK and beyond likely, and is a V shaped recovery likely?
  • Could taxes or inflation rise a lot due to the huge government interventions? Or could the US and other countries threaten to not pay China back if they don’t pay reparations for the virus?
  • Why past correct predictions are no indication of future right predictions. In other words, an economist that predicts one recession, might not get the next one right.
  • What are most of our clients asking us now and how are we investing their money?
  • Has lockdown positively or negatively affected my business?
  • Why there is no connection between the stock markets and the economy. Historically, the US Stock Markets have been up on recessions!
  • Why investors shouldn’t worry about the 2020 elections and should learn the lessons from 2016, when many investors were petrified of Trump getting elected.
  • The benefits of monthly investing.
  • Why you can’t make investment decisions based on P/E ratios.
  • Why emotions are the biggest reason for investing losses, even for investment pros.
  • Why you should be sceptical about the news media.
  • There is only one reason why you shouldn’t invest – if you can’t deal with declines and panic sell
  • The Nasdaq vs S&P500 vs Dow Jones
  • The importance of not losing faith during the bad periods of stagnation.
  • Why most do it yourself investors do badly.
  • The most important thing; what is the best way to handle your investments during times of uncertainty like this.

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